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How to solve some problems in education of your kid?

my oldest daughter already grew up, but I cannot still forget what hysterics she rolled up when there came time to go to bed. It began, approximately, when she was four years old. We could not convince her in any way that it is time to sleep in the bed, and in it there is nothing terrible. Psychologists call

the period from 3 to 5 years age of fears . The kid so persistently asks to you for a bed only because at this age he begins to be afraid of anything, and most often - terrible monsters, darkness, loneliness. And who how not you, will be able to protect, caress, calm?!

Unfortunately, the kid will not understand your logical beliefs and explanations, learned by own experience. Here game which will bring the child to emotions and will help you to understand the reason of fears will help.

Take favourite toys of your kid: let mother - the Cat, for example, put the sonny to bed. Lose all ritual of laying. During game the child himself will prompt why the little Kitten does not want to sleep one.

If the reason of fears - a terrible animal or a monster, then suggest the kid to draw him, and then just finish drawing ridiculous details to the turned-out drawing. For example, ridiculous ears, a nose, or let a monster holds in paws balls, and in teeth - lollipop. Generally, include imagination and surely suggest to dream up to your child, let he will disarm the fear.

Be not categorical: it is important that your kid knew: if it becomes very terrible, then it is possible to come at any time to mother and the father.

One more problem rises before parents when their child sharply and, apparently, unjustly throws a drawing circle, for example, or swimming section.

Here it is necessary to know that the child with pleasure will attend classes only if they bring it positive emotions. From this it follows that, most likely, something changed therefore interest died away over time.

And now we will try to understand. Perhaps the teacher was replaced? Or on occupations there was a quarrel, and the child does not know how to get out of current situation? It is possible that the reason in your installations. As soon as the kid understands that favorite thing SHOULD do now because you so consider or the teacher, the heat, unfortunately, dies away almost at once as it is comprehended children learn to arrive contrary to the desires only after 7 years.

It is better if it was the drawing circle, to descend in art gallery. Well, and if section of swimming or gymnastics, then, perhaps, it is worth looking at competitions. It is necessary to tell: When I see how you train, I very much rejoice and proud that my sonny becomes strong and dexterous .

If nothing helps, then interest in this occupation is settled and it is necessary to switch to something else. Criticize the child less! You praise, admire, and for objective remarks there will come the time.

The next moment which almost all mothers faced it is the words irritating us: And I want! or And I do not want!

However if we are up to the end honest with ourselves, then I want and I do not want we operate all our life, just, adults, we hesitate to admit it. Children, especially small, are very direct and are much more frank than us. Remember the childhood and try not to consider desire of your kid from household positions.

Most often adults provoke conflict situations. Here the most usual: mother goes to shop together with the child. It is possible to argue, sometimes the baby there is nobody to leave. It so, but if there is any opportunity to leave the child with the grandmother, the father, the senior brother or the sister, use it and you will avoid the moments, not absolutely pleasant for you.

Well if nevertheless you go together, then try to tell on the road to your small satellite what specifically should be bought and ask it to help you. You will see how diligently the kid will choose apples or with pleasure will help to inform of a loaf of bread cash desk. The main thing, communicate and try to interest the child in process of purchase.

Of course, children will choose with great pleasure candies in bright wrappers, than carrot or beet. And if all - the attention was completely engrossed by sweets, then be not so categorical, allow the kid to choose a candy, and not only yourself, but also to mother, the father, the grandfather and the grandmother, the brother or the sister, and let he will incur these gifts home. Not many will be able to refuse such offer.

it is possible to get Into an uncomfortable position and against the will. As I, for example: I go in a minibus with the little daughter (it at me not so whimsical), and here opposite to us young mummy began to treat the little son with apple. Without having mastered the desire, my baby right there pulled handles, too wishing to bite off a piece.

In this case the conflict is provoked from the outside. It is good if you have worthy substitute. Now, before going with the baby to the street, I put in a pocket a favourite candy or cookies - generally, is ready to such situations, and very much I advise you.

But it is impossible to provide everything, you will tell. In that case, do not disregard the child! It is possible to play with it the simple developing games. The is younger, the more simply, of course. For example, call in turn that can be round (hours, a wheel, a bagel etc.) or what you know trees, vegetables, animals. Here you will not list everything.

You remember, the conflict can be prevented, but from you wisdom, patience and understanding will be required.]