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What is autism?

Autism are an inability to form the emotional relations with people around. It occurs at boys by 3 - 4 times more often than at girls. Scientists assume connection of a disease with violations at the genetic level and prove it by the fact that children in who family already have an autistic child are ill autism by 50 times more often than children who in a family have no autism.

In spite of the fact that is known of autism very little, the science nevertheless has some data on a disease. Here some of them.

The first symptoms of a disease appear till 3 years. Till 7 years at children lag in physical development is already accurately noticeable, they small growth and often have no preference in use of this or that extremity as prepotent, that is neither the levorukost, nor a pravorukost, nor even ambidexterity is defined (when both hands right ) - children own both hands much worse than peers.

Besides, since the early childhood patients do not reveal interest in a sound of a human voice, do not look in the face, avoiding a direct look, do not ask on hands, do not go for parents tail . Besides, children with autism are not afraid to remain one in the room, the apartment, shop and do not hesitate at a meeting with unfamiliar or unfamiliar people. For such patients just there are no distinctions between mother and others aunt, for them all strangers including peers with whom autistic children do not make contact and do not show neither to them, nor to their toys any interest.

Ordeals wait for mother of the autistic child as since his birth she does not receive those positive emotions, direct pleasure of communication which usually with interest cover all burdens and fatigue connected with daily cares and alarms. The child in most cases does not even distinguish mother from the people surrounding him.

At autism development of the speech is often broken, and patients let know about the desires by means of shout, crying or active gesticulation.

The children suffering from autism are extremely quick-tempered and aggressive. It is necessary to add that similar reactions to some ban are continuous, children do not learn to be self-controlled and do not get used to the injuring factor. All their inner world is clamped in a rigid framework for which exit is shown by neophobia - fear of all new. In general, autistic children can be frightened very simply and for a long time, with formation at them the most different phobias, for example, touch (fear of the electrical household appliances making the sharp sounds which are especially buzzing, darkness or bright light, the closed doors, certain clothes, fur etc.

Unfortunately, intellectual backwardness is a characteristic sign of autism. More than 50% of patients have IQ lower than 50 points, and only 70% - is higher than 30 points.

However individuals who show ingenious abilities in any area (music, painting) occur among the children suffering from autism. From autism allegedly the philosopher Immanuel Kant, the storyteller Hans Christiaan Andersen, the artist Nicko Pirosmanishvili suffered. At the same time, the same children can not have the elementary household and social skills.

Autism today - an incurable disease. As it is transmitted through generations, it is unknown because marriage or though some close relations at autistic people are potentially impossible.

Today the set of various techniques directed to development at the child of a certain independence, independence and skills of social adaptation in hard cases of children is developed teach bases of nonverbal communication. However any method and their any combination do not allow to make of the child sick with autism, the full-fledged member of society.]