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Who pushes my stomach? Be not upset in vain! As the first movement of the child at itself in a stomach is pleasant to feel

! The storm of joyful emotions carries away highly - highly. Heart without restraint beats. It it! It! It! For me this stage the most important and pleasant during pregnancy. I think, at you too.

And when the tummy grows up, becomes absolutely big - big, so pleasantly, lying with darling nearby, to watch how separate sites of your stomach rise and fall or as if waves run on it. Oh what it I groped? To Kolenochk? To Pyatochk? Well, it plechiko! Why you so think? Well I do not know. Feel here. It, in my opinion, just patch!. Means plechiko there!

As it is pleasant to remember all these our discussions. But in this article I would like to sort the parties of this moment frightening us. Alas and ah, but they take place too to be.

I remember, called the girlfriend. And a voice at it sad, suppressed. Tatyana, you what? You Understand, IT began to be pushed! I Congratulate! Same it is so healthy! Yes, but sometimes the child is pushed throughout the day, and sometimes behaves quietly - quietly. Even will not stir! Today it was not pushed at all. And suddenly with it something not so?

And so, you it should not frighten! The child should not be pushed and kicked all the time. He too, as well as we, feels need for rest. Activity of the child entirely depends on our actions. When to you the whole day was necessary to go, go somewhere, to do things, the child calms down a rhythm of your body. The movements of the child at such moment are limited. And behind the cares you often just do not notice them! But once you lie down, to relax, he will at once remind of himself. For this reason most often our children kick us at more nights, during our rest.

Also activity of the child can increase after you eat as reaction to growth of level of glucose in blood. And still, if you are fidgety.

There is also a wish to advise: it is not necessary to be engaged in comparison of supervision over the movements of the child of other pregnant women. Each child has the model of activity. One it is more and more often move, others it is more and more often sleep. Even after the birth at each kid the rhythm. All this is absolutely normal!

Has to excite you if activity of the child sharply decreased or stopped in general. In that case it is worth going surely to the doctor.

There is an easy way to control the movements of the child. Usually it is worth doing it after 28 - mi weeks of pregnancy. It is recommended to carry out such control twice a day - in the morning and in the evening on 10 minutes. It is considered that during this time it is necessary to count about 10 movements. Time and the number of the movements are specified approximately, and small fluctuations in this or that party are quite pertinent.

The movement is understood both pushing, and just as stirs, turnings. Before reckoning, do not forget to look at the watch. Just nestle on the left side, relax and plunge into the world of your kid.

If during this time the child makes very few movements, then drink a glass of milk or just eat something. After a while it will be possible to repeat this test again. Report about all the supervision to the doctor. It will help you to take possible measures in time if something appears not as it should be.

The term of childbirth is closer, the it is more important to do such control over the movements of the kid.

But the most important for you is not to panic at the slightest pretext. There is always a doctor with whom you can consult and consult about all the experiences!

I wish good luck!]