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Maupassant: great lover or simple madman? Part 2

For the sake of a cat he bought expensive glossy paper

In Maupassant`s house always there lived several animals. At one time at it there lived at once several dogs, a cat, a monkey and a parrot who was remarkable the fact that he knew nearly all indecent words. Especially Maupassant loved cats. When it came back from the next travel, Piroli, the favourite cat, did not move a step from it. For the sake of a cat he bought expensive glossy paper: the feather scratch according to a rough leaf irritated his favourite

One more curious line of Maupassant - the exaggerated fear of cold. To it it is cold everywhere. Even in the summer it heats a fireplace. Once in August he made a trip to the Sahara where there were 53 degrees in a shadow. On someone`s question whether he suffers from such infernal heat, Maupassant answered: Well you! I feel as in paradise here! .

Maupassant was very reserved person. He hid about himself everything that it was possible to hide. The Public possesses our books, but not our life - he repeated more than once. He did not give interview, did not write diaries and letters - confessions, avoided prefaces to the works, destroyed the correspondence, forbade to print the portraits. If he somewhere met the photo, by all means destroyed it. Once, having seen the portrait in a show-window of bookstore, it smashed a store window and broke off a cloth on small pieces. After that he filed a lawsuit against the owner of bookstore, previously having paid the bill for the smashed store window.

Maupassant read nothing. It was, - as the contemporary wrote about it, - one of the most not book minds. He looked around himself and represented only what saw . Total absence of books in his house, even own, always surprised his guests.

The stolen death

of Pain, constantly accompanying it already since youth, became stronger also nesterpimy every year. Thousand times coming to despair, he thinks of suicide. I realize that my health worsens that my physical sufferings amplify that my hallucinations become more and more long that my working capacity decreases. The highest consolation for me is that when I become ailing and pathetic, I will be able to put all this an end .

No, he will not die mad as his uncle and the brother died! It will kill itself(himself) earlier! But when? It is necessary to count all opportunities! He risks to cross border too late . It too late frightens him even more, than too early .

One night it is solved on suicide. Having taken the revolver, it will widely open a mouth, will put in it a barrel and for several minutes will stand in an immovability. At last, he will close eyes, will make the last breath and - will pull the trigger But instead of a shot will hear only abrupt click quickly! All cartridges from the revolver as it became clear, were taken out in advance by his provident servant!

And here he gets savage - stole death from him! Having gone mad from rage, he is enough a knife for cutting of paper and tries to cut to himself a throat. Howling from pain, soiled in blood, he rushes to a window. From where to it was to know that the same provident servant tightly fixed latches of heavy shutters the Last hope

Mother of the writer decides to send to

the son to Paris, to lunatic asylum. The first biographer of Maupassant Albert Lumbrozo kept the touching story about hope of friends of the writer to rescue it:

They thought that the show of the favourite yacht, maybe, will awaken his died-away memory, as if will urge on his consciousness once so clear and died away now. Connected, with the hands which are pulled together with a strait jacket unfortunate moved on the coast. Dear friend quietly rocked in the sea

the Blue sky, clear air, graceful outlines of the favourite yacht - all this, appear, calmed him His look was softened He long considered the ship a melancholic and gentle look His lips began to move, but did not pronounce the word. It was taken away. He many times turned around to look on Dear friend all who then surrounded Gui in the eyes had tears .

On the seventh of January, 1892 Maupassant was brought to Paris under howl the newsdealers intoxicated with new sensation. It was put in lunatic asylum. He did not recover consciousness. The death occurred on July 6, 1893.

Having learned the last shout about Maupassant`s death, Gorky will write: Maupassant, the grandiose talent poisoned with an incense of bourgeois praises, which spent itself for creation tiny of the short stories tickling nerves and exciting sensuality which were read to the investor after a nourishing lunch " Died;. Tolstoy always abusing Maupassant, and at the same time admiring him will tell: The Tragic element of life of Maupassant is that, being in the most awful on the ugliness and immorality to Wednesday, it was already close to release, breathed already freedom air, but, having spent the last forces for this fight, not having been able to make any last effort, died, without having released .

The general result in the note devoted to anniversary of death of Maupassant will be brought by Emil Zola: We will hold it in remembrance as about the happiest and the most unfortunate of people on whose example we with special sharpness feel bitterness of collapse of human hopes .

Shortly before fatal day of unfortunate suicide, Maupassant, already sick, half-mad, will output the shivering hand uneven words:

The Howling dogs with an extreme accuracy give my state. Dog howl, the sad complaint of a dog to anybody is not turned, is addressed to nobody; just cry of despair is carried in night - shout which I would like to extort from myself If I could groan as they, I would go to the wide valley, in a thicket and would howl for hours in a gloom . the last shout still of the living person, but already dying artist, shout which and the pressing pain forces to contract today our hearts was


If sometime you can be by the sea, then in the evening when wind settles, go to the coast. Close eyes and listen to whisper of the running waves. You hear? They whisper:

- Maupassant Maupassant Maupassant ]