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Fashion - crisis of a genre. How it occurred? Fashionable seasons in Paris, Milan - hurry to see

the first! Novelties, new collections fall - winter of 2008 are available to you already today! In an infinite stream of tendencies and novelties even professionals are lost what to speak about fans.

Fashionably literally everything: mini and maxi, modesty and frankness, black and white, monophonic and in a floret. In fashion everything, to be exact anything. In fashion crisis. Crisis not as tendency of new behavior, and as crisis of a genre.

And differently from what it to it, i.e. fashion, so loudly continually to remind of itself? The dynamic mass phenomena in culture are also so doomed to keen interest. But the fashion is boring and fresh today. She afforded inexcusable - the fashion of 21 (XXI) centuries is monotonous! In it there is no resistance. The fashion so adapted to us that it became boring in itself.

But there was it not at once.

Davny - long ago the clothes could tell about the status and social standing of the owner unmistakably. The clothes were stored and transferred from parents to children as works of art. It was created as preserved for the rest of life, putting special sense and warmth.

Everything changed when production of clothes was given in a charge of industrialists. The clothes removed to category of goods. Earlier with canons of fashion it was necessary to conduct open fight, or will obey to them implicitly. In the 20th century industrialists without any consequences leave only those forms which are most acceptable for production in fashion.

The suit is democratized together with democratization of society. And what as a result? Shops are filled with monotonous and convenient clothes of trapezoid, rectangular and oval silhouettes. And the fashion is first of all change of forms of a suit.

The tendency to the maximum filling of already expensive space was outlined in the 21st century. All tiny: from computers till an individual portion of coffee. The clothes are forced to occupy a place minimum in space: from here the adjoining silhouettes and multifunctionality. Bright to that example jeans. They everywhere and everywhere: on all continents, out of races and estates, out of situations, the sizes and age. It is practical? It is practical! And to a presnota monotonously. Really the horror about attack of clones comes true? In total in jeans, knitted jackets, sneakers and with backpacks.

And what designers? For the mass consumer they are forced to create a variety inside clothes: in the color, ornaments, drawings. But also here not joining.

With acceleration of rate of life, the turnover cycle of clothes is reduced in temporary space. If earlier the thing in the opinion of the consumer became outdated within 3 - 5 years, and the cycle during which the suit form was completely updated made 21 - 24 years, then now producers are regularly forced to offer the consumer season novelties .

Here also it turns out that in fashion style 30 - x, 50 - x and 90 - x years at the same time. Within a year all colors of a rainbow manage to visit peak of popularity. Among such variety when everything is fashionable and at the same time nothing, the fashion gradually dies. And at this time on the planet in sneakers twins brothers who to the mosque who to the temple and who in church surely walk. Triumph of globalization. Crash of the fashionable empire.

At fashion the withdrawal pains - it are necessary a dose. Or full rehabilitation. What will become for it that a saving straw? New technologies and developments, and the new view on the consumer can? The fashion lacks a powerful shock. It needs a shock therapy.

And to us the fashion as a saving straw from overstocking of own clothes monotonous clothes for all as the wise teacher and the tutor of an esthetics of a human image, as a mirror of our era is necessary.]