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Maupassant: great lover or simple madman? Part 1

Timid bull

Norman bull-calf - so his friends for too short and thick neck called Maupassant. One of his contemporaries so described his appearance: Square shoulders, a short neck, the movements of the fighter or a journeyman, a manner to incline the head forward, speaking about determination and an initiative. It seems that he should die suddenly - after long and wholly past life .

Bull the neck brought young Maupassant a lot of disappointment, especially at communication with an opposite sex. Physical exercises in which he desperately was engaged did it still growing furious, but is not more harmonous in any way.

I only the glory which came early enough brought it release from it and many other complexes. Timid bull as Edmon Goncourt called it once, will turn in Dear friend such desperate dandy with habits of the loader, gentle with women and rigid with men.

Young libertine gives a start in life... the prostitute

Very few people believed that from Maupassant the good writer will turn out. Even his mentor Flaubert was skeptical about the first rhymed opuses of the pupil. Once it even had to protect the protege in court: immoderately the dispersed author was accused of promotion of a pornography and debauchery. Young libertine on the advice of the teacher, leaves to scribble erotic verses and switches to prose. Zola, Turgenev and Flaubert, not especially believing in Maupassant`s talent, nevertheless try to teach it lessons of literary skill. And, apparently, it is not vain Grant

, in all world literature there will be no writer to whom literary work was given with such work. Even small articles took away from it a great lot of time and forces. He, nearly crying, in large quantities hours stayed over a clean sheet of paper: will always express the thoughts in writing for it a hard task. It is difficult to believe that one of the most refined stylists in the history of the world literature so desperately battled against each phrase and even the word.

But any just sweat, as well as tears, pay off Doughnut - the first published Maupassant`s short story, created the real furor. Newspapers wrote after an exit Doughnuts : In France the new great writer appeared! . Flaubert, having got acquainted with the short story, started singing Marseillaise also broke into a dance. The venerable writers who till this day were indulgently patting Maupassant shoulder and calling him not differently as Mopassanchik at last recognized in it colleague Prostitute Doughnut removed young libertine in people!

It changed women as gloves the Literary glory grew at

as a snowball. Together with it also material welfare came. On the money gained from sale of the novel Dear friend Maupassant will buy surprisingly beautiful yacht. He and will call it - Dear friend . It will become his second house. On it he will make several trips, will write several collections of short stories and the novel, here he will accept the friends and uncountable fans.

Maupassant had unusual success in women. Women - my second profession - he said. His biographers report that it had more than one thousand intimacies, and the vast majority of them - one-day I am surprised to that, - he said, - as there can be a woman for the man something big, than simple entertainment which is easy for diversifying as we diversify a good table, or what it is accepted to call sport Nobody will dissuade me that two women are better than one, three - it is better than two, and ten - it is better than three The person who decided to be limited constantly only to one woman would arrive also strange and ridiculously as the fan of oysters who would take in head at breakfast a lunch and a dinner all the year round is one oysters

Flaubert often abused Maupassant for his excessive hobby for women. It is necessary whether you hear, the young man, it is necessary to work more. It is too much ()! It is too much entertainments! It is necessary to work!!! - Flaubert wrote it.

The sexual giant

Somehow, in the presence of Flaubert, Maupassant bragged: After two or three sexual intercourses I feel the same fatigue, as well as, say, after twenty. And at me happened also twenty, and more . Flaubert, angry bragging of the pupil, sharply dropped the hint of doubt that it is the truth. Maupassant offered a bet. Then they took in witnesses of one more acquaintance and went to the next brothel. There in one hour, in the presence of Flaubert and the witness, Maupassant entered sexual relations with six prostitutes in a row. After that he chose to himself the youngest prostitute from the same brothel and made with her six more acts in a row The dumbfounded Flaubert was forced to recognize himself as the loser.

Once the American journalist Frank Herris walked with Maupassant along the embankment. Here is how Herris describes their conversation:

- it seems to me that from the sexual point of view I am, probably, a person unusual, - Maupassant summed up the result of the story. - The matter is that I can bring in fighting state the tool at any time when I want it.

- Really? - I who is too shaken by his story

exclaimed - Yes here look at my trousers, - laughing, Maupassant " noticed;

I directly there, on the road as Herris writes, Maupassant convincingly proved to me that tells the truth .

Women, whether literature and the sea Should be surprised to

that as a result of a constant hunting for women and the stunning sexual marathon, Maupassant zapoluchat the whole bunch of bad diseases including syphilis - at that time incurable. It begins terrible headaches which only drugs help to transfer. Migraines are succeeded by hallucinations and eye pain. To all other, his golden hair begin to drop out shreds. Turgenev about it writes: The Poor creature Maupassant loses all vegetation on a body! It as he speaks, is connected with an intestinal disease. It is still very lovely, but now very Touraine itself(himself)

pains disappear From time to time, and Maupassant comes back to a former way of life: women, literature and sea.

The sea, the ocean, the river, in general, water - he loved not less, than women. Water as a magnet attracted it to itself. In youth Maupassant was an excellent oarsman. He perfectly swam and could not leave till half a day water. Curious fact: one of his biographers established that in Maupassant`s creativity there are more drowned men, than in all French literature

Maupassant was is exemplary the clean and tidy person. If it had no opportunity at least once in day to take a bath or to bathe in the river, it from head to foot poured over itself(himself) toilet water. It avoided cheap hotels with not really pure sheets and therefore during travel carried with itself the whole suitcase of fresh linen. Any dirt - whether it be dust on a table go spots on cloths - caused in it fastidiousness and disgust.

To be continued]