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Where eat a chorba and drink a tsuyka?

A few years ago I was lucky to learn it, and now I with pleasure will share with you so entertaining information.

I happened to have a rest in the resort with the curious name of Mamaya, near the nice city of Constanta. It is necessary to tell that the resort is considered the best and expensive in Romania, but, in comparison with the prices in my hometown, it is not noticeable at all.

Besides other pleasant moments my acquaintance to Romanian cuisine took place here.

At each small restaurant gave a standard set of two containers with vinegar and vegetable oil, approximately as at us put salt and pepper on a table. However, salt and pepper there too were present, but oil and vinegar gave just before meal. For gourmets could bring hot pepper on a small plateau. Are recommended to eat it with hot chorby (such nourishing Romanian soup), but very few people ventured. Pepper so sharp that if to bite off too big piece, eyes begin to water just ruthlessly.

And chorba ( chorbe ) represents dense mutton, veal or beef onions, potatoes and other vegetables soup and often has characteristic yellow color. Before it was food of shepherds, and now the chorba is eaten not only in Romania and Moldova, and both in Bulgaria, and on the Balkans.

Salads from cabbage and sweet pepper are very popular, and it is necessary to fill them by all means with vegetable oil and vinegar.

In general, vinegar is actively used in Romanian cuisine, it is added to soups, salads, and even fried eggs are cooked with vinegar addition. There is even such opinion that it serves as the reason of the diseases of a stomach which are often found in Romania, but is similar, it will not force Romanians to refuse a habitual product.

About a hominy, probably, heard very many. It is loved also at us, in Russia. And in general, where only she is not trained? Prepare everywhere where the corn grows. It is very tasty porridge from corn grits, appetizing yellow color. However, the Moldavian culinary specialists claim that correct the hominy - Moldavian, and it has to be so dense consistence that the spoon stood . The Romanian hominy is obviously more liquid, it is soft and airy porridge.

Such simple and rich dish as beef with tomato gravy which is served with a hominy and fried eggs is very widespread in Romania. At first sight it is very unpretentious and even it is too simple. But it is necessary to try! Ingeniously simple, but at the same time the tasty dish is delightful!

Cheese in representation, habitual for us, is not really popular in Romania. Eat, as a rule, sheep cheese. And cheese at them quite so is also called: brynze .

About abundance of inexpensive and very tasty wines of this country rich with vineyards, undoubtedly, all have heard a lot. But there is one more curious alcoholic drink - it is a tsuyka. In essence the tsuyka is plum moonshine, very much even strong, about 55 degrees. Yes, is stronger, than the Russian vodka. And began to smell! It seems to me, it is possible to fall under a table from only one smell therefore it is better for unexercised persons to drink wines, the benefit the choice huge.

In Romania make as the Western European wines, such as, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, to Sandzhioveza, and local: white Fetyask Alba, Fetyask Regala, Temeyas Romanyask, Krymposhiya Selektsionat, red Fetyask Nyagra, Babyask Nyagra.

By the way, besides pleasure from taste of all it magnificence, in Romania it is possible to restore health also. There are therapeutic muds. However, they settle down not in the resort Mamaya, and near the resort of Eforiye Nord. But it absolutely nearby, near the small salty lake Tekirgiol, it is also possible to go to therapeutic muds by bus. It is recommended to cover himself with dirt (it is scooped from special capacities directly on the beach), to allow it to dry and plunge into salty water of the lake. And it is valid, after this procedure you feel like the well rested, vigorous person full of strength.

So if you reflect what resort to choose on the Black Sea coast, very much I recommend to you to visit Romania.]