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What cat does not need a tail? Kuril bobtail. Part III. Dog character.

In character of bobtails, at least, of that representative of the breed which did not settle still with whom it happened to get acquainted wonderfully mix up cat`s aspiration to independence and dog devotion to the owner.

One dog line I already mentioned in the previous article. This escort of the owner, aspiration to protect it in any place, to fulfill the " bread; even outside a daily dwelling. Agree, it is infrequently possible to see a cat independently and without the following lead for the person which is running off from time to time aside and coming back.

Usually Barsik reached the constant place determined by him, sat down, some time watched owners leave and left on the affairs. To call up him it was useless. Despite existence in character dog the devil, he nevertheless remained a cat who walks in itself. And if it went for the owner, then only because itself considered it correct.

Dog lines were shown also in games. Barsik with pleasure rolled the tennis ball thrown by the owner, snapped at it and brought back. To order aport there was no need and is generally useless. The cat acted this way because it was pleasant to him, but not because someone gave command.

Only recently I read that such behavior is characteristic of all representatives of breed. Clever and inquisitive cats with interest make to new, light to train them in any tricks. But ability does not mean implicit submission yet. The cat will not begin to carry out these tricks on command, only in the right frame of mind.

Pride did not allow Barsik to shkodnichat. Balconies, my and neighbour`s, were on the one hand houses, at distance quite available to a cat. Quite often the cat neighborly looked on a visit . Once he jumped on a kitchen table that at us in a family is not considered a sign of cat`s good breeding. Having shouted at an animal, I brushed away it on a floor. This incident appeared enough that Barsik any more never came into our kitchen.

The bobtail loved children`s society as the watchdog who is not spoiled by attention of people. Often approached the malyena, caressed and did not pay attention to trifles like dragging for ears or blows a sand sovochok on a nose. At the same time caresses from adults tried, without showing aggression, to avoid.

The love rules the world. All are obedient to it. Brave and noble bobtails - not an exception. The traditional spring song of a cat in love did not happen to be heard. But somehow spotted secret appointment of the neighbor and local long-tailed beauty. Windows of my apartment came to the small waste ground in the summer grassing height almost knee-deep. In its thickets also there took place appointment.

Lovers appeared on the different ends of the waste ground and, slowly walking, sniffing at something and being distracted by the flitting butterflies and the buzzing flies, met just under my windows.

Flies and butterflies ceased to interest a couple. Some time animals were sniffed, rubbed moustaches and the heads, gracefully touched each other pads. Copulation, as well as at all cats, took place quickly enough. But after it lovers had a rest for a long time, lying in a grass. It is lazy played with importunate insects and rendered to the partner cat`s signs of tenderness and attention.

Today it is only possible to guess as the Kuril bobtail appeared in Poland. But its character and original behavior were remembered to me for a long time.]