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To whom under an old age day of Lyceum to triumph it was necessary to one?

my Friends, our union is fine!

It as soul, it is inseparable and eternal -

Is immovable, free and careless,

Grew together it in the shadow of amicable muses.

Where us neither the destiny

I threw happiness where nor led, Same

we: to us whole world foreign land;

Fatherland to us Tsarskoye Selo

(Pushkin. On October 19) by

Tsarskoye Selo (nowadays Mr. Pushkin) it is founded in 1708, in XVIII - the head of the 20th centuries it was the country residence of the Russian emperors.

Alexander I (1777-1825), grew. the emperor since 1801, the eldest son of Paul I, in 1811 based Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum - the closed higher educational institution for children of noblemen.

All 30 famous lyceum students of the first release (1811 - 1817) became history, all took place as the personality (by the way, their success and a vital position is a subject of separate article, and not one!.) . From a lyceum threshold their ways dispersed: who stepped on the captain`s bridge, who became a military, who the diplomat who

At Pushkin many verses are devoted by the poet to both Tsarskoye Selo, and Lyceum, and friends - lyceum students. Messmates he calls a sacred brotherhood ( To the Sacred brotherhood I am faithful ; Separation, 1817).

In the verses, in the memoirs Pushkin constantly comes back to Lyceum:

Magic places where I live soul,

of the Wood where I loved where the feeling developed,

Where with the first youth infancy merged

(Tsarskoye Selo, 1819)

Tsarskoye Selo spirit stored lyceum students, but saved not all. In 1820 ended a way terrestrial - absolutely young! - lyceum students of the first release N. A. Korsakov and S.F. Broglio.

On October 19 - the opening day of Lyceum - was constantly noted by lyceum students of the first release, Pushkin calls it captivating habit !

In 1836. some lyceum students suggested to celebrate 25 - the anniversary of Lyceum together with lyceum students of the subsequent releases. It was opposed by Pushkin and M. L. Yakovlev: they considered that the lyceum students who were issued after them lost free lyceum spirit. In the letter to Yakovlev (on October 9 - 15, 1836) Pushkin writes: There is nothing to change for twenty-five year anniversary ancient customs of lyceum. It would be a thin omen. It is told, as the last lyceum student one will celebrate on October 19. To remind not a harm of it .

In 1825 in the poem On October 19 Pushkin writes:

Alas, our circle hour from an hour thins;

Who in a coffin sleeps who submultiple sirotet,

Destiny looks, we fade; days run;

Is invisible inclining and hladeya,

We approach the beginning

to Which of us under an old age day of the Triumph Lyceum

is necessary to one?

To Triumph it was necessary to Gorchakov.

of Bitterlings Alexander Mikhaylovich (1798 - 1883) is the lightest prince (since 1871), the Russian diplomat, the chancellor (since 1867). Since 1817 was in the diplomatic service, in 1856 - 82 was the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Participant of creation Union of three emperors . Provided a neutrality of the European powers in russko - the Turkish war 1877 - 78. Supporter of reforms.

What is interesting, in 1814 in the poem To the Prince A. M. Gorchakov 15 - summer Pushkin actually predicted future of the prince and the fact that he will endure all lyceum students of the first release:

What I have to, tell, in this hour

to Wish from it is pure hearts to the friend?

to Glubok old age, lovely prince,

of Children, kind spouse,

Or riches, loud days,

of Crosses, diamond stars, parts?