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Salad Kaleidoscope. What it is simpler than?

the Italian wisdom say that four cooks have to cook salad: avaricious, philosopher, spendthrift and artist. The philosopher has to salt, the spendthrift - to pour in oil, the artist - to mix the salad and avaricious to add vinegar.

Salad the Kaleidoscope mixes up already on a table, at everyone in a plate. That you put as components of this salad - depends only on your opportunities and imagination. Therefore such name will approach any salad which you serve as a still life. For example, the salad as the Whisk i.e. clearing. On a big flat dish we begin to spread equal hills polished vegetables. Boiled beet, fresh carrots, boiled potatoes, fresh cucumbers, red or white cabbage. In the middle of the same plate in a salad bowl we serve sauce. Mayonnaise or balsam vinegar. To whom what is pleasant. Perhaps, the ketchup or sauce made only according to your recipe. What got used to or, on the contrary, decided to experiment. This salad perfectly looks both on a flat dish, and in a special kabaretnitsa. Salad gathers everyone itself - how many will want, itself sauces also itself mixes in the plate. Our task - it is beautiful to spread out components on a dish.

Components in such salad - the allsorts can be as much as necessary. Examples:

1. A radish circles, sweet pepper of different color - thin strips, a fresh cucumber circles, tomato segments. Sauce - mayonnaise, vegetable oil, vinegar.

2. Firm cheese cubes, tinned green peas, corn, fennel, the fresh apple on a large grater sprinkled by lemon acid. Gas station - the fat-free yogurt or olive oil.

3. Two types of cheese - for example, Dore - blyu and Russian - cubes, a Chinese cabbage (salad) the thin shredder to sprinkle lemon juice, croutons from white loaf. Sauce - sour cream with mayonnaise.

4. Boiled beet and carrots, green radish - all on a large grater. Chinese cabbage. All this around plates small groups. In the middle - small cut meat of boiled chicken breast. Gas station - mayonnaise with walnut nutlets and greens.

5. Fresh beet, cabbage, carrots - the thin shredder, chips. Mayonnaise with greens.

6. A pickle, boiled egg, boiled red beans, the onions which - are previously pickled apple. Gas station - mayonnaise.

7. Fried mushrooms, boiled egg, boiled potatoes, fillet of a herring cubes, boiled carrots and marinated onions. As sauce - mayonnaise.

8. The blanched broccoli, boiled eggs, a fresh cucumber, tinned corn, mayonnaise with sour cream.

9. The Beijing cabbage, a pear, apple, greens - onions, parsley, fennel, orange, carrots, a cucumber, walnut or pine nuts. Gas station - olive oil and lemon juice.

10. Boiled squids strips, sauerkraut, cranberry, apples, green onions. From - under squids to add a honey teaspoon to broth. Juicy gas station for this wonderful easy salatik will turn out.

11. Kiwi, pears, banana, yogurt.

In what plus such unusual giving of salad. The first - guests choose to themselves ingredients from salad - bar. The second - joins the creative beginning, it is pleasant to see all components alive . The third - in the mixed salad goes oxidation process. In the Kaleidoscope - all separately. However, vegetables quickly fade. Therefore the quantity has to be calculated on expediency that nothing remained and was enough for all. Such here difficult task But as it is interesting! Try.]