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Stephenson: the semi-disabled person who proved that... God is? Part 1

Thin, as tsep

Robert Luis Stephenson. As soon as you say this name, immediately occurs Treasure island - the best-known work of Stephenson, already more century the most beloved book of millions of readers around the world, and not only teenagers, but also adults. Perhaps, it honor everything that we know about it.

That young Robert Luiz will become sometime in the future the famous writer his parents could not that to dream, but even to think. It is painfully lazy, frivolous, and, above all, is awfully bad health, doctors speak: whether will survive in general? Having had in the early childhood nearly all children`s diseases, and in a makeweight also horse illness - a croup, future writer turned into the real live skeleton. Here one of the portraits left to one of his friends: It was very inconsistently difficult, not the guy and some tsep for a threshing, one joints, elbows, knees and crane legs It was so similar to a garden effigy that it seemed, here - here will begin to creak at the " wind;. It indeed shook at wind: with very considerable growth its weight hardly reached 49 kilograms.

But, probably, in exchange for health the destiny awarded with his talent the brilliant interlocutor and the story-teller. One night the company of young people of a doubtful look and uncertain profession in one of dark back streets stopped alone walking student. The student imprudently walked up and down not in the best quarter of the city, not in the best time moreover and in a black velvet jacket, inadmissibly magnificent for local natives. Perhaps, life of the student was out of danger, but he risked to come back home without money and in one underwear. While he was undressed, the student suddenly began to tell cheerful stories - just on a similar case

First robbers hemmed, then snickers began to be distributed, at last nobody could resist loud laughter. Otsmeyavshis, robbers changed the intention: they returned to the cheerful student trousers, a jacket and even a purse. And then even invited together to have dinner - at their expense.

So the student Stephenson got doubtful friends and became the frequenter of one semi-gangster small restaurant.

Ah, youth, youth

Luis`s Father, Thomas Stephenson, could not observe quietly how his son does nothing in some brothel. It is easy to guess as the respectable engineer reacted to such behavior of the son. It is necessary to notice that Thomas Stephenson, despite the conservatism, had kind heart and rather indulgent temper. But once and to his patience the end came. Having burst in terrible damnations, it nearly snatched on the son - the semi-disabled person with a stick. What so enraged him?

And here that: Luis told to the father that he is going to marry. What here bad? And what he chose as the bride to himself - whom you would think? - minor prostitute! The bride - the cute maiden - the orphan, without kith or kin and, apparently, even without roof over the head, was active in free from main work time as the canary in a tavern known to us. Besides, she just gave rise. The child`s father, some strapper - the bandit, ran away somewhere, having thrown innocent lamb from it lamb to the mercy of fate. Compassionate heart of Luis from tears lambs and shouts lamb of course, thawed

Conversation of the father with the son was extremely emotional and as it became clear later, fatal. As a result Luis went to single travel across Europe - that there was a compromise on both sides and - smaller of the possible evils. Change of a situation really helped

: Luis forgot about a marriage on the canary soon. And still Thomas Stephenson early rejoiced.

From Europe, after several months of travel, the son sent to parents the letter in which reported that he decided to marry again. This time his new bride - the American, free artist and happy mother of three children . Besides, it is more senior than Luis for the whole ten years and, it is worse than that, it the married woman!

The love overcomes everything

of Parental blessing, as one would expect, Luis did not receive. But this time he decided to be consecutive. Fannie, so called his new bride, with children went to America, to the husband - to ask him about divorce, and he - remained to wait for it in Europe. Soon from Fannie the letter came: she wrote that divorce will be ready soon, and she asks Luis to arrive to herself, to California.

the Letter was not in the best hour Luis, the half-childhood lain from - for diseases in a bed and only slightly strengthened in youth, again strongly ached. Tuberculosis - such is was the diagnosis made to it by one of the best European doctors. The only opportunity to survive, or more precisely to prolong life - to replace climate. But to Luis now not to own problems: Fannie sent one more letter in which reported that she seriously got sick. And Luis, contrary to parental will, almost flat broke, despite frequent fevers and a blood spitting, gets on the first ship - the regular cattle truck was it - and, in the odorous company of pigs, goats and cows, floats to America.

During tiresome travel he several times nearly died. In the train plying from New - York to California, it was captured by the strongest attack of fever. Looking on the passenger`s car fighting in convulsions in a corner, someone even offered to shoot down the poor creature - that did not suffer.

Having arrived at last in San - Frantsisko where there lived Fannie, Stephenson hardly constrained groan, having learned that she moved to other city, Monterrey by this time - in 300 kilometers from here. And again, having bought on the remained money a horse (they were not enough for food and water any more), Luis rushed off to darling.

There was enough stock of physical forces not much more. Having passed without rest, food and water two days, it fell down flat-out in a crevice between coastal hills. There passed night, there came day, and it was still not able to rise. His horse was peacefully grazed nearby. It is that the first and the bears hunter passing by noticed. Having without effort lifted and having laid on a horse a lung as a fuzz a body, the hunter brought the patient to himself to the ranch. Here future writer lay several days, it is not enough - Pomala recovering.

Love overcomes everything - the proverb claims. Luis reached Monterrey, found for Fannie, waited for divorce, contracted with her a legal marriage, and then went, having taken the wife and the stepson Lloyd, to Europe - to acquaint also the wife with parents.

of U the garden effigy creaking on the " wind; as it appears, - the true male character!.

To be continued]