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How to meet New year according to signs?

each of us connect the lightest dreams and good thoughts With approach of New year. In the ancient time, in order that new year became successful and happy, and everything about what is dreamed, came true, people tried to follow certain rules, to strictly observe ancient ceremonies and traditions.

all people have various rituals connected with approach of New year. Probably, the custom is world famous to light on December 31 candles. It is the best of all to choose seven laurel candles, but also ordinary will approach. Light them and let`s them burn down completely, and then all negative will disappear from your life. If at you at heart it is restless, you for something blame yourself and would like to confess, then and the ordinary candle will help here. When you are at home one, turn off the light, light a candle and sit down with it in front of the mirror. Looking at a spark, sincerely tell about everything that torments your soul, cry, ask forgiveness, and leave a candle to burn down. After such ceremony your mood will improve, your soul will be cleared, and the updated being you enter in New year!

The tradition by which to attract wealth, in the house green color has to prevail is widespread in customs of the different people: it both houseplants, and greens on a table, and fruit, and even clothes and jewelry.

On the eve of New year it is accepted to get rid of old things. Say goodbye to all unnecessary, and together with it - and to all troubles. With the same purpose it is also possible to take an old calendar, to tie up it a woolen thread and to burn with words: Gori, burn, a calendar, burn last misfortunes and let them any more never come back! .

A specific place in New Year`s beliefs is held by a holiday symbol - a fir-tree. Old German legends extended all over the world tradition to decorate a Christmas tree, but very few people know why for New year. Believed that the prickly branches this tree is capable to drive away evil spirit which on New Year`s Eve behaves especially safely. If not to take precautionary measures, dark force will get into the house, and till next year will not distil it any more. In Russia fir-tree branches established ice-holes on each side on Kreshchenye then put for an image and under a roof - from natural disasters, the fires and other troubles.

It agrees one of Christmas legends, the fir-tree covered the Virgin during her flight with Christ to Egypt, and earned reward for it - remained forever green. If to trust modern esoteric researches, the fir-tree helps to get rid of the power litter which collected in the house in a year. The tree absorbs negative energy and will transform it in neutral, but as soon as the fir-tree begins to dry up and be showered, it is necessary to take out it from the apartment, otherwise the died tree will begin to develop the absorbed negative anew.

For New Year`s holidays Slavs decorated the houses and branches of other trees. Pine branches with cones will bring rest and a pacification in a family, the laurels will provide achievement of success in sciences and arts, and the branch of a palm tree will bring a victory in important issues.

Ancient Slavs tried to observe also all the known signs :

to put on something new that all year to go in new things,

to spend the first day of new year cheerfully that the whole year was joyful,

to prepare for a holiday table it is as much as possible food and delicacies that all year to live much,

not to lend money on New Year`s Eve, to distribute all debts - not to be in debt any more.

At last, when how not in New year, desires are granted?! Before sitting down to a New Year`s table, write the treasured desires and when a chiming clock begins to beat on a small sheet of paper, burn a leaf, pour out ashes in a glass with champagne and drink. Were in time to the last blow of hours? Your desires already come true!

And before going to bed make 12 small cards, write on everyone on the dream, and, having mixed, put under a pillow. Get at random three cards in the morning. The desires written on them as in the famous song, prenepremenno will come true !]