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As the duelist count Fedor Tolstoy became American ? Part 1

In Russia there were always enough daredevils and scrappers, but this was still a patriot and the desperate man of courage, and about his travel and adventures it was possible to write not one novel, and I dare to assure you, reading would be the most fascinating.

Graff Fedor Ivanovich Tolstoy since the childhood differed in physical force, dexterity and unrestrained temper. At the same time he was a person very educated. Pushkin in the poem calls him the philosopher, adding - which in prezhn of summer amazed with debauchery four parts of the world . Here and a mention of the circumnavigation made by the count and a hint on its allegedly romantic relations with a monkey about which long gossiped in secular salons. And reasons for secular gossips of columns gave enough. In his stories fiction always mixed up with reality, and stories of his friends, foes and acquaintances were improbable at all. Even appearance gave in it the person unusual. By words F. Bulgarina, Fedor Ivanovich was average height, is dense, strong, beautiful and well difficult, his face was kruglo, is full and swarty, a curly hair was black and dense, his black eyes shone and when he became angry, it was terrible to glance to it in eyes . It Pushkin in drawing in the manuscript depicted him.

As well as most of young noblemen, Fedor Tolstoy who according to contemporaries was a great shooter and the fencer chose for himself military career. It graduated from Sea military school, but thanks to influential relatives began to serve not by the ships, and in Guards Preobrazhenskoye to a regiment. However, by the ship it soon appeared, and onboard a three-mast shlyup Hope Krusenstern going under command in circumnavigation, but not as the naval officer, and in suite of the head of trade delegation chamberlain N. P. Rezanova (you remember lenkomovsky Juno and Avos ) .

It was preceded by scandalous duel with the colonel Drizen for which it was necessary to wait for serious troubles. The rating for delay on regimental review which colonel arranged the column was the cause for duel. Tolstoy did not transfer abuse to the address, and here he also felt like nearly the hero, instead of review it flew in the balloon. The sharp trick concerning the commander and as a result - duel followed.

Rescuing at the fault guardsman from deserved punishment, relatives achieved replacement by Fedor of his cousin who is already appointed in expedition of Fedor Tolstoy too, but Petrovich (the famous sculptor subsequently - the medalist). In long swimming Tolstoy who is not burdened with official duties had a good time as could. He fell out almost with all officers (to their happiness, about duel in swimming there could not be also a speech). Gave to drink the ship priest and tightly pripechatat his beard sealing wax to the deck. It was necessary to the sobered-up celibate priest Gideon for releases to use scissors. Helped to an orangutan, the favourite of ship team to fill in with ink documents in a cabin of the head of expedition Krusenstern.

During rare parking of columns gave vent to the unrestrained imagination. In the Brazilian port of Dodestero it was linked to the Portuguese officer who was engaged in search of smugglers whom imposing appearance of the count misled. Business nearly reached firing, the benefit, the Portuguese apologized in time. On one of Markizovy islands Tolstoy covered to himself all body with tattoos. If stories can or be trusted, or - no, then the tattoo is forever. Subsequently demonstrations of next-to-skin painting by Fedor always caused genuine interest in society, being visible confirmation of its unusual adventures.

There is a legend that Krusenstern, without having sustained the count`s tricks, landed it on one of islands where Tolstoy spent several months waiting for the passing ship and nearly headed the native tribe. According to other version Tolstoy was translated on shlyup Neva and already by his captain Lisyansky it is landed on one of islands of North America. Ship magazine Hopes does not confirm these versions. In July, 1804 in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Tolstoy and some more members of expedition descended on the coast to follow in Sant` - St. Petersburg by land. Fedor managed also here to arrange himself the next adventure.

To return to St. Petersburg, without having visited the Russian America, the count could not afford. In defiance of all instructions it went to the Aleutian Islands. There is practically no authentic evidence of this voyage. There are memoirs of F. F. Vigel who met Tolstoy in June, 1805 in Siberia on the way to St. Petersburg. Under its certificate, the count told of the unusual adventures in the Russian America. There is no doubt, the whole year of Tolstoy somewhere carried . According to him, he visited the Aleutian Islands, lived among natives of the island to Sitkh whom the Russian colonists gave naming galoshes . If to trust Tolstoy, galoshes even wanted to make him the leader. Perhaps, about prospects to become the leader of columns also invented, but he told about life of Aleuts subsequently with such details and details which can be learned only by own experience.

In St. Petersburg zaputeshestvovavshegosya already waited for the count and not with delights at all. Directly from the St. Petersburg outpost it was sent to Neyshlotsky fortress. Tolstoy was largely lucky, Alexander 1 only forbade it to appear in the capital, and in fortress sent not to the conclusion, and to service. It is possible to present how the active count who received in society a pro-rank " pined with serf boredom; American . Where he only did not ask, but refusal always followed, any commander did not want to take the unpredictable count under the team.

At last the prince M. P. Dolgorukiy, the commander of Serdobsky group, took Fedor to themselves the aide-de-camp. In the war (Russia won Finland from Swedes) the count appeared in the elements. He does not sit in a staff, and participates in fights and skirmishes. In a course of action at Idensalm it with small Cossack group blocked to Swedes a way to retreat. With several daredevils Kvarken carried out investigation of the Swedish forces on the bank of the passage that allowed Barclay - - to pass with Tolly with the case on ice the passage, resolute attack to put to flight Swedes and to occupy the city of Umea.

The Swedish war rehabilitated Tolstoy, and he was transferred to the Preobrazhensky Regiment again. But the Guards service was short again. Duels, degrading in ordinary, resignation, maintenance in Vyborg Castle, exile to the village under Kaluga - all this went in in less than four years.

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