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How to increase efficiency of work?

That it is necessary to do and what should not be done, that work not strained and you derived from it the maximum pleasure?

1. For a start needs to learn to be sure of own forces, it is better even a little self-confident. Spit periodic fouls with memory, it at all happens, you - not a cyborg and not the computer program to work, as got, without feeling fatigue. It is scientifically proved that, constantly thinking, as if not to forget something, you will forget much more than if you just went about the own business and once again did not load yourself concerning bad memory. Believe that the " installation; I can and I will make is much more effective, than this is necessary to me, this and still that, and as if not to forget! - it is necessary to write down...

2. Pay attention to your workplace. I can tell with confidence that the small free plot of the place on a desk not only does not promote productive work (just there is no place to work!) but also renders on you distracting (more true, distract various objects which are heated up on a table) and an irritant action (because the stuff periodically falls, besides, it is almost impossible to find something in this disorder). Therefore council - unload a table. It would be still quite good to dust, air, put near a workplace a pot with a plant which it is easy to look after.

3. Beginning to do something, study the instruction and all P. S. to it, try to make several times work in due form and only then if it is possible, improvise. So you will avoid annoying mistakes.

4 . Try to show more positive emotions in relation to with what are busy. You know that performance of pleasant work always takes place quicker and without tension. If what is necessary is inevitable and it is unpleasant, find positive sides in process.

5. Use methods of generalization and formation of associations, and you will be able to hold at the same time bigger amount of information which at first seemed separate in the head. Plus you correlate all that you study to the fact that you already know. It will create uniform system of information.

6. Studying something, be not too lazy to use a pencil - then at repetition it is necessary to re-read only allocated, but not all text. By the way, in 1 hour after studying of new information what effective it would not be you will inevitably forget 60%, and in 12 hours - another 20%. So it is valid repetition - mother of the doctrine . One more productive method - drawing on fields of the book (besides a pencil) skhemok, pictures, even mugs and smiles (as your relation to read).

7. Try to limit time for performance of concrete work. So you will be able effectively to structure the schedule and to adjust it so that and on a break to manage to descend, and home in time to leave.

8. Dare to relax periodically in operating time. The choice of a method only for you. Someone continuously looks out of the window, someone - closes eyes and listens to classics, and someone is helped by green tea with a jasmine. Everything depends on you. Well, and if there is no opportunity to find minute on rest, replace an occupation with time.

9. If your work is connected with the computer, do gymnastics for eyes. Here I will not begin to paint - on this subject there are already many articles and recommendations.

10. And here that it is still important not to forget, so this regular airing of the working room. Long stay in the stuffy room reduces efficiency of your work in a geometrical progression every minute. And it is so simple to air! Only one but . Do not air through a door in a corridor at all and you do not go to breathe fresh air there. You know why? Yes because all extracts from working rooms conduct in a corridor! And why to you such fresh " air;? By the way, nicotine does not exert positive impact on work of a brain too!

11. Learn to use separately channels of perception, more effectively your work so will be performed. If you read - read. It is not necessary at this time to try to communicate with colleagues or to listen to radio - the efficiency considerably will decrease. However, if during reading you listen in parallel to record of the text which at you before eyes, it not only will not reduce, but also will increase productivity of work (though you will be tired much quicker).

12. If you at work, think of work. The thought of household chores, what emotional coloring they would not be, concentration of attention but only distract do not promote.

I wish you success in increase of efficiency of work! ]