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How there was a writing? From a notch and a small knot - to the alphabet of

to Sege in a convenient chair, I press buttons and I receive words, offers. Each word makes the sense. Everything is so easy! Button, still button and still. I do not even think of what works and refinements promoted all this ease! Though is not present. Now reflected. Also decided to rummage in books which narrate on the pages about writing emergence.

Of course, emergence of writing is a stage of human evolution. With its help people had an opportunity to store information and to transfer her to the generation.

The mankind constantly develops in the technological and social plan. Both now, and then. People in small groups communicated by means of personal contacts. But there came the moment when personal contacts became insufficiently. There was a need for common means of written communication.

Its emergence allowed people to communicate without the aid of the sound speech. Information from one person could be told another to long distances, without fears that they will be brought by memory of the envoy. Development of writing gave an impetus to complication of the structure of the society, further creation of social structures - governmental, legislative, educational, legislative.

Interestingly and how records before formation of writing were kept? It is known that the earliest of the found records - the signs scratched on bones. They were made about 30000 years ago. One more more difficult way of information transfer knitting of small knots on ropes became. This art reached unknown heights at Inca of South America. For this look letters they used cords of different flowers. Though such system of writing was very limited. Some tribes of the American Indians left drawings on birch bark, near the dwellings. It they narrated another where they happened to be what to do. Then there came the moment when information transfer by means of writing became complicated a little. Pictograms or signs which represented syllables began to be used. Each language contained hundreds of various syllables, it was necessary to remember hundreds of options of their writing.

But such systems of writing could not express all variety of the concepts and values necessary for transfer of more detailed ichetky information.

There is a hypothesis according to which all alphabets of the world have the uniform primary source. It is the North Semitic alphabet. It was created approximately in 1700 B.C. at the semitoyazychny people of Syria and Palestine.

It is known that by 1050 B.C. Phoenicians already used the alphabet from 22 letters. Further the Phoenician alphabet was delivered by Greeks to Europe. Those in turn enriched the alphabet with vowels. All alphabets of the western countries come from Greek. The kind of this alphabet reached further the East of Europe in the form of Cyrillics, and other version was transformed to the modern Latin alphabet.

Here such difficult way was done by our ancestors that we had an idea of their life that we could so quietly and easy messages modern letters and to exchange with each other desirable information.

Unfortunately, some ancient letters and remain for us huge secret. Letters of the people of the valley of Indus living 4000 years ago do not give in to interpretation. They used 300 signs for a data recording. Also the key to the linear letter prospering in Crete in the 3000th year B.C. is not found. But we will hope, as to these secrets our descendants will pick up the necessary key!

Good luck!]