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What do memoirs smell of or That it echpochmak?

Ya hooked on this box in a supermarket - translucent plastic with the inscription Tokmach . Almost weightless shavings of home-made noodles lay in it. And at once were remembered the neigbour Gulfarida whom I called the aunt Galya, and its religious rite - preparation of a lunch for a big Tatar family.

I liked to run to it on a visit. In the house at them always on - special smelled, pillows with capes on high beds grew white, unusual pictures with curly letters hung on a wall - then I learned that I shamait it - excerpt from the Koran. In kitchen from the small radio receiver flew lingering as the Volga open spaces, the Tatar song. Quietly echoing it, the aunt Galya began to knead fresh dough - flour, egg, slightly waters and salts, and already her hands knead a white elastic lump, roll in thin layer and cut equal ribbons. Slightly strips dried up, and quickly - quickly turn them into fluffy sticks of noodles. On a plate the chicken broth cooked and with a classical bulb - carrot, and with some odorous grass gurgled meanwhile. Such smell and until now, despite abundance of various jars - bags does not come across to me.

When there came time is, the dried-up noodles got to a copper, and small cut white mushrooms collected by the hostess`s husband Gaziz in popular speech by the called uncle Grisha fell there. Delicate aroma of the wood was added to the most tasty soup and was simply unique.

A wanted to be repeated. And very much. Having picked up a box, I moved to cash desk.

I put houses to cook chicken breast, having added it to the company carrot, onions and the tied-up fennel bunch. After broth was ready, got rid of vegetables and a grass, put reminiscence the childhood, having added for elegance of a little grated carrots and mushrooms, alas, some simple champignons. But taste was successful. Or I very much wanted it?

There was a wish, however, still for something. And I understood - for lunch Gulfarida still had delightful meat and potatoes pies. They had triangular shape and were called echpochmak . As they are trained, I saw many times, but here most And what? Eyes are afraid, and hands will make!

I I kneaded dough - usually on these pies undertakes barmy, but it is possible to take and fresh - it is more useful to a waist! Dealt with the test - we go further.

So, meat (I took beef - because another at that time was not in the refrigerator - but both mutton, and veal will approach) washed out, separated from bones and cut in small cubes - as " hazelnut; - I remembered this size since the childhood. The same pieces cut the peeled potatoes and put it in cold water that it did not darken. Then cast away on a sieve, connected to meat, put small shredded onions, oil, pepper and salt and carefully mixed everything, and then laid forcemeat in a soup plate. The stuffing should be mixed carefully, then all ingredients will be distributed evenly.

Then I cut ready dough equal pieces weighing about 80 - 90 g, felted on a board balls and rolled flat cakes with size about a tea saucer. On flat cakes put the prepared stuffing, raised from three sides of edge of the test and pinched. In classical option in the middle of a triangle the small opening is left.

Also it turned out echpochmak (in translation from Tatar - a triangle). The made echpochmak I put everything on the oiled leaf, greased top with crude egg and put in an oven. In half an hour of an echpochmaka it was necessary to take out, pour in them a broth tablespoon through the left opening and again to return to an oven. Echpochmak is concerned about about an hour at a temperature of 170 - 200 C.

At me everything turned out!

the children who Came back from occupations stretched: Mothers, than today so smells?

the Lunch from the childhood, my dear. Bon appetit!]