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As the duelist count Fedor Tolstoy became American ? Part 2

About Fedor Tolstoy`s duels conversation special. How many they were, he also could not tell precisely. But the fact that on duels it killed 11 people - an incontestable fact. The twelfth could become Pushkin who, being in the south, and then in exile in Mikhaylovsk, prepared for duel several years, exchanging with Tolstoy caustic epigrams. And the count called the poet Chushkin also added: The Example you strike, but not a verse defects and remember, my dear that you have cheeks . The rumor afloat set by the count was the initial cause of quarrel that Pushkin for some faults was cut in Secret office (or in a police station). According to other version - Tolstoy`s letter to the colleague on the Preobrazhensky Regiment prince A. A. Shakhovsky in whom he unflatteringly spoke of the poet and his creativity became the reason. Whether yes so it is important now. And then it seemed that duel is inevitable.

Having arrived after exile to Moscow, Alexander Sergeyevich at once sent to the count of seconds. Tolstoy in the old capital did not appear, and then friends somehow managed to reconcile them. It was one of the few cases when Tolstoy went for reconciliation. Perhaps, it spared life of Pushkin who became the largest Russian poet or did not want to break off the relations with Vyazma, Zhukovsky, Baratynsky, Davydovy which death of the poet would not forgive it.

Interestingly, two persons with explosive temperament, Pushkin and Tolstoy, subsequently even made friends. Tolstoy entered Pushkin into Goncharov` family. Through it Pushkin made the first official proposal and received the uncertain answer from mother Natalia Nikolaevna. The wedding everything is took place, and in some measure in it the contribution was brought also by Fedor Tolstoy.

Duels were for the count darling, after cards, entertainment. He specially provoked people, dismissed rumors, offended only to achieve a call or to have an opportunity to challenge to a duel most. Tell (Sergey Tolstoy, Lev Tolstoy`s son wrote about it) that one of friends asked Tolstoy to be a second on duel which is appointed to 11 hours of the next morning. But when it came for the count in the morning, that still slept. The woken Tolstoy it is ordinary declared that duel will not be as he already managed to offend, accept a call and to kill the opponent of the friend. Knowing Tolstoy`s temper, it is possible to assume that something similar quite could really happen.

Cards were Fedor Tolstoy`s passion. He played successfully, usually won large sums which he spent for friendly junkets. Used to say that, without relying on fate, he skillfully bluffed and shulerstvovat, from time to time creating these new reasons for duels. Sometimes it ran on same professionals also it was very largely lost.

It should be noted that thanks to fine education, to hobby for the Russian history (the count collected ancient hand-written books) and eccentricity of character Tolstoy was close familiar with many famous writers and poets. Devoted it the lines Vyazma. Griboyedov in Woe from Wit wrote:

The Night robber, a duelist,

To Kamchatka was banished, returned the Aleut

I is strong light-fingered,

Yes unless the clever person and can be not the cheat .

the Count recognized himself in this description, but did not take offense. According to the son Sergey, Lev Tolstoy told that Fedor Tolstoy, having met Griboyedov once, told him:

- Why you about me wrote that I strong on a hand am not pure? Will think that I took bribes. I never before did not take bribes.

- But you play dirty, - Griboyedov noticed.

- Only - that? - Tolstoy answered. - Well, you so also wrote.

Perhaps, after such conversation in the manuscript Woe from Wit which belonged to the prince F. I. Shakhovsky, Fedor Tolstoy made changes. Near the words To Kamchatka it was banished it marked - To Kamchatka the devil carried because it was never banished and opposite to the line And strong on a hand it is not pure he wrote - In kartishka on a hand it is not pure then added: This amendment is necessary For fidelity of a portrait that did not think that it steals snuffboxes from a table .

The extraordinary personality always interests people creative. Therefore Tolstoy`s lines - the American Pushkin awarded Zaretsky in Eugene Onegin and Silvio in Shot . Lev Tolstoy in the story Two hussars obviously from it wrote off an image the column the Turbine, and in the first " options; War and peace at Dolokhov the monkey was even mentioned in one of remarks (you remember - an orangutan on To Hope ) . At Turgenev of Onions in Scrapper and Vasily Luchinov in Three portraits obviously have separate lines of Fedor Tolstoy.

In private life Fedor Tolstoy was alien many secular conventions. He married Gipsy Avdotya Maksimovna Tugayeva who for many years was his mistress. At it 12 children from whom 11 died were born. The count sincerely considered that death of children on his conscience as atonement for 11 people killed with it on duels. Especially he endured death of the beloved oldest daughter Sara which lived till 17 years and according to contemporaries differed in peculiar beauty and mind.

By the end of life Fedor Tolstoy became devout, in every possible way sought to atone for the youth sins. He died at the age of 64 years and it was buried in Moscow on the Vagankovo Cemetery on which and it is nowadays possible to see its grave.

Graff Fedor Ivanovich Tolstoy lived a stormy life, but also for contemporaries, and for us and remained in the world moral riddle as told about it Vyazma.]