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What is the consciousness and perception?

Human consciousness and perception - two huge riddles which are still not solved and hardly soon, considering bone approach of science to the unknown, will are solved. But something is groped, and it something can already bring benefit.

We will ask a question why different people perceive the same situation differently?

Why the person with a low self-assessment will apprehend told absolutely differently, than absolutely the same words the self-assured person? Hearing it is obvious here not and. Why someone sees the past, someone the future? Sight here also not and. Remember a condition of love when rational mind calms down, the world around just changes, becoming absolutely another. And sight and hearing if to be checked at doctors, remained at the former physical level.

We will try to understand. At the same time it is necessary to accept that the person not only his physical body and its rational mind, and something bigger (that to understand it can be made the simple narod equipment. ru/tehnik/tehnik2 - Dateien/Page1154. htm#tu). At least still his Consciousness and its Perception.

Me the Consciousness in the form of two cones connected by the tops seems. With small pass, as in hourglasses. See the fig. narod. ru/articles/osoz. htm

of Wasps - sensibleness

CC - conscious

SSKL - collective conscious

SSKM - space conscious

RU - rational mind

of BS - unconscious

BSKL - collective unconscious

BSKS - space unconscious

Conscious, collective conscious, space conscious - it would be better to name by Nadsoznany, but as all of them is outside usual consciousness, and everything that there - is called psychologists subconsciousness, I marked them as subconsciousness components.

The perception is purely power process. The matter is that literally everything if to spread out to the basis, consists of the energiya bearing the information - vibration. Being weaved into various combinations and being condensed, these energy materialize. The range of these energiya is huge. The person consists of the same energiya, as world around. You know about aura, so this weak image of a power cocoon, than and the person is actually. Weak not because the cocoon is weak but because it is not enough of those who can see it in all beauty and power. And so in this cocoon there is brighter spot containing an energy, certain range of energiya, small in comparison with total. This spot called by Toltecs assembly point highlights the same small range of external energiya and enters with them a resonance, and thus a cocoon - the person perceives information from the outside. It is possible to compare it to light spot from a powerful lamp at night. The highlighted space is well visible, behind line of light - darkness.

To confirm the vision Consciousnesses and Perceptions with something that is possible to touch me it is difficult. I will tell only the following. All heard about subconsciousness, and about to an assembly point many. The founder of psychoanalysis Freud opened unconscious (BS in drawing), Jung opened collective unconscious (BSKL in drawing), Sri Aurobindo opened a nadsoznaniye (CC, SSKL, SSKM in drawing), but was not apprehended by traditional science. Some brightened up (some - just because the others do not speak at all) mention about personal, collective and space conscious and unconscious as it is perfect about the different parties something whole. Some - about the person as, the magic, universal essence weaved from various energiya.

Apparently from drawing, the human rational mind (RM) takes the insignificant place in all consciousness though the modern person is simply fixated only on it and does not attach significance to other components of Consciousness. Rational mind magnificent tool (not the owner!) . Together with personal unconscious (BS) he is shown as an ego, letting know the person that it the personality, the individual, divides everything and displays on shelves. In unconscious (BS, BSKL, BSKS) put mechanisms of management of bodies of a physical body, protective and other reflexes and all programs of behavior. Except for the mechanisms which are responsible for work of our body and some unconditioned reflexes, all - garbage. Any psychoanalyst can confirm it. But very few people recognize that all this is acquired by mankind, each of us, in centuries, for many lives. In nadsoznatelny (SSKL, SSKM) opposite, all necessary and so passionately desirable is CC: enlightenment, inspiration, intuition, answers to all questions, superopportunities and superabilities.

The consciousness and perception cannot be shared as however, and all the rest, mind and a body, consciousness and subconsciousness, a body and soul, spirit. All this only together Person! Just here I consider only two components of whole.

For simplicity of understanding of interrelation of perception and consciousness we will place in inside hourglasses the certain point directly connected with an assembly point conditionally it it is possible to call a point of perception of world around or reality as we precipitately consider apprehended by us - reality. And if sense organs here not and, then it turns out that we see, we hear, we perceive and we realize only that this point of perception allows us.

Really if this point is in a zone of rational mind, we perceive the physical world, we appeal logic. If it moves to a bottom in unconscious (BS), the person is covered by a wave of emotions if to the conscious state (CS) - there are simple solutions of the current tasks, some gleams of intuition. If the point of perception looks in a zone conscious (CC), then the intuition amplifies, opening, inspirations come. If the perception point easily moves from sensibleness in conscious, then this person is really wise. If the point of perception gets stuck in unconscious, the person becomes simply mentally sick if - in nadsoznatelny, such person we call other-wordly. These are extremes.

At vast majority of people the point of perception is in rational mind, occasionally moving on a green zone and practically always contacts to unconscious, scooping from there a lot of unnecessary. Of course at everyone the provision of a perception point, the range, therefore how many people, are so much opinions. Therefore communication with one people, ranges are similar, comes to us easily, with others, ranges considerably differ, - on the contrary.

But nevertheless it is clear, for completeness of our life it is necessary to highlight as much as possible space around itself - to change if necessary our perception. That is it is easy to move a perception point, especially to the area of a nadsoznaniye. There real evolution of mankind. Unfortunately, progress, or better to say regress, human society deprived of it mobility. Even within usual consciousness (a green zone) movement of a point of perception is complicated from - for narrow pass, (and once it was wide and I hope, will be). From here is all problems, both the certain person, and mankind in general.

From above stated clear that for improvement of our life (it at least), for obtaining superabilities, for the direction of evolution in the necessary direction (it as at most) needs to be made two things. The first to clear unconscious of garbage that it did not prevent mechanisms of activity and useful reflexes to perform the work. The second to learn to hold the point of perception in a zone of sensibleness and to shift it as necessary for the necessary time in a zone of rational mind or in nadsoznaniye zones.

Unconscious from garbage psychoanalysts and psychotherapists are engaged in cleaning. Without special success. Taking out a teaspoon the garbage which is saved up in the current life from the next layer unconscious, disregarding antecedents of the patient, not to mention collective and space unconscious. For clarification of subconsciousness without deep drilling and a climbing in soul there is an effective method. These are katarsisny * the technicians developed by Osho, in particular Dzhibberish and Not - mind . Dzhibberish more simply, but is less effective. These technicians it is possible to strengthen meditative technicians of forgiveness.

It is more difficult to change the perception. And not so to speak technically, and on time, from - for the habit of it which very settled for many lives not to do. Garbage in unconscious and social conditionality will also detain, especially those who in antecedents had no idea of special conditions of understanding at all or denied them.

In psychology special conditions of understanding call what in this article is transition of a point of perception from a green zone in other zones of consciousness. Here at once I want to warn that drugs are not acceptable. Besides harm to a physical body, probability to get stuck in unconscious (in unconscious, but not in nadsoznatelny) it is too big. You judge that it will bring to the person. By the way, warn Toltekskiye about it of Nagvali Puti Svoboda. The breathing exercises conducting to the changed condition of understanding that to do much harm to health, it is necessary to do only under the leadership of the real Teacher, but not independently or under the leadership of the inexperienced talker or the irresponsible charlatan.

It is possible to come to an opportunity to direct the perception through spirituality. All of them finally bring the adherents to same, to ability to be in sensibleness, and then to ability to change out of need the perception.

Choose, practice if you want to get out of the bothered world. I advise to learn to meditate on the present. In my opinion, it is the shortest and effective way.

* A catharsis (from Greek catharsis - clarification) - a strong emotional shock which is caused not by real events of life, but their symbolical display, for example in a work of art. The term was introduced in psychology and psychoanalysis from the antique tragedy.]