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What types of a flashmob happen?

the Flashmob can be divided into types. Though division it is very conditional.

to of Smart mob it is translated as clever crowd . And if the flashmob is a technology of collecting of crowd, then smartmob is the purpose and sense of such collecting. Even if these the purpose and sense have absurd character. That is the flashmob is a form, and smartmob - its contents. These are two mutually supplementing concepts, each of which is impossible the friend without friend.

X - mob (eXperimental mob) are such actions of a flashmob in which participants try to simulate thin, sometimes almost inaudible, sotsio - communicative space in which experience of participants is on the first place. There is no task to make impression on the external viewer. Actions of participants are brought so closer to daily occurrence that their image begins to flicker . Becomes unclear whether you see the operations performed according to the scenario, or it only actions of the ordinary passerby who incidentally repeated that it is written to scenarios. This mob generates the effect of change of consciousness similar to effect of psychotropic substances.

L - mob (long - mob) - in these moba the scenario is realized by participants throughout some long time. The place of its carrying out can be also sprayed in city space. Most of all this type of flashmobs reminds defined rituals or rules of conduct most closer approaches forming of new social orders, seeks to reprogram the everyday standard schedule of life.

I - mob - the flashmob which is not going beyond the Internet and realized in virtual public spaces. Flashmob and letters of happiness

unambiguously to answer a question whether they get under definition of a flashmob mass insanity and hobby, it is necessary to give unambiguous definition to the concept " in the beginning; flashmob . And it is absent today. I do not find it possible to take definitions of the people calling themselves fleshmober as a basis. As the majority of them are not experts in the field of social technologies, and the flashmob was not created in separate subculture with the rules, laws and tendencies yet.

When there is no accurate conventional definition, it is necessary, besides, that either to give own, or to be limited nothing to the description of the general tendencies. In a broad sense the flashmob just also is something average between mass hobby and insanity. Otherwise it either a compulsory action, or the dramatized representation. But the flashmob is not either that, or another.

The basic principles of a flashmob is a mass character and lack of principles. If dadaism and conceptualism aspired to to art for the sake of art the flashmob appeared as pure technology. Initially the flashmob is a technology for the sake of technology. And any can use it who has an Internet access. The purpose - to involve in an action is as much as possible people. Fleshmobera like to write on the websites that their only purpose is to surprise people, and mass character in itself does not attract them. It`s not true. Such statements are made only by youth and fervor.

For an illustration I will bring promo - the stock of one magazine described in the " magazine; Advertising " technologies;. The scenario of an action consisted that in the evening the girl reading the magazine with brightly - a red cover enters the car of the subway. At each stop of the following station the new girl with the same magazine enters the car... And so so far girls with the magazine becomes hardly no more than other passengers. At one of stations all girls go out of the car.

3 teams on 18 " participated in an advertizing campaign; readers - not so there is a lot of, but (!) Following the results of the first seven days of trade, the sales volume of the magazine became comparable to sales volume of the " magazine; Glamour . I.e. as participants of this flashmob it is correct to consider not the 54 girls going with the red magazine in Moscow Metro, and those hundreds of thousands of buyers of the magazine who did not see those girls, but heard about them from the friends and acquaintances struck with this performance.

Concept mass crowd in the context of concept the flashmob accepts not that value at all that artists conceptualists 70 - x put years in it. Today to gather crowd as well as to gather in crowd it is possible, without leaving the house. Let`s remember the same well-known Preved . Nobody gathered anywhere (in any case, in the beginning), but the rare office in February of this year was not disclosed by this sacral prevedstviye. Approximately in one and too time thousands of people threw up hands up and fervently shouted Preved! - classical option of a flashmob.

If someone was surprised to such behavior then he received the reference to the cult picture. What turns out? You sent 10 references to friends, each of 10 friends sent still ten references etc. - i.e. popularity grows in a geometrical progression. Reminds nothing? Yes, in a flashmob the same technology, as in classical " option is used; letters of happiness . With only that difference that letter of happiness the normal person throws out in a basket, but does not send to friends (to a detail - in my article to this subject).

I.e. Letter of happiness - it is a special case of a flashmob. Why not each letter of happiness becomes a flashmob, and also about why the phenomenon flashmob interests it is watered - technologists and agents of intelligence agencies, I will tell in the following part of article. If only except me it still is interesting to somebody.