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What was made by the Nobel Prize laureate of 1962 on physics Lev Davidovich Landau?

They say that when the speech about the person unfamiliar to it came, Landau asked at once: And what he made? . Did not gather, and already made. And what was made in life by him is an academician Lev Davidovich Landau?

On January 22, 1908 was born (100 years ago).

1920 - 1931 - Lev Davidovich studies. The physics - mathematical faculty of the Leningrad state university and postgraduate study finishes. Trains in Germany, England, Switzerland, Denmark.

In 1926 published the first work about intensity of ranges of diatomic molecules. In 1927 introduced concept of a matrix of density for the first time. In 1930 created the theory of electronic diamagnetism of metals ( Landau`s diamagnetism ), where it calculated discrete levels of electrons in a magnetic field ( Landau`s levels ) also periodic changes of a susceptibility depending on the field in strong fields are predicted ( de Gaaz`s effect - van Alfena ) .

In 1933 offered the theory of antiferromagnetism. In 1935 together with E. M. Lifshits developed the theory of a domain structure of ferromagnetics and a ferromagnetic resonance.

In 1934 without defense of a thesis doctor physicist`s degree - mathematical sciences was appropriated to Landau, and in 1935 he became a professor.

In 1936 Landau went in for physics of the condensed condition of substance and formulated the general theory of phase transitions of the second sort. Removed the kinetic equation for electronic plasma.

In 1937 by P. L. Kapitsa`s invitation headed theoretical department of institute of Physical problems in Moscow, continuing to give lectures on Fiziko - technical faculty of MSU. The same year published the theory of an intermediate condition of superconductors and the statistical theory of kernels. In 1938 together with Yu. B. Rumer developed the cascade theory of electronic heavy rains in space beams. In 1941 created the theory of superfluidity of liquid helium after opening of this phenomenon of the Item. L. Kapitsey.

In 1941 - 1943 Landau with institute was in evacuation in Kazan where continued work on the research quantum " liquid; To Bosa - type (superfluid helium - 2).

From 1942 to 1965 L. D. Landau and E. M. Lifshits created a course of theoretical physics in 10 volumes for which they got the Lenin award in 1962. We, students are physicists, studied according to these books.

In 1945 Landau offered the theory of shock waves from a source at a great distance, and in 1946 the theory of fluctuations of electronic plasma and, in particular, defined their attenuation ( Landau`s attenuation ) .

In 1950 together with V. L. Ginzburg constructed the semi-phenomenological theory of superconductivity. In 1953 published the theory of the multiple birth of particles at collisions of high-vigorous bunches of particles. In 1954 - 55 together with A. A. Abrikosov, I. M. Halatnikov and I. Ya. Pomeranchuk conducted researches of fundamentals of quantum electrodynamics which led to the proof of its internal discrepancy at consecutive carrying out the concept of dot charges.

In 1956 Lev Davidovich entered concept of the combined parity, and in 1957 - constructed the theory of a two-component neutrino. In 1956 - 1958 Landau formulated the theory for quantum " liquid; Fermi - type (superfluid helium - 3).

In 1962 Lev Davidovich Landau has a severe car accident after which cannot fully pursue science any more.

Landau awarded the Nobel Prize on physics for 1962 for revolutionary theories in the field of physics of the condensed state, especially liquid " helium;.

On April 1, 1968 Lev Davidovich Landau died.

There was a place only for the short dry list of works of Landau - so them much. It is possible to learn about its works and life from a set of the websites on the Internet in more detail. And news come all the time. One of the last - a feature film about Landau`s life is shot. In a leading role - Maxim Galkin.

The illustration is taken from Ya. Golovanov`s book Etudes about scientists .]