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To marry the foreigner. Councils for women.

By estimates of International Organization For Migration, trafficking in women and children for the purpose of sexual exploitation brings to shadow businessmen up to 8 billion dollars annually. Criminal structures can vospolzovtsya your naivety, entice into the foreign country and to deliver you big neriyatnost.

As will arrive the clever woman, having got acquainted in absentia with the man - the foreigner and having received the invitation to arrive to its country for internal acquaintance?

It will arrive very competently, having invited the man (we will name him Michael) the first to arrive to it for acquaintance. The serious marriage agency will issue for Michael the invitation to Russia, will meet him together with you at the airport, will bring him in the car in the reserved hotel accommodation, will provide a translation service.

you know each other better, will take many joint pictures. By the way, Michael`s arrival to you according to the official visa and joint photos very much will help at registration of your guest visa or visa of the bride if you with Michael decide to enter a legal marriage and to live in its country. Useful the passport of your guest will also be to check. An additional guarantee already to be the fact that the foreigner passed control of customs service of our state which has detailed documents and a photo of this person. Having convinced of decency of your friend, you can make reciprocal visit to its country, without going to uncertainty.

Going abroad to the groom it will be convinced that:

1. You and your relatives, or acquaintances, have an exact address, phone, a name and a surname of your groom;

2. You with yourself have a necessary quantity of own money in currency for unexpected expenses and acquisition of the return ticket (to zhlatelno have a plastic card);

3. Marriage registered in the country of your groom is valid also in Russia.

Useful tips:

1. A turmoil abroad, do not give ANYBODY the passport, other documents and money at all. Without documents and money you will be DEPRIVED OF CIVIL RIGHTS in the foreign country.

2. Inquire about the future husband: whether it has permanent job whether he was married earlier, whether its previous marriage is officially dissolved.

To marry the foreigner quite really. But search of the foreign groom - rather labor-intensive process demanding many efforts, learning of foreign language, the computer, observance of precautionary measures at acquaintance to the new candidate.]