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How Louis Pasteur treated the Russian peasants for rage?

In the beginning I wanted to call article about Louis Pasteur so: Who the first suggested to pasteurize milk and why? But then thought: strange question, isn`t that so? Pasteurization (destruction of microorganisms in liquid foodstuff by means of long single heating to temperature is lower than 100 degrees) therefore was called pasteurization that the first this method tested and Louis Pasteur offered . The person of encyclopedic knowledge, the best pupil of famous Jean Dumas , the namesake of the father and the son of writers who meant to chemistry at all not less, than these creators of a genre for literature. Dumas imparted to Pasteur love to physics and chemistry and promoted what Louie at very young age equally successfully protected doctor`s both in chemistry, and on physics.

With your permission I will recede from a usual genre of the narration and I will build the story about Pasteur in the form of a historical quiz under the name Whether you Know? .

So whether you know that Louis Pasteur was born

on December 27, 1822, 185 years ago, in a family of the retired French soldier, participant of Napoleonic campaigns, the owner of small skinnery in the town of Dol by then, and daughters of the simple gardener. Later years 10 after its birth the father was confident that little Louie will become the world famous artist, he quite skillfully drew. Very few people know that the portraits of friends of Pasteur executed by the bacteriologist are included into the official reference book of the French artists of the 19th century.

Arrival to Strasbourg in 1848 became defining in the scientist`s life. As 26 - summer Louie was appointed professor in the Strasbourg university, he was met by the rector who for the sake of decency invited the new teacher to himself home. One of the rector`s daughters - Mari Laurent`s , seemed to young professor very nice girl. And when got accustomed to it more attentively, at once understood: it was gone. And though Louis Pasteur was difficult to be carried to handsome men, Mari too quickly understood that Louie has a big and kind heart. Turgenev young ladies always considered that mind, nobility and kindness are far more important in the person, than external beauty and a luster. Pasteur made Mari`s proposal for the fifteenth day after the arrival to Strasbourg. She agreed to become the wife of future scientist. They lived together 46 years and were very happy...

Life with Pasteur was not sugar and not honey. In - the first, he was poor health and often was ill. In - the second, at the age of 46 years it was broken by paralysis, and here Mari played nearly a leading role that her husband managed to win against an illness and, carefully developing muscles, brought itself to a normal state in several months after a horrible disease. The wife and madam Nauka - here two women who became, figuratively speaking wings for the broken Pasteur. With their help he learned to go and speak again. And, at last, in - the third, it was necessary to go and look still for such self-sacrificing woman who was not jealous the husband at all of that with which he spent the most part of time - with laboratory. And maybe, Mari only pretended that she was not jealous. Usually she woke up in a cold bed, Louie rose after dark, very carefully slipped out from - under blankets and on tiptoe crept by the sleeping wife from the room. And in the dead of night she often could not wait for it from this damned laboratory and fell asleep, without having communicated to the husband.

Pasteur attended to milk in the latest turn. The process called in his honor pasteurization opened Louie`s not for milk, and for preservation of useful properties and taste of wine. in 1864 it started studying of a question of developing of diseases of wines. By long supervision Pasteur not only defined various microorganisms capable to cause an illness, but also offered a new way of fight with wreckers . It turned out that wine is enough to warm up up to 50 - 60 degrees to relieve of an infection. By the way, after it opened the way to treat wine, he suggested to boil also milk. And after it never in life drank crude milk. Especially irritated surrounding almost maniacal aspiration of Pasteur each vegetable or fruit to wash with boiled water.

Thanks to long-term works of Pasteur and his pupils were found and began to be used in practice of a vaccine against chicken cholera, anthrax, a rubella of pigs and, at last, against rage.

It is possible to tell much about Pasteur. But I want to tell a story which began in the small town White , in Smolensk region where within two days the wolf having rage bit 19 people, generally peasants. There was it in February, 1886. The local doctor, having examined patients, made the most unfavourable diagnosis: from hydrophobia (rage) then rescue was not and if infecting agents got to an organism, the person was doomed.

But the doctor was very educated for those times. He learned in one of newspapers that in Paris a certain scientist by the name of Pasteur makes experiments with patients with hydrophobia and even cures them. Therefore the doctor, without philosophizing crafty, beat off the telegram to Paris, and without address, it is simple To Paris, to Pasteur with a question: whether it is possible to send to the French capital of 19 Russian peasants?

What is surprising, but the telegram reached. Pasteur answered, without deliberating, - send immediately. And here two weeks the exhausted people reached Paris. They were met very hospitably, having placed in hospital and hotel. But the main thing not in they are the Parisians and Russians living in Paris, visited patients while there was a treatment, brought them refined food, things. However, in three days peasants begged: Fathers, to us small loaf black yes pickles . With it in Paris there were problems. And - French managed all in one of the benches which are on become later well-known Kaputsinov Boulevard, to get a barrel of pickles and the bread similar on black

Unfortunately, it was succeeded to rescue not all. At first the firefighter in whose body after opening found the broken wolf canine, then two more peasants died: one had a terrible deep neck wound, at another the number of wounds was more than 50. And the others 16 patients thanks to Pasteur`s vaccine recovered and returned home.

And I would like to finish with one more interesting fact. The ballot box with ashes of the great Russian biologist Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov is stored in library of Pasterovsky institute , few steps away from a crypt in which Louis Pasteur is buried. By the way, Louis Pasteur after a series of strokes otmuchitsya on September 28, 1895. He was buried in Notr - I Will give de Pari with government honors, at its funeral there were thousands of people. After its ashes it was reburied at the Parisian Institute of Pasteur .

People can be ill. During this period we what only do not do to get rid of sores, some can drink tablet handfuls, others make rash acts, searching for healers and Aesculapians. And very few people know great pasterovsky words: The Best doctor is the nature: cures three quarters of all diseases and at the same time does not abuse fellows by profession ]