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I was born at Stalin (1921 - 1953), went to school at Khrushchev (1953 - 1966), studied, did military service, worked, got a persistent allergy to the power and ran from propagandists on national elections without the choice at Brezhnev (1966 - 1982), Andropov (1982 - 1984), Chernenko (1984 - 1985) and Gorbachev (1985 - 1991).

the Only time in life chose the first, still the Russian president, at Yeltsin (1991 - 2001) but after Gaidar`s scam I prefer not to go to elections.

Not that I such basic, no.

Ya is simply a little fastidious, and it is opposite to me to participate in the All-Russian poppycock on elections without the choice.

is foul to feel the cattle conducted on a skotopriyemnik by brisk talkative pastors in three-piece suits. Receiver No. 1 or Receiver No. 2 - I do not care.

of the Politician - dirty business.

It at Brezhnev for the period of elections to me was necessary to go to business trips or to hide in a workshop from propagandists, - they were annoying and tiresome as creditors. Propagandists wanted home, to families and feasts, them according to the order forced and therefore demanded from me to execute civil a debt . Though I precisely remembered that I on credit from anybody did not take!

A now? - freedom, brothers! freedom! - and therefore: - Yes p, there were all of them!

As the citizen of the USSR and the Russian Federation, I lived at six secretaries general and two presidents, - four of them solemnly, under music and a guard of honor buried, three uryl alive, - having discharged of a throne. Present, by hearsay, itself will depart from imperious affairs, having provided to electorate the right to choose there is nobody The Receiver No. N - N-N .

On destiny, - sorry, so decayed a pack, - I am a writer. Literary life, - life of the lone wolf.

are fed with Pack mainly jackals.

In Russia the Editor-in-chief position thick literaturno - the art magazine still almost hereditary, as a post of the Secretary general of the Central Committee of CPSU or the Russian President`s chair, or a throne of the Emperor Vserossiysky.

And therefore, - where to try with elections of Presidents, governors, mayors, chiefs of the District Department of Internal Affairs (sheriffs), regional and regional prosecutors there if in the small literary circle we, professional writers, have no right to elect the editor-in-chief regional literaturno - the art magazine!

D. Ya. Hussars (1954 - 1990)

I began to write to times when the editor-in-chief of the " magazine; North there was Dmitry Yakovlevich Gusarov. Wrote at night and sent to editions of the manuscript which at that time called spontaneously and practically did not read. Went on seminars of young writers. It was printed in To the Aurora Ural pathfinder Fire Kolobok To the Sparkle in several magazines and almanacs, but in North I was persistently not accepted for some reason. Something I to them did not attract. I remember how in the eighty second year I came back to Karelia crowded with exaggerated delight as a children`s rubber ball. On Meeting of young writers I from a tribune was called opening also prophesied a light way in literature! Here, at last! - I jumped up on one leg in the soul, - now - that me the " magazine; North will print!

Horse-radish there.

of B North the manuscript was taken, and in half a year told me almost without euphemisms: - It there, in Moscow and St. Petersburg for someone you opening and for us you shit!

In Soviet period for the young writer the publication in thick the literary magazine often was milestone event - attention of criticism, publishing houses, readers.

When northerners every year at all the meetings with readers repeated and repeat that they through progressive and advanced because in 1967 (A.D.) Usual thing V. Belov was printed, and Dmitry Balashov the historical novels only in North published, - to me it is sad and ridiculous. And listening northerners I always remember Sonechka Marmeladova`s stepmother from the novel Crime and punishment . Ekaterina Ivanovna with tears of emotion in the eyes constantly told drinking companions of the husband and the room hostess as she on final to a ball danced with a shawl, and the governor shook the handle it! High! In, - were delayed - that! For forty years of pleasure hooked! Half a century is thrilled edition North from a waltz with a shawl with Vasily Belov. Though the shawl was beautiful, and V. Belov`s story is good

B 86 to year my first book appeared, in the 89th year the second book was started in production. In the manuscript I dared to stebanutsya over a surname of one employee of the " magazine; North . Just like that, from small hooligan motives. Considered him as the frank fool (and not I am one!) . Added only one syllable, and the sense of a surname changed cardinally. Archpriest Ioann ROGONOSHCHENKOV ! Sounds! About! - ho - ho! In North I did not even offer the manuscript of the second book. And therefore extremely was surprised when invited me to talk about future book the associate editor of the magazine with whom we were not even familiar. From what suddenly?

An hour and a half I listened to quite professional remarks in my text, but conversation reminded me a picture of one almost forgotten artist of the 19th century under the name Conversation of two Jesuits . That busy professor the Marxist - Lenin philosophy just like that, for pure love to literature could not, to edify the young prose writer.

Obviously here hidden something main thing for the sake of what all commotion is started!

At last we reached a surname of the character which I modified, and, - here it! It was shown!

- Change a surname of the character! Inadmissibly!

- Why? My book, my characters I to them God-almighty

- You will not be printed then in North !

- I am so not printed in North . I got used to it

It is necessary to tell that I years seven or eight punched in the magazine the article about an origin a mnogoglaviya of the Russian Orthodox churches and redating of construction of Kizhi. A subject very important for me, as professional historian - the art critic. (Then, almost in 20 years, in 2005, for this research I was marked out by Gorky literary award in the nomination Across Russia .) Punched and punched, but to me it was steadily wrapped.

I I made a compromise:

- At first let North will print my article across Kizhi, only then I will throw out this surname from the manuscript!

- Agreed! So for the first and for the last time I was printed with

in gusarovsky North . Due to hooligan alteration of a surname of one of the dullest members of gusarovsky team.

about twenty Years ago, at the end of a sovok era, happened in Petrozavodsk Field meeting of the Secretariat of USSR Union of Writers and RSFSR on discussion of work of the " magazine; North for 1976 - 1986. There arrived journalists from Literary Newspaper body of USSR Union of Writers, and still some literary chiefs from Moscow. All is detailed, serious, for ages. (All USSR still pretended that it forms communism).

Dmitry Yakovlevich Gusarov - the person certainly honest and worthy, the veteran and the guerrilla, but - as the writer and the editor, - without flight, the especial documentary film maker with an abrupt distortion only in party truth - remembered once again dance with a shawl, V. Belova and D. Balashov and complained that North loses the readers. In those days there was a deficiency of literature and sausage, the citizens of Petrozavodsk who are eager to esteem and eat handed over good books and a samizdat and went behind sausage to St. Petersburg. I acted as

In debate and told that: - For many years North got the person. This face of the respectable, law-abiding citizen of retirement and zapensionny age, the same persons at subscribers of the magazine and therefore D. Ya. Gusarov should not be upset especially from - for their reductions. There are natural losses. Pensioners die, - here and subscribers less and less. And for readers of my generation, years about thirty (then), - North it is uninteresting, to read it, - as from a hard hangover to chew a footcloth.

Gusarov took offense at the young writer Saltup, but the phrase: - morning after to chew a footcloth - about the majority of the publications North - appeared on pages progressive (then) all-Union Literary Newspaper . Dmitry Yakovlevich Gusarov long before natural withdrawal from an office of the editor-in-chief began to prepare

for himself Receiver No. 1 However, something did not develop there, did not grow together. I am not interested in gossips, I know only that there were alternative candidates for editors-in-chief No. 1 No. 2 No. 3 and No. 4 . But the knowing people from the Grey House insistently advised, the Karelian Regional committee of CPSU finally solved, and Council of ministers of KACCP and USSR Union of Writers In Moscow

O. N. Tikhonov (1990 - 2000)

approved as the editor-in-chief of the singer of KGB O. N. Tikhonov.

it was a Writer below average and suffered near itself(himself) only those writers who were even duller than it. Any sensible publication in North in 11 years of its board I will not remember. For North there came the long period chewing of a " footcloth; not only morning after, but also on sweet.

Crowd were tumbled down in editorial office of the magazine by authors - dead men. Writers are Slavophiles of 40 - 60 years of H1H of a century. It is useful to examine their works to each reading person, of course. But why in the magazine of the end of the XX century, but not in library? Their works were not forbidden by communists, all of them wrote entirely eloquently, blagorodnomudro and glubokochelovekolyubchivo so without a certain philological and historical preparation the osmyslennochteniye of their creations is a tyazhkoblagodarny and istinnonravstvenny feat of the patriot - the Christian.

their publisher was And. Rogoshchenko, which now at last - - About! Slava Vsevyshnemu in Heaven! - on pension and perfectly sings in church choir.

Is obvious, in student`s times of I. Rogoshchenko was not familiar with creativity of fatherlike Slavophiles, spent time for studying of works of classics of Marxism-Leninism and therefore it during a new era urgently patched tears of the education by the turned yellow patches of journal polemic of a century before last.

Was mistaken the person of paths, to it in seminary to deal with issues of an orthodox liturgy, but not in literature to climb which he understands no more, than I orthodox dogmatics.

At Tikhonov especially blossomed active lack of talent of the writer Galina Skvortsova (Akbulatova). Here and club of women - writers Maria here and fussy chatter on bossy offices, and kisses at meetings with Ministers of Culture, here and the edition by gender of a lot of sad and gray books which reading was up to the end mastered only by editors and proofreaders. And that for a salary.

the Result administratively - literary activity of Skvortsova is amusing and instructive, - I came into a booth of illiquid assets at Anokhin`s printing house recently. I see, - there are on the shelf near goods: G. Akbulatova (Skvortsova`s) book The WIFE WHO was ABLE to FLY and toilet roll. Toilet paper costs 4 rubles 20 kopeks, and G. Akbulatova (Skvortsova`s) creations - 3 rubles exactly. On weight goods are approximately equal. Means, the white paper is appreciated 37% more expensively than the paper soiled creative attempts writer G. Skvortsova. Oleg Nazarovich Tikhonov had

the amusing manner of communication developed obviously, for many years cooperation with bodies of state security. He loved on populous literary and near cultural concourses, keeping for people around tenderly - a mysterious half-smile on lips, a distinct shtirlitsevsky shepotok to speak to the interlocutor of a dirty trick.

Happened at us to Tikhonov the small interpersonal conflict which almost does not have relations to literature. Just we disliked each other long ago: it me, - for the fact that I dissidentvovat and I fray about what I want. I am it, - for the fact that he is an informer and an opportunist. Somehow, on big concourse of the creative intellectuals of the city of Petrozavodsk, it rose in a smoking-room near me and whispered to me almost in an ear:

- You, Grisha, much about yourself imagine, undertake much

Ya were surprised to so not provoked topic of conversation, but accepted its game in spies and tenderly answered with the same whisper:

- is No more, than got used to lift

- Well - at - at, Grisha, you grow insolent. As the genius of you consider - he hissed through clenched teeth with a smile, in an environment of the making a din creative intellectuals. From outside could seem to people around that we peacefully discuss sore literary and journal problems. there is no

- Yes, Oleg Nazarovich, in geniuses I do not count myself. I you consider as lack of talent

- Well you Well! You do not know yet that I can undertake against you - and smiles, smiles, glavnyuk North as if that pleasant remembers.

- How not to know! I know, Oleg Nazarovich, of course I know! - I continued its game in smiling espionage pinches, - And you, here, know, Oleg Nazarovich what I can undertake?

- That? - it is sensitive the editor-in-chief of the thick magazine from the young prose writer was removed. (I then still was registered in young people ) .

- Yes I, here, now as to a vja () at you, Oleg Nazarovich, on a muzzle backhand Also you know that people around will think? Writers, artists, actors and musicians? - with a kind smile, without increasing tone, I asked.

- That? - became green a little, but restraining, O. N. Tikhonov was discharged of me more and more further. (However, the distance was even within sharp attack right.)

- all around perfectly know: who you and who I am are. And all will think around: Here it as! It is necessary!? And - howl - howl! The anti-adviser and the prose writer Saltup publicly beats a muzzle of the informer and editor Tikhonov! And for what? - all davny - know long ago it to

At that time in an editorial portfolio North my story and several stories which I wrote lay studying as VLK. After espionage dialogue to count that at least one my line will be printed in the magazine during lifetime of the editor-in-chief Tikhonov it would be naive.

But by then I already knew that there is a l and t e r and t at r and, and is journal publication . Between them often there is rather long time gap.

the Current journal publication not always becomes the significant literary text. The literary text very often does not approach under requirements journal publication and than more it it is no good for this or that editorial team, subjects a high probability of the fact that the text bears in itself original l and t e r and t at r at.

Is probable, the quirky intriguer Tikhonov specially provoked the conflict between us officially not to refuse to me the publication.

By the way, I sent the story which was rejected so elaborately by the editor-in-chief Tikhonov then to the international literary competition Russian Decameron under a pseudonym Viola Toyvovna Tuonelaynen. She did not receive a prize-winning place, but entered the final " list; nominees . If to consider that to 90% modern Russian a letterturny competitions and awards pass with in advance known winners it is quite good result for my text - to appear in the final twenty from 768 starting manuscripts.

I always wrote and I write not for competitions and awards; not for Gusarov, Tikhonov, Zhemoytelite or, even, Pankratova They only the transmission gear on the way to the reader. And transmission gears often rust, revolve or nozzles at them too narrow, - are calculated only for the . I write for people who love and want to read good literature. And editorial offices of thick magazines - not the only way to readers.


Literaturno - art magazines were necessary to the totalitarian power (1917 - 1993) as party propagandists and conductors of communistic ideas (See Party organization and party literature V. I. Lenina).

Society (consumers of literature, readers) needed in journal litas - propaganda materials no more, than present consumers - buyers free post advertizing.

of the Present power literary magazines are not necessary too, - excess budgetary expenses, concern from - for intrigues and denunciations of writers at each other, occasionally, - emergence in " magazines; undesirable statements.

the Former Minister of Culture of Karelia T. Kalashnik at a meeting with editorial office of the magazine is somehow proud uttered: - Literature is not culture! . Cultural level most having minierased cultures it was extremely low: she admitted one of interview that its favourite reading, it ladies` novels (from which feels sick even their creators).

However the most forward-looking modern policies understand that without serious journal literature the Russian society is waited by fast and irreversible spiritual degradation. People Oskotinivatsya, become cattle, - when stop thinking, to empathize, hope and love. Of course, it is easier to operate human herd, it more obediently and more accurately, - but unless to this ideal goes our society now?

" Magazine; North survived in the most crisis years for literature, and survived, perhaps also because its traditional lackey orientation Tychonoff editions on opinion of the Administration, the Administration of that time did not irritate.

Violet covers Gusarovsky and Tychonoff " magazine; North always caused in me latent hostility and offended natural feeling of art taste. (By training I am an art critic and the artist). Should not art the magazine to be same opposite on color as the diluted violet ink. Here personal mixed up with an esthetics. At elementary school we wrote with fountain pens and when ink came to an end, the teacher allowed to run with neprolivayka in clothes to the aunt Pang at whom liter large bottles with ink on all school were stored. The supply manager gave it ink on the whole school quarter, and at the end of a quarter that though as - nibud to hold on to vacation, Pan`s aunt diluted ink with water. They became faded, opposite, badly laid down on paper, and days and hours till vacation lasted, lasted blankly - lilac kazenno - the washed-off melancholy As covers old North .

The Theatre begins with an entrance! - slogan of all talented directors.

S. A. PANKRATOV (2000 - 2005) .

Do not pour in wine young in bellows old! - the new editor-in-chief Stanislav Aleksandrovich Pankratov (2000 - 2005) solved and together with the artist Vitaly Nakonechny created the new magazine.

Absolutely new. It became pleasant to be taken in hand.

Former magazines differed from each other only in numbers of month and years of release as bureaucratic orders, protocols and orders, and inside, - under a lilac cover, - style and contents were almost indiscernible.

Pankratovsky North began to read. For development of the new concept of the magazine and its new esthetics to Stanislav Pankratov, the editor-in-chief, and Vitaly Nakonechny, the artist, deservedly gave the State Award of the Republic of Karelia.

Readers and subscribers new Pankratovsky North ceased to feel as eternal pensioners with judgments from the forgotten " newspapers; times crops in the Corn Polar region development of the Virgin soil and conquest of Space and with thinking only - scientific checked by benevolent Soviet censorship.

of B Pankratovsky North began to write not only local and close to edition authors. The subscription increased, the magazine was wanted to be read both in the USA, and in Finland, and in other cities of the Russian Federation.

Stanislav Aleksandrovich Pankratov (1935 - 2005) himself was a talented prose writer, the playwright, the publicist and therefore appreciated others new view, the new word, an extraordinary, disputable position of the author, - even then when this position did not coincide with the traditional direction of the magazine. With Evgeny Chebarin`s novel Anonymous animal argued much, but read. The novel about the Chechen war of young Zakhar Prilepin Pathology gained All-Russian recognition, it was noted by the most prestigious literary awards.

Stanislav Aleksandrovich Pankratov extended the magazine from a bad Tychonoff bog. Made it absolutely new, fresh, - externally and internally. Magazine of a new century. North it became pleasant to take in hand, it became interesting to be read.

Is a pity that Stanislav Aleksandrovich so early died.

He a lot of things was not in time, did not make, but the main thing that in it is mute was (and what I loved it for and respected), it, - sincere love to literature. To the Russian literature. Love and respect for the text which is skillfully written in Russian regardless of features of the personality or political addictions of the author of the text. And therefore, when after his premature death, at the head of the " magazine; North there was Yana Leonardovna Zhemoytelite, I first supported her nomination

Ya. L. ZhEMOYTELITE (2005 - 2007)

generally because in North Yana Leonardovna appeared Receiver No. 1 at Stas Pankratov. I trusted in its choice. And even wrote to the magazine article in support of the young editor-in-chief:

Journal literature - work almost collective, is similar to theater. Bark - not bark, but wag a tail! In theater creative level is kept by the Chief Director. In the magazine, - the Editor-in-chief. There was Tairov`s theater, Meyerhold`s theater, was New World Tvardovsky, was Youth Field, was Spark Korotich There is no talented director, - and " theater; so-so and a half of chairs even at a premiere is empty

However, Ya. L. Zhemoytelite rejected my work.

In one and a half years prior to the Kondopoga events, I brought in the magazine the review NATIONALIST PROVOCATION on the book of the local historian S. V. Kochkurkina. In the book in the distorted look, but in scientifically - popular to a form, history Slavic and Ugra - the Finnish ethnoses in the territory of the Obonezhsky pyatina of lands of Veliky Novgorod in 1X - HU11 of centuries was stated. The editor-in-chief rejected article to a descent, t. - to. did not see in Kochkurkina`s book anything Russophobic ! I understand

Ya how difficult to the person Soviet roots to understand edge history details, you alien. Whose history you do not know, do not love and do not respect.

But no which of local writers was surprised when at a boundary 90 - x years the prose writer Ya. L. Zhemoytel suddenly began to call herself Ya. L. Zhemoytelite! All of us who are let out from communistic camp under the name UNIFORM - ETHNOS - SOVIET - the PEOPLE all of us, Russians of a different origin and religion, having hardly inhaled freedoms in a half-drink, began to feel more sharply and more deeply the national roots!

One syllable in writing of own surname was for Yana Leonardovna very significant fact in her personal biography. Began to perceive the Lithuanian roots

Why me more precisely, Russian, Lithuanian Zhemoytelite deprives of an opportunity to protect the historical roots on this earth?

I do not see anything Russophobic! - so it is a problem of your sight, Yana Leonardovna! To expand, my dear, it is necessary the outlook. You the editor-in-chief of the Russian-language magazine which is issued in the Russian North where Slavs live more 1000!

If only itself, darling to listen and only in a mirror to admire itself, then involuntarily over yourself you will behold a nimbus. And the shine of a nimbus narrows a pupil diaphragm. It is checked. Involuntarily sight will deteriorate my

One of a pr - a pr - the great-grandfather, the Don Cossack, was banished to the Olonets province at the time of the emperor Pavel. Pra - a pra - great-grandfathers on the maternal line lived in Zaonezhye from time immemorial, it is probable with HSh of a century, and in the city of Petrozavodsk since the time of Peter the Great, from the beginning of the century of HUSh. For me, as aboriginal of the Russian North, distortion of thousand-year history of my people in the book applying on scientific character and objectivity it was obvious.

But the current editor-in-chief sees only the historical and national peculiarities ! To representatives of the Russian people it in North it is forbidden. What is allowed to Zeus, it is not allowed to a bull to

the Article NATIONALIST PROVOCATION it was posted online not several websites including on the Russian-speaking website in Finland. Also caused brisk polemic. Only on the website most North this article was read by over 11 000 people The number of readers of one this article was almost made even to the circulation of all magazine for the whole year! Means, need for such literature, for a professional assessment of history of international communication in the territory of the Russian North, in society exists.

But for the current editor-in-chief of mood of readers - fellow countrymen - nonsense!

Ya I think that if my article NATIONALIST PROVOCATION in time it would be printed in Petrozavodsk, and it would be read by journalists and newsdealers from Kondopoga, it would be easier for them to designate the city, painful points in interethnic communication radical kondopozhan and new residents of the city. When the illness is investigated and called, it it is possible in time to treat. And, perhaps, such neologism as - " would not appear then in Russian; OTKONDOPOZHIT !

Only on this fact I understood that at Stanislav Aleksandrovich Pankratov Receiver No. 1 to a position in the editor-in-chief Ya. L. Zhemoytelite appeared incidentally, purely but to the chronological principle. He in it did not make out the main thing

In my opinion, it inherits spiritual traditions O. N. Tikhonova, the last glavnyuk of the Soviet era, - traditions of intrigues, behind-the-scenes fight and unity around small, but true groups of supporters . To faithful adherents Yana Leonardovna allows to extend slander, jugglings and forgeries on the " pages; the magazine. (See G. G. Skvortsova`s articles Literature of underground inhabitants No. 5 - 6, 2005 and The Express - the analysis website of the magazine, March, 2007) .

opportunities did not allow to Answer slander to me. Though slander was it is printed under the journal heading " DEBATING CLUB; - and the word discussion assumes the statement at least of two parties!

of censorship COMMUNISTIC Zhemoytelite superseded the most severe censorship CLAN.

Even O. N. Tikhonov, at all the subjective ( stukachesky ) approach to the identity of the prose writer Mr. Saltup, did not fall before the publication in North direct jugglings, falsifications and slander which extends " now; North from blessing of the new editor-in-chief Zhemoytelite.

Alas! Zhemoytelite to me not to worry

She is younger than me, does not smoke and does not drink, leads a healthy lifestyle and, - the most important! - she is able to get on with the Administration. To get on with the Administration - the main quality of editors-in-chief (glavnyuk and glavnyuchek) thick Russian magazines of the Soviet period.

However! - let`s remember experience of the editor-in-chief Alexander Trifonovich Tvardovsky. He did not look for bossy smiles and encouragement.

Matryona`s Place it caught from drift

One day of Ivan Denisovich Tvardovsky printed in the magazine not because once there in the future can give to his author the Nobel Prize on literature. Truth and artistry. Criteria by which it was guided, and thanks to which we remember that period in the history of the Russian literature as the period New world

Zhemoytelite to me not to endure Tvardovsky To wag a tail in the " team; confidants I am not able. Also I do not want to study this skill.

Sometime ( years through five hundred, on calculation of the philosophic tables ) when we will elect to ourselves governors, deputies and presidents without administrative resource then the opinion of writers will be considered at appointment (elections) of the editor-in-chief regional literaturno - the art magazine by

to me not to get used to write to a table. My literary texts already proved that between creation and an objective assessment they transfer a time gap to 20 years easily. And try to print some " now; given material of times gusarovsky or Tychonoff North - kind people obsmet! Period of storage to them as to sausage of Soviet period, - is slightly more than two weeks

At Ya. L. Zhemoytelita my texts will not become journal publications in North also will come to readers not now, and sometime then. But will come. I know it.

But is all the same very unpleasant when on you systematically and with impunity dirt and slander from pages of the edition which founder is " flows; Russian Writers` Union


Many years ago I saw a scene: rolls the truck ahead of our bus, boards are built on by a protection from gorbylya, and inside passengers, - ten one-year-old calfs. To them it is a little unusual and inconvenient, they low not that it is timid, - no. They low from small vital inconvenience, the earth under legs shivers, the motor hums, there are no hay and swill though on time there has to be a swill and hay, and kind hands of telyatnitsa now, - but it is not terrible, just earlier with them it was not.

them brought in the Morning out of a native calf house, tired out on some truck and somewhere carried. And though they are brought to meat-processing plant, it does not frighten them. They - not meat. They precisely know that their names are not " meat; and calfs . They have mothers - cows and aunts - telyatnitsa. They always were, is and will always be. As swill and hay. Just today something all is late. And meat-processing plant is just the word such, new unpleasant word which they in the morning of an uslykhala from the foreman of livestock crew.

One bull-calf from young people yes early, with the waking-up paternity instincts, tries to throw hoofs on the neigbour, a big-eyed cow calf with elastic sides. It is impossible to it, in a body it is close, shakes, his hoofs cannot keep on the girlfriend, but he does not stop the trying The cow calf chews something and pensively looks out from - for protections on the world. Neither grief, nor fear, nor curiosity in its beautiful ox-eyed a look is not present. She is young and beautiful, and the advanced peers begin to pay her attention. Before entry into the city the truck turns on meat-processing plant, and the telka tenderly blinks to me big curved to eyelashesand


Cattle .

Now this word sounds roughly, with negative and scornful sense - ridge inside. At the time of V. I. Dahl, CATTLE - it is simple house living creatures - cows, goats, sheep, - the cattle sponsored from above by wise forces, dumb herd, not interesuyushcheyusya questions of own life, perceiving the world odnolineyno: to devour, have a sleep, defecate and to copulate. All is simple and unchangeable for them in this world.

is Many years a casual scene pursued me. I could not realize in any way, - why I remember that fine look of a telka from the truck from time to time, and inconsistent attempts of her peer to give rise to new life? Why this penultimate episode the stranger of short life still does not leave my memory? I Will try to give to

one of versions of the answer. (Literature does not give World Formulas she only looks for her together with the reader )

Modern glossy ( glamourous ) profitable and profitable magazines initially rigidly sponsor a circle of beautiful, nourishing and convenient life for biped cattle. How to brush the hair in what to put on on what to have a sleep and where without locks it is better to defecate; what to ride, than to refuel and where to be insured; what to eat what to drink with whom it is accepted to copulate and how to be protected; where it is possible to have a rest from binges, copulation and a dream; and how the mighty of the earth and stars of an estradna all are engaged in

I in these great acts. not to ask Questions to


not to leave a circle. you Love

and you appreciate the shelter.

A that - !

the World flat, multi-color and brilliant, - on " paper; coated No. 12 .

the World only slightly restless, - a body - that shakes on the way to meat-processing plant. Great Russian journal literature in H1H gave a century to

one of versions of the answer in a formula: - Grandfathers drank, and at grandsons from a hangover of the head crack

As turned out in 17 - m, at grandsons the heads not only from within, but also outside cracked.

the Answer was forgotten partially for the last XX century. It seemed a little simple-minded: - As at the grandfather - the commissioner grew granddaughters - the oligarch! everything is balanced

In this world, and taking away from the poor pensioner a piece sweet by Sunday, seized present high-ranking involuntarily adds a drugs dose to the spidanuty grandson in three decades in the future A dose from which the grandson will be bent in black slime and the branch of life of the grandfather - the demagogue will disappear, will wither as the unnecessary, wrong branch of evolution which did not sustain the historical competition.

operate literature and culture, in my opinion, " Now; glamura from the tribe of biped cattle and therefore to break to the literary text to the thinking reader through journal publication it is almost impossible for

of Post Skriptum.

03. 12. 2007.

This article was written during dominion in the " magazine; NORTH Zhemoytelite. To me several decades, to it " were not necessary to wait; natural withdrawal from the editor-in-chief office. Only on it I can state several subjective and disputable judgments of the " magazine here and now; North and about its past. You, dear readers, have an opportunity to read them, to argue, not to agree and express the personal opinions.


Clumsy, lopsided, with the twisted heels, but nevertheless, - evolution.


Bossy, flat-bottomed, to the touch almost ephemeral, but at least declared in a vseuslyshaniye, - tolerance. there is no

installation on " Any more; only - correct opinion And that Thank God!]