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Where the movie " was shot; Lord of the Rings ? Travel across New Zealand.

I dreamed Of travel to New Zealand since the childhood. Still became engrossed in reading of the child of books about this country. And when it became clear that in New Zealand there live the husband`s friends, I solved: here it, chance. We went to a honeymoon trip exactly there. To open the visa to this country not easy and a trip - expensive pleasure. The return ticket on one person costs more than two thousand US dollars. We processed documents more than a month. To New Zealand - nearly twenty thousand kilometers , local time advances Minsk for eleven hours. To reach there it is difficult. There are no through-flights from Europe. You want you do not want, and change should be done. We with the husband took off from Frankfurt, stopped in Singapore. Flight borrowed more than a day.

We stopped in Auckland - the city located on the bank of the Pacific Ocean. Its inhabitants have a reputation for real seamen. Therefore along the mooring it is possible to see hundreds of yachts and ships. These are peculiar gate of the state as here the largest airport is located and from here private country bus tours begin.

Public transport in Auckland expensive. The driver charges a fee when landing, " here; hare you will not slip. Buses on the city go thin - the majority of oklendets use own cars. We got used to left-hand traffic quickly. Drivers and passengers are fastened by seat belts, even those who are on back seats.

The railroad surprised us. Trains from the capital of the country of Wellington and Auckland go in the morning towards to each other and meet in the middle of the day on a single-track railway fork in National park. Appears 45 - the minute parking for lunch - all passengers go out of cars. Train crews - drivers and conductors - pass into counter structures, and passengers go further.

But also it is not all. At the end of a trip the dining-car declares... sale. Passengers can buy any food for only one dollar - products for the next trip at restaurant do not leave. Such meal at a discount it is especially popular among students.

New Zealanders very much care for ecological safety. Customs officers carefully examined footwear of visitors. We saw how some owners of relief and thick soles boots asked to wash up. New Zealanders do not want that together with the earth which stuck to a sole seeds from distant continents incidentally got to their country. It is tabooed even products and any plants.

The main sight of New Zealand - the nature : falls of multimeter height, untouched snow on highlands, an oceanic surf, thickets of ferns and palm groves, mountain and coastal settlements... Rich fauna: whales, sea lions and penguins, numerous cervine farms, herds of sheep and cows... Those who saw the movie Lord of the Rings have an idea of it: the movie was shot in National park near Lake Taupo at the foot of the mountain of Ruapehu.

The New Zealand wood consists of the tropical trees, various lianas and tree ferns which remained since the time of dinosaurs. It makes impression wild and dangerous. However, according to locals, in the wood it is possible to die only of hunger. There are no wild animals, poisonous spiders, snakes and other dangerous creatures, but, alas, will not find in them either some berries, or mushrooms.

I with pleasure would visit New Zealand again especially as there is already an experience and know where it is worth going. Though, on the other hand, in the world there are a lot of countries not less interesting and beautiful, than that where we were...]