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How to turn the simple room into the nursery?

the Favourite place of all children in the house are a nursery. Of course, if it cozy, convenient and multipurpose. If in the room there is a case, a table and a bed - it will be boring for child to spend time there, to do homework. It is more pleasant to child to look after the cozy room, since early years he will feel responsibility for the small corner. Each parent in force to create a cosiness to the child and to make not just living room, but the nursery of the room.

The nursery is a room in the apartment for a dream, games and occupations of children. It can be adjacent or isolated. In large families several rooms which are distributed between them taking into account their age and a floor are allocated to children. Nurseries allocate also in two-room apartments, especially if the child reaches school age. If in a family 2 - 3 child, are desirable to divide a nursery by means of the corresponding furniture into zones for children of different age (from 3 to 6 years, from 6 to 10 and from 10 to 15).

Organizing an interior, it is necessary to consider practical, hygienic and esthetic requirements. The children`s furniture has to be extremely simplified forms and designs, easy, steady, strong, with a strong decorative covering. At its choice it is necessary to consider that children love to do furniture and to place it therefore the preference is given to prefabricated model elements (partially - with castors) which can be grouped, increased, transformed. Porolonovy pillows in replaceable covers which can freely lie on a floor and chairs, and also big inflatable pillows and toys are convenient. Cubic elements can be used also instead of stools or little tables for reception of guests.

For a nursery it is possible to adapt also usual furniture, even old clothes and kitchen cases, having solved mnogofunktsionalno their space and having partially removed doors. It is better to paint such furniture in saturated, bright colors, to ornament or paste over with fabric, the washing wall-paper.

In a nursery equip a sports corner for what it is possible to acquire ready sport stock or to make it independently. It is necessary to acquire (or to make) furniture taking into account a possibility of its functional change in process of growth of the child. For example, the table for swaddling can be used for games over time, and then and for work, capacity for diapers - for storage of toys, books. Suspended book shelves which can be replaced with section cases are convenient and beautiful.

All situation of a nursery has to not only correspond to age of the child, but also promote his physical development, satisfy needs for active games, develop taste and the imagination, to give the chance to communicate with friends. In a nursery allocate zones for a dream, works, games or sports activities, for storage of books, toys, clothes. The many-tier beds combined with lockers for clothes, toys, books help to make the most efficient use of the area.

The transformed objects are convenient: sliding (one under another) and folding beds, folding and hinged tables. The Swedish wall can serve as an excellent ladder for many-tier beds. At an end face of cases it is possible to fix superficial regiments for books and small objects.

In a nursery the board is necessary for drawing for what it is possible to use a folding cover usual or a reverse side of a hinged table. The subwindow space is recommended to be used for the workplace device.

Saturated, pure, warm colors - yellow, orange, green - and also bright, juicy blue and brown are preferable. Approach darkly less - green, it is dark - blue colors. Fabrics for curtains, covers, screens should be selected according to age of the child. Doors, window frames, pipes, batteries, considering the general idea of an interior, can be not only are painted in the most various colors, but also are ornamented.

The obligatory requirement to a nursery - absolute safety. In it there should not be open sockets, conductings, furniture with the acute cutting angles, fragile, easily fragile objects.

And then it is possible not to worry not only about comfort of our children, but also about their safety that is the most important.]