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Whether Shakespeare was right, claiming that Life - theater, and people in it actors ?

Life teach only those who study it. (V. O. Klyuchevsky.)

Theatre In representation of many is a colourful action, scenery, a velvet curtain and, of course, heroes. Heroes positive and negative. Beauties and monsters. Cinderella and Medea. We go to theater not only just to have a rest from habitual vanity, but also to receive some emotions. To admire or be indignant with acts of heroes on a scene. But the performance (in this place I want to make the reservation, a good performance) is not only emotions, it is the textbook or Life. Having looked at such statement and leaving the hall, we will be a little others. We learned something, received the answer to some question.

An emblem of theater - a mask. Their of everything two. Black and white. Laughter and tears. And any half tones. of course, everything is much more difficult than

In life. Does not happen only warm and fuzzy or with black, as " soot; soul. With rare exception. But we not about them.

U us does not arise a question what of these masks is more nice and closer to us. Of course - that where corners of lips are lifted that means a kind smile. It is also our portrait, isn`t it? And another? In other mask we can present only not nice to us people: the chief, the quarrelsome neigbour, the mother-in-law to

Here and today, in transport to you pushed directly around - the immense woman and did not even apologize. You kept silent, you intelligent and well well-mannered person. But a corner of eyes all is managed to notice what on it was a mask. Of course, that is the second where corners of lips are lowered down.

If properly to look round around, then we will notice that masks carry everything. The difference only that in theater the role is offered by the director, and in life everyone chooses it, independently, voluntarily. Someone plays a role of the optimist and cheerful person, someone - the loser, the poor creature, the sufferer

of the Role female and man`s

of the Woman - they is at heart all actresses. And it is rare when happen by itself. And also as in any theater: there are actresses talented, there are mediocre. It is easy for good actress to deceive the man. And he will believe that it is just adored. Ah, it is not difficult to deceive me, I to be deceived is glad . And if not really capable, then it turns out, as in a joke. The man Will look at himself in a mirror, and then, having darted a glance on beautiful young girls in a bed, will exclaim: It it is necessary - to love money so!

There are more and more roles of business women which and the horse will be stopped at full tilt, and will enter the burning log hut . And what it is necessary to do? It is possible to play a role of the Cinderella if nearby Prinze, and Assol if somewhere on the horizon Scarlet Sails flash.

Men even more often seek to play roles supermen though offended by destiny does not become less. They are ready to protect our planet from space newcomers. To them on a shoulder any feat. They - a granite wall. Well why all of them refuse to play more often a role of a native, warm shoulder to which so there is a wish to nestle and forget about the unfriendly world behind a window? And for God`s sake, do not offer them a role of the person hammering a nail that at last the hanger well kept. What did you find in it heroic for this purpose, who is ready to offer the life (or the place on a sofa in front of the TV) for the sake of some great purpose?

In theater it is very frequent a certain role is assigned to the actor who played several similar roles on a scene. Unfortunately, in life much not always have will power, and sometimes and just desire to leave the image created by them. And there are they on life with a mask of the misunderstood genius or sad Piero. At a meeting with them we are poured too by a gray wave of a dissatisfaction with life. Now such people are often called power vampires . Here and Dracula`s role. Actors the playing such roles, those who put on Arlekino`s mask cause more sympathy and attention, than.

Sometimes Life as the ruthless director, forces us to play a role to which we are not ready and all would give to refuse, but it is relentless. A role under the name Pain, Despair or Loneliness. It is difficult to play such role. But it is even more difficult to leave this image. And if to this role you, generally played lyrical heroines, then, having spent almost all vital energy for its execution, then for years will dream of a role (but not of a mask) cheerful (reckless to you any more not to play), the cheerful optimist. A role so well you was successful which all life.

Here having so a little thought, we should agree with the great English playwright William Shakespeare.

And I wish you only positive and optimistic roles in theater under the name Life. And the partner in a scene let will be Hera of your most treasured desires.]