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What can rat kings?

If in anticipation of a year of the Rat are necessary and it is possible to share all interesting that you know about this small animal, then I have one not really cheerful and not really practical, and rather philosophical story about rat kings

how in the nature turn out rat kings - and actually, the unattractive rodents connected by tails (generally it is black rats) - there are several versions. From mystical statements that rat balls are harbingers of plague and a great pestilence, to naturally - a scientific explanation that so it turned out . Still biologists cannot precisely tell: whether rats freeze together whether stick together, tie up tails of weak fellows or think out to themselves a such effective lethal outcome one Is indisputable

- free rats who are not ashamed at all of the cannibalism which, without having trembled, can eat and the old and little relative - and so they, for some reason, do not wish to eat the fellows making rat king . Moreover, they touchingly feed and clean all this ridiculous design keeping on the connected tails, trampling on steady opinion on themselves as about blood-thirsty and heartless creatures. Such sheaf is how gluttonous? Probably, it directly depends on quantity of the rats who are contained in it. And them can be from three to thirty.

Necessarily you will think of how it is good that there are no such phenomena among, say, elephants or crocodiles. But it in the nature .

And here is how artificial rat kings are created by the person - it is a question special. Man-made rat kings, though can serve as an example of advantage of human reason over the animal nature, but are not a masterpiece of art and an example of the moral attitude towards animals at all. Let and to rats.

The recipe of creation of the rat king was offered by seafarers whom severe need to protect freights from wreckers pushed on the non-standard invention. cheerful seamen put

In a big barrel about fifteen rats, closed them and did not feed. And in such conditions, agree - you will remember soon that near to you - not just a friend and the companion, but also food Generally, from one and a half tens there was usually not the most quiet and tender rat whose character and mental health were spoiled irrevocably. That to make sure of it, to it threw up some more relatives whom she ate already without everyones sentimental and fastidious fe

To fix king in its not too gourmet addictions, he for about a week was fed with tribespeople, and after - let out. And if to it a rat, as well as it is necessary, ran from the ship, having a presentiment of ship-wreck, then with arrival monarch they unambiguously began to prefer the sea abyss as habitat. If, of course, managed to be washed away.

Seamen knew that while their rat king runs the show, rats by the ship will not be.

Not to finish the story with sad chords, there is a wish to note that any miracle - whether natural it or created by the person - to somebody and why - nibud it is necessary.

A the coming 2008 - year of the Rat if to trust calendars and astrological interpretation, will be exclusively rich in miracles .