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To Load water everyone can?

Practicing Reiki, I was fond of the experiments connected with charging waters. Results were impressive. The water conditioned by me really helped patients. But doubts remained. Whether really water under my influence gains new qualities? Or it is effect of suggestion? Doubts vanished when to the water loaded with me, made the chemical and biopower analysis.

It is clear, that impact on quality of water happens on astralno - mental level and me energy helps Practicing Reiki, I was fond of the experiments connected with charging waters. Results were impressive. The water conditioned by me really helped patients. But doubts remained. The Reiki is valid. But how?

Only after reading of the book of the Rostov esotericist V. Yu. Rogozhkin I understood process of conscious impact on water and the fact that it can do everyone. I began to work more consciously with water, and it strengthened effect.

It is known everything that water possesses extraordinary and various properties, including to perceive and store information. The simple chemical formula of H2O water hides for itself difficult polymeric structures. Let`s not go into details, it is enough know that hydrogen communications are very mobile and under the influence of additional energy they can turn in space and fix the new situation, changing thereby quality of water.

Process charging it is the simplest to explain waters on the example of a data recording on the audio cassette. The small crystals called by domains are applied on a basis of a recorder film. Domains have own magnetic moments and their vector are initially directed chaotically in different directions. In this case film it is pure also does not bear information. When playing it gives only an easy background in the form of hissing. At record the writing-down magnetic head of the tape recorder builds domains in a certain direction, information is written down, it can be reproduced.

Something similar occurs at impact on water at the unconscious level, as at all people in everyday life and at me experiments in the beginning, and also at healers, during the conscious work. At the last - purposefully.

The person thinks, his thoughts are followed by images, and at the mental level there are figurative manifestations of thoughts - fancies. Fancies of the mental plan forms independent, astral power information entities - thought forms. Mysliforma is able to be shown specifically on the physical plan, that is to materialize. Naturally, than fancies are created more particularly, the stronger they are filled with energy of our feelings, the thought forms are stronger and more vitally formed, the more particularly and quicker there will pass them the materialization. As fancies and thought forms as there is a materialization are generated, I do not know. The orthodox science already recognized that the thought is material, can sometime and will understand it. The fact that it works is not so important for us as, and.

Most simply the materialization of thought forms is shown in water. Any person it is free or involuntarily constantly transfers certain information to water, and that perceives it and keeps, and for this purpose loading water it is not obligatory to possess strong bio-energetics at all.

I also want to share methods of conscious work. But before it is necessary to remind that the person is capable to create the astralno - mental or it is simpler than power doubles. We are consciously not able to make and check all process of information transfer, for this purpose we need the power double directly connected with the informative field where he without our influence will receive the accurate instruction for actions and will operate process. We need to concentrate on creation of energetically filled thought forms capable to create rather vital astral thought forms. And it is not as difficult as can seem. Just when mentally you pronounce installation, allocate it with own feelings and try to present what you think of. Thus, rather steady fancy capable to generate a thought form is formed.

Still I am obliged to warn. Do not direct the actions to the detriment of others at all. You remember about law of a boomerang . The fact that you release from yourself surely will return to you. When and in what form, this case second, main angrily a hundredfold will turn back the evil, kindly - good.

Realized? Then we will start. Remember that water incorporates any information, in the majority cases to us unnecessary, and even harmful? Besides it contains a large amount of substances, elements, radionuclides and bacteria not always of useful. Means, at first it needs to be cleared and made harmless to the person, only then to allocate it with necessary useful properties. As when rewriting on a recorder film - old record is removed the erasing head.

And we will arrive. Not for nothing often occurs in the Russian fairy tales bearing in themselves deep esoteric meaning live and dead water. At first the hero needed to process a wound dead " water; then live .

So, mentally we separate from ourselves the power double and we ask it to help us. Together with it we give hands, so that the vessel with water was between palms. Now we form the fancies, necessary for water clarification:

- Water by means of again created anti-programs is purified of all programs negative and unnecessary me. Programs annihilate, and the net energy goes to the Universe.

- Water by means of again created programs is purified of all chemical and biological impurity harmful and unnecessary me, they break up to initial elements and together with other harmful and unnecessary chemical elements and radicals are transferred to the fields.

Explanation. You can formulate a fancy in own way. But surely the energy received from neutralization of someone else`s programs needs to be sent to the Universe (To the absolute, Sverkhrazum, God, somehow call). There know how will dispose of it for the good. And harmful and unnecessary elements need to be sent on the fields that though something to help the mother Earth with restoration of its balance. Do not do much harm, it always should be remembered, first of all, that harm did not return back, to you. Law of a boomerang always works!

Programs of water purification are started. If to drink such water, then programs will be transferred to clarification to all organism. But we want to strengthen and expand influence of the loaded water therefore we will go further. We start the programs, doing " water; live forming the following fancies:

Water is loaded with programs

necessary for me - on removal of alarms and fears;

- on improvement of a dream;

- on elimination of the reasons of my illnesses (a separate fancy on everyone);

- on reduction it is warm - vascular system in norm, on normalization of a liver etc. (a separate fancy on normalization of work of necessary bodies);

- on elimination of an allergy, warts; and so forth.

At everyone the set will be the, but do not forget to put programs on elimination of the reasons of diseases, differently you neither when nor how you will not get rid of them forever. It is possible to load water both for all family and for any other person. For this purpose it is necessary to replace the word " in installations; to me on to us or to it to it and obligatory mentally to present these people. Programs can be as necessary the general for all or concrete for everyone. Turn, they will not mix up.

In order that the loaded water could be drunk at any convenient time that could drink it incidentally, without having done much harm to itself, foreign person that it was not exposed to targeting of someone else`s programs both casual, and intended, the following fancies are necessary:

- I (we, they) can drink this water at any time, in any quantity, receiving at the same time the maximum, necessary advantage;

- All other who will drink this water will receive for themselves the maximum, necessary advantage;

- Water is protected from change of the programs introduced in it and does not change the properties even at boiling, it does not perceive someone else`s programs.

Now there was the last: to ask the power double to finish business, and then it is obligatory to return and connect to you. It is important. The doubles lost by us weaken our vital energy. Do not forget to thank him and yourself and to be glad made you. In one couple of hours water will be ready to application.

If the loaded water remained a little, and you have no time to load a new portion, then it is possible to dilute it about a half on a half, through short time, the put programs will extend on all volume.

That`s all. Progress!

P. Leyman.]