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What was boiled sausage?

happened to look Not so long ago at a telecast in which advantages of sausages of different producers were compared. From transfer I learned that in modern boiled sausages the maintenance of meat about five percent! Horror what we eat? Consequences of viewing of an advertizing broadcast for my family were directly opposite to settlement. Boiled sausage on our table did not appear any more.

And as was earlier, at the time of deficiency when in the majority of the cities of the immense Union it was necessary behind this most " acid washed jeans; to stand the long turns? Of course, and then not everything was smooth. You will not call quality of sausages of that time the highest. But then nevertheless in the course there were uniform state standard specifications which regulated each trifle, unlike modern specifications. Here what was the sausage made without violation of technology let`s and understand.

Sausages had the right to be called the products completely ready to application consisting of mincemeat with salt and spices, in a cover or without it and, naturally, passed heat treatment. In comparison with initial raw materials - meat, sausages had indisputable advantages: were easier acquired and had higher caloric content.

Those years it was not fashionable to grow thin, on the contrary propagandists and propagandists extended in the baize people as it is difficult to live in the West. Look supposedly at their thin figures and longish faces and compare to the blossoming Soviet person. However, the speech now not to promotion, and about sausage.

High food advantages were explained by the fact that the least valuable components in the food relation - a bone, cartilages and sinews - in production were not used. And addition of spices, undoubtedly, improved taste of a product. Meat in sausages was crushed very thinly. Refractory beef fat, as a rule, was not used. Instead of it even added to beef sausages pork shpig. However, at that time I did not meet such prevention. It is interesting how the product was used by Muslims and Jews?

Depending on a way of heat treatment, sausage, as well as today, were boiled, half-smoked and smoked. Naturally, boiled sausages were most popular, they occupied more than a half of the place on counters.

Why naturally ? Yes because there were they the cheapest and the most favorable to the producer as boiled sausages moisture content is higher, than in the others. Water at the meat price - what can be more favorable? And still to to a boiled family except most " acid washed jeans; carried sausages and sausages, a liverka and a krovyanka, jellies and zelets, pastes and meat hleba etc. Generally, everything that contained boiled meat, was not smoked, easily and could be quickly used for fast snack.

Meat was the main raw materials for production of sausages. The most valuable meat for " acid washed jeans; pair beef for its high water-absorbing and moisture-holding properties was considered. Sausage from such raw materials turned out with high content of moisture, so, was not only is favorable in production, but also is juicy and tasty. Except beef pork and mutton, and also an offal, blood and salted pork fat was used.

The maintenance of the main raw materials in the final product - sausage of any grade - was not less than 90% from which to a third could be salted pork fat and also to a third - an offal. Thus, in any, most poorish sausage of natural meat there were not less than 30% of weight. And in known for all Doctor`s it contained the whole 95%. As much was also in sausage of the first grade - Dairy differing from Doctor`s not only a grade, but also the smaller maintenance of pork, and beef - big.

In general on counters had the right to be only sausage of the highest, the first or, as a last resort, the second grade. Release of a valuable strategic food product was regulated by strict standards, but not some intra-branch coordination and specifications allowing production even of so-called bessortovy sausage.

Except the main raw materials by production of sausages auxiliary was used: dairy products, eggs, starch, spices. And also (here beginning of the end of sausage!) proteinaceous dresser and proteinaceous stabilizer. The era notorious E which stuffed all present food already began.

The only thing that in modern sausages changed, in my opinion, to the best, is an artificial cover. In 1973 the Soviet mass media with pride reported that in the USSR in Luga of the Leningrad region the first in the Union is put into operation and the world`s third plant on production of a fibrous casing from skin scraps. It was the considerable step forward. Present covers, both proteinaceous, and other types, are pleasing to the eye bright paints and abundance of information on a product.

Knowledge of the buyer, undoubtedly, is important. But there would be still a sausage tasty and with meat Eh! Bon appetit!]