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What cat does not need a tail? Kuril bobtail. Part II. Born leader.

So, acquaintance to me only several days the cat was gone. Owners, knowing independent and strong character of the pet, of course, tears streams were not shed, absences happened earlier, you never know what put at a cat. But a week of absence later became sad.

I found loss. Having Somehow been fond of repair work, late evening or even at night, left in an entrance to smoke and heard shy miaow on the street. Barsik in turn approached entrances of the house and gave a careful signal. The cat refused to recognize nodding acquaintance with me, but far did not begin to run away, waiting that will follow. It was necessary to awake neighbors. The pleasure, both owners, and an animal was not a limit. The dirty and become unproductive idler came back in native Penates .

The lesson went for the future. Any time Barsik did not decide to leave an entrance, having limited to research of staircases and supervision for freedom through a door crack. Having yearned on fresh air, having studied in detail and having marked all landings, the cat decided on walk.

Having convinced through the slightly opened door of lack of danger, Barsik began to leave an entrance. Where he spent time - it is unknown, near his nearby houses it was visible not. But the cat always came back to the apartment and was not lost any more.

Later few months Barsik won to himself the place for walks near the neighboring house. From this point its ascension on the tops of an Olympus began. And not only cat`s, but also dog. Brave, independent, ambitious and noble character allowed a cat to make unprecedented take-off and to subdue all local beau monde . The bobtail did not forgive offenses to any cat or a dog and always arrived as considered it necessary. Treated people with respect if they respected him.

The place at the neighboring house where Barsik felt confident, gradually extended to the territory of all settlement. Usually in the morning the cat a proud gait left an entrance and accompanied owners to the place of work, in passing examining the possession and doing remarks to insufficiently polite cats and dogs who were coming across on the road.

Once at an entrance to one of houses the small house teryerchik which was not turning on the bobtail passing by the slightest attention sat. Barsik could not endure such disrespect of the person. Having deviated from a route, he approached a doggie and, without showing the teeth, hit it a paw on a muzzle. The difference of weight categories appeared enough that the teryerchik was filled up sideways and scaredly waved pads, without making attempts to escape from the attacker monsters . Slave expression of humility softened noble heart of a kurilchanin, the execution was stopped.

As well as everywhere where there are people, on the settlement, on pleasure to children and causing fears of parents, several variegated homeless mongrels loafed. With some of them Barsik quickly adjusted if not the friendly, then quite acceptable neutral relations. Others had to be pacified cruel scoldings.

Somehow one of mongrels, times in five - six are larger than Barsik, saw my znakomets on traditional morning walk. Obviously, last lessons were acquired badly, and the dog rushed towards a cat. That was busy with an important issue, saw off owners and did not wish to profane sacred ritual by an ugly fight. Having braked, the bobtail turned the head and looked towards a dog. The sobering look worked. The mongrel stopped, but as soon as the cat turned away and continued procession, again jerked in its party.

The situation repeated in the same sequence. For the third time Barsik`s patience ran low. He was developed and rushed towards to an aggressor. The dog who was repeatedly surpassing a cat by the sizes and weight did not begin to wait for collision. Having lifted a dust column, it was developed and from all speed rushed nautek.

I do not know, than the aspiration of my znakomets to be in the lead in the dog environment was caused. Probably, same reasons, as existence in its character of some dog devil. About them - next time.]