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What difficulties can arise at delivery of business gifts?

are frequent absolutely unnecessary factors which can disorganize all in advance prepared donation process interfere with our actions. It is possible not only to operate these negative circumstances, but also to derive benefit from them. Here five private examples difficult situations and possible ways of their decision.

1. How to present very much road a gift , without causing envy and discredit of the Recipient. An exit the most natural - to give such gift thetas - and - thetas in absence of strangers. It is worth taking care of personal meeting if the Recipient has a high social status, a high position or difficult relationship in collective. Personal meeting in that case only exit.

If the Recipient is in an office with colleagues and in general if you have to present souvenirs, gifts, product samples in group of people, and the target Recipient only one, stock up with with several objects . At the same time the presentation (the pass - the speech with congratulations, an explanation, demonstration, etc.) and directly significant Gift prepare one - for the Recipient. Hand to all other attendees smaller (modest) gifts. With the minimum, but sincere personal comment. Of course, even in that case not to avoid envy. But nevertheless danger of its razgoraniye is minimized.

2. How to give corporate gifts if they it is scandalous are cheap and are not prestigious . Happens so that department of marketing of the company (the director, hl. accountant, etc.) in a pursuit of number of souvenirs (gifts) does not notice that their potential cost (prestigiousness) for the Recipient falls. It would seem, the choice at the donator is small. Or to refuse from state gifts and to be spent at own expense, or gritting the teeth to hand vain gifts .

the Exit is.
Uniting an inexpensive gift from the company, with personally picked up (to inexpensive too) it is possible to expect synergetic effect. So chocolate with a logo well unites with coffee. And handles with symbolics of the company with notebooks and daily logs. Thus it is possible to compensate excessive practicality companies.

3. How to present a gift if all terms passed ? It is known that one does not sharpen the axes after the time they are needed. But behind vanity of affairs it is easy to miss significant date. Or the careless employees responsible for preparation of gifts passed all terms.

on the other hand, to necessary to the person on the eve of a holiday with gifts there is a never-ending chain of people. In this stream even effectively prepared and presented Gift, can to disappear in lump. Think, perhaps presented after mass gifts and supplied with the good comment, it will become more effective in creation of the relations.

Some gifts have seasonal nature. Cards, calendars, daily logs, etc. Separate seasonal gifts lose relevance after a holiday (for example cards) and the chance to reuse them is possible only in a year. But the daily logs, planing (dated) calendars are actual till 3 months of the current year. Cases of donation of calendars in June of the current year are known. Generally in the art purposes. Departments of marketing of some companies manage to order calendars for two years. And undated daily logs and cards.

4. As twice (and more) to use effect of donation and a gift subject. The fable about seven caps from a sheep is known to all? The author claims that seven caps can be sewed. Only they will not be necessary to anybody. Another matter gift. If you effectively presented the Gift, then already achieved result. But there is more to come.

Repeatedly visiting the Recipient, ask how the gift works (if this technical device) whether it is convenient to use. Will become not superfluous and is more sincere admiration of that as the owner Podarka placed it if it is an interior subject. Any sincere mention, drawing attention strengthens effect of donation.

In addition to already presented Gift you give small accessories and objects. For a desk written set: handles, scratch paper, etc. For the electric kettle, tea, coffee. For the presented printer - paper, cartridges. For a purse - the note!

Ask what impression from Podarka at the Recipient`s colleagues. Whether they noticed a new subject in its interior. Each reminder, soft and correct, supplements already gained effect. the mistakes Made at donation it is also possible not only to correct

, but even, relying on their correction, to prolong and strengthen effect of donation.

5. How to correct and use mistakes to itself on advantage? Of course, it is impossible to hold all sophisticated councils and actions in practical activities. And if you made something not so, quite perhaps, the Recipient of it will not even notice. And if there was a frank embarrassment, be not upset, each mistake is a bright information occasion. A bright information occasion to correct an error. To correct and add additional attention to satisfaction of the Recipient.

If the Recipient did not notice a certain technical defect, open it. It is much worse if this trouble is opened when you are not near and there will be nobody it to eliminate. Sincerely apologize and suggest to correct. New visit and new presentation.

I wish you to receive gifts with pleasure. And with advantage for itself to give gifts to your Clients. Happy New Year. ]