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What cat does not need a tail? Kuril bobtail. Part I. Acquaintance.

Travelling around Internet waves, I came across the website of one of the cat`s nurseries which are engaged in cultivation of the young and not really extended in our corner of the world breed Kuril bobtail .

I learned from the short description that long time of Kuril cats and cats was considered as one of kinds of the Japanese bobtail. But as Kuriles long ago not Japanese, the time came and to declare to chetverolapy inhabitants of islands the sovereignty especially as external features of breed it were available. Photos of these features were right there attached.

I look at a photo - oh! Yes this the cat is well familiar to me, however, still did not suspect that it is some special breed.

I got acquainted with the bright representative of a cohort of bobtails in far 90 - m to year. Then both Kuriles, and Belarus were a part of our immense Homeland, and breed Kuril bobtail per se still did not exist at all. Its first standard was accepted at the end of 1991.

Acquaintance happened on a tip of Eurasia, opposite to the Kuril Islands, in the small settlement on North - the West of Poland where it happened to work and live at that time.

The neighbors in the platform of the standard panel five-storey building same sent, as well as I, held large is black - a white cat by nickname Barsik. On that place where at all known to me before cats there was a tail, at Barsik the small stump flaunted. From where the cat appeared, owners plainly could not tell. Got accustomed somehow and lived on pleasure to a childless married couple. All neighbors of a cat were sorry and amicably condemned the unknown monster who raised a hand against a cat`s tail.

Photo sister I also found Barsik familiar to me in the Internet. The first surprising line of breed turned out the fact that nobody stops a tail at her representatives. The natural small stump - a pomponchik modestly hints at relationship with a terrible predator - at a trot. An initial color - the next hint though the color of my znakomets with rysiny had nothing in common. Present standards of breed quite allow similar option.

The body structure reminds of far related communications too. Paws - powerful and long, and a trunk are much shorter, than at ordinary cats. But the main thing - features of behavior and character of an animal. They were so interesting that they were remembered for many years.

My emergence in the five-storey building coincided with moving of neighbors, Barsik`s owners. For an independent and independent cat travel in a car interior - a serious stress. The bobtail did not wish to show heroic endurance therefore the cat`s stress turned into serious test for owners.

Barsik developed the apartment quickly. But the way of life of an animal developed in such a way that the apartment was only the vacation spot and food. The main events of independent cat`s life happened on the street, the benefit owners never tried to limit freedom to the pet.

Having come for walk for the first time on the new place, Barsik was gone for several days. The local cat`s brotherhood popularly explained to the beginner that here nobody waited for him. It was necessary to escape to the poor creature in the next lesochk. Blockade was supported with ignorance of the district, the cat did not manage to remember the address .

Of course, the cat was and provided me many cases and entertaining minutes, worthy descriptions. I will tell about them in the following article.]