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It is possible to affect destiny and to become happy?

to All of us were necessary to face people as if programmed on failure. Some of them suspect about it and openly speak - me maleficiated, jinxed, I was born under an unhappy star . Such people have, as a rule, an extinct look, the hung shoulders, a malposture.

Psychologists characterize such living position as extension from below or passive position. The head of such person is hung down, in general, a look from top to down, even with rather high growth - the main indicator of the loser. The person as if tells you at the nonverbal level that he is ready to accept the conducted position and to obey. It is visible that something oppresses such person, and here others experts on its problems can make good money.

Let`s carry out the analysis of modern mass media, the Internet and you with surprise will see what offers most of all. Various fortunetellers, psychics, astrologers, experts in nonconventional medicine, seemingly, know long ago how to you to live. At the person the convenient position is developed - I will go to the expert, and he will make me happy, healthy, successful

we Will try, relying on psychology, to find out how process each of us mass media? To Bor any printing editions which appear every day in a mailbox. It seems that in the country is not present " now; a crunch with " paper;. But practically in each edition - the healer and the rescuer promises to rescue from struggles of life, the famous psychic will carry out diagnostics of a karma and the subsequent clarification of an organism. Follows from popular articles which authors are eyewitnesses that meetings with aliens served as the reason of failures, at work of people got to an environment of blood-thirsty vampires, everyone exhausts from it energy.

This list which set the teeth on edge can be continued:

imposed On you celibacy wreath .

At you serious ill-wishers who jinxed you.

All misfortunes are connected with sins of ancestors, you have to pay off.

Stars at the time of the birth rose in the most adverse way, as left a mark for the rest of life.

All troubles are caused by the wrong matrixes which created subconsciousness etc.

Most important that the person who is in captivity at fears begins to attract them to himself.

I remember, in the childhood I did not love mathematics. The mathematics teacher influenced me by different methods, wishing to develop at me more serious relation to this subject. Unfortunately, also such not pedagogical receptions as ridiculing of mine " were used; humanitarian natures before all class. At that time I very much was fond of biology. Matematichka considered that this absolutely useless subject, stamens - pestles stuffs me the head.

The teacher left me after lessons and long and fixedly looked in the face. Even the glass jar in which I brought in school of favourite white mice did not help. Matematichka was unshakable. As a result I, the impressionable girl 12 - ti years, thought up that the teacher possesses bad eye . At mathematics lessons I fell into a condition of a trance. Nobody understood what occurs. I got on well at other objects well. Of course, in the end of the year I was shone by the two. It was necessary to take parents of the tutor and to make up for lost time.

The person, feeling as the loser, begins to attract to itself troubles. You remember the movie two losers - heroes of the movie Unlucky which, eventually, met. The main character performed by Pierre Richard, radiating bad luck fluids, had to find the businessman`s daughter, the girl, unlucky from the birth.

By what such position is dangerous - you can get used to a position of the victim. Just because the reasons of your failures are out of you. Such position is favorable to much. They do not feel any responsibility for own life. And until the person changes itself the relation to the events, hardly the destiny will begin to have a kind feeling for it.

Unless you had not to communicate with the people abusing all day long the government, weather, neighbors, the administration? Especially often it is necessary to listen to it from pensioners. The senior generation is accustomed to hope for the government, a pension fund, the city authorities. But times changed for a long time. People who ryaditsya in white clothes and promise paradise life today, are well familiar with manipulative technologies. They really want to make happy and provided, but not you, but themselves Tell

, you sometime saw the ideal road? Without ruts, potholes, defects of a covering? And in what our course of life differs from such road? Let`s address classics. The famous strategist Lao Zi claimed that a way on which it is possible to pass - not ideal. Everyone in the biography will have take-off and falling, bitterness of disappointments and pain of losses. The strongest people suffered from enemies and circumstances. Wise say that the main thing - not that how many time of people fell, and that how many time rose after that. you ask

how to be? To rise and go further. Ability to rise after any falling distinguishes the lucky man from the loser. It is important not to spend vital energy on trifles, and to send it to the necessary course.

Is time to finish fears, doubts and complexes, not to think of losses. If to another the bride leaves, then it is unknown who was lucky!

Try to think of the prospects opening before you. Time of actions came. Become the lord of own life! ]