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For what to the merchant - the millionaire Vasily Kokorev the mouth was shut?

on December 28, 1857, 150 years ago, in Merchant meeting in Moscow in honor of the best representatives of enterprise layers of Russia solemn was dined. Bathtubs with champagne, of course, did not stand, and black caviar nobody vymazyvat the Russian beauties from legs to the head, but gudezh was such that, appear, as if the end of the world began.

Among a noisy ball unexpectedly with a glass in a hand the merchant of the first guild Vasily Aleksandrovich Kokorev rose over a table . Knocked with a fork on crystal, calling for silence, and then as cut the speech! And all right would wish all a Happy New Year, and that rolled all Russian Empire headed by the tsar-father, as if was told now, one and a half centuries later, lowered below a plinth . Also called merchants if not for revolution, then for a resolute reorganization of a political system with carrying out democratic reforms.

Merchants and stood with forks in hands. Such seditious speeches in such respectable society?! Most terrible these minutes the Moscow general - the governor Zakrevsky looked whose face became red from the flowing blood, grew white as if a lonely sail on a sea scope.

At last, it did not sustain. It is weak-sighted squinting, made a sign to one of the assistants.

- What for the pike son fills in there?

- Pervogildiyny kupchishko Vasily Kokorev, your Excellency - with, - was bent in respectable bow the official, - wine - with, tobacco, salt. The trouble-maker is desperate. Considers that the empire the country rustic, likes to blow champagne, washing down with kvass and a cucumber brine. And will often stop at some tray, will buy from the passerby of the woman of grated peas with vegetable oil, and treskat both salt, and tobacco, and kvass with peas Will be

- to it now, - the general - the governor gloomy promised, - call - this Cicero here.

Kokorev responded not at once. But approached. And looked in eyes to the general openly, without excess shyness. And that, a position the general - the governor elective, is today, not tomorrow, and millions which were earned by Vasily Aleksandrovich, they live only dip a hand into a pocket.

Now and Zakrevsky saw who faces him. Will be enough for arrogance in a kupchishka for three China, but slippery, from under fingers will get out. Besides the imperial farmer, money in the state treasury beats out considerable. But the service is service.

- What you are a brother, smutyansky you afford speeches? - the general enclosed in the voice as much as possible metal. - All right what student would bark, and that the respectable person. In a jail wanted? So I in a trice will give command

- Could not be done to me there, - Kokorev muttered.

- And shut up! Do not agitate the people. If in prison you do not want, write now, on my eyes, the receipt that at a table you will not deliver more speeches

- Yes I, - there began Kokorev, but here such noise was made, such rumble of disapproval that anything else did not remain to Vasily Aleksandrovich how to reconcile. A subscription about not pronouncing speeches at dinner it gave

meanwhile, Kokorev was one of the most original people of the middle of the 19th century. A year before, in 1856, he organized festivities on the occasion of return of the victorious Russian soldiers defending Sevastopol with such grandiosity, with such scope that Lev Tolstoy who wrote that true heroism was eclipsed an ordinary booze caused big displeasure of the beginning young writer by name . And still the writer of a nenavidelmillioner for the fact that he all Russia hocused cheap and very low-quality vodka which the people christened kokorevka but very willingly took from - for the fact that it cost real pennies.

Under the influence of Kokorev, is more true for fight from him cheap stuff three year later the merchant 3 - y guilds Arseny Alekseevich Smirnov registered in Pyatnitsky part of Moscow in the house on Pyatnitskaya Street at Chugunny Bridge the renskovy cellar (trading in wines). This cellar in 1862 turned into winery which was directed by Arseny Alekseevich`s son, Pyotr who became founding father well-known for the whole world for grain wine of Smirnov .

But we will return to Kokorev. He was born on April 23 (on May 5), 1817 in an Old Belief family of Alexander Kokorev who together with brothers owned in the small town of Soligalich in the north of the Kostroma province solevarenny plant. But in 1839 the government too hasty introduced silver ruble into circulation, without having supported it with gold providing. The economy failed, the country endured something similar that happened in Russia in August, 1998. Many merchants were ruined including Kokorev. Vasily moved to St. Petersburg where he settled the assistant to one wine farmer, and then grew to the managing director But not only on vodka Vasily Aleksandrovich made by

millions. In the same, 1857 about which there was a speech above it, in particular, constructed near Baku, in Surakhanakh , distillation plant Kira (the impregnated oil of the earth from which kerosene was extracted then), then started the distillation got by drilling in vicinities of Baku well " oil;. And when costs began to exceed the income, Kokorev invited for consultation of the young chemist Dmitry Mendeleyev who advised the millionaire not to cover a kerosene shop and to modernize production

A still then, 150 years ago, Kokorev founded the Zakaspiysky trade association which was engaged in successful trade with Persia and Central Asia. In a year there is one of the first joint-stock companies of Russia - Volgo`s society - the Don railroad. It invested 4,8 million rubles in creation of society. In 1850 the Russian society of shipping company and trade, Volzhsko - the Caspian shipping company which main founder was V. A. Kokorev is created. And so everywhere, whatever projects it undertook, eventually, they made multimillion profit.

There is a wish to finish the story about Kokorev it uncommercial activity. Not really large volume the book of recommendations for successful occupation - " enjoyed commerce wide popularity among the Russian businessmen; Billion in a pocket which Kokorev wrote especially for beginners. Or its work, bigger on volume, - the book Bankruptcies in which it gave an assessment to economic events for half a century. Analyzing economic failures of Russia, Kokorev proves that they are result, as a rule, of blind copying of foreign experience.

Vasily Aleksandrovich and collecting was engaged. Founded gallery in which there were over 500 pictures, among them there are cloths of a brush of Bryullov, Ayvazovsky, Borovikovsky, Kiprensky and other artists. Part of these cloths at the end of life Pavel Tretyakov bought from Kokorev. And still: in the Kokorevsky farmstead (trade warehouses and hotel) there lived Tchaikovsky, Repin and other Russian celebrities.

Vasily Aleksandrovich on April 22, 1889, a day before the 77 - the anniversaries died. He is buried on Malookhtinsky cemetery in St. Petersburg . But its destiny - a bright sample of the fact that the extraordinary personality will open the way of herself everywhere]