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What is dzadzyk? Greek cuisine - tasty it is also useful! Part 2.

In the first part of article about Greek cuisine we learned to prepare a musaka. This time I bring to your attention one more, extremely simple, rich and useful dish - dzadzyk.

Dzadzyki - a classical Greek dish, to be exact - something like snack or the sauce very popular in Greece. The fact that the proportion of ingredients can be changed to taste cannot but please, and there are no strict rules here.

Dzadzyki represents dense sauce which can be eaten with bread or without bread, simply a spoon. In classical execution this dish represents with itself mix from the Greek yogurt, cucumber juice, garlic and olive oil. As a rule, this sauce of white color, but sometimes it is tinted in pink (by means of beet juice) or in greenish (spinach juice will help here) and decorated with olives and olives.

Now we will try to prepare dzadzyk independently. A dish really useful, thanks to garlic and the sour-milk basis.

The Greek yogurt is the main component of sauce. He is unsweetened, unlike the yogurts presented at the Russian market and reminds dense sour cream, than yogurt, in representation, habitual for the Russian citizen, rather. Therefore we will use sour cream, but its fat content has to be at least 20%, otherwise sauce will be too liquid, cucumbers will give juice. And it would be even better to take fresh cottage cheese and to mix with sour cream.

Then we take fresh cucumbers (it is desirable small, with more gentle pulp), we cut off a thin skin and we rub on a grater. According to the classical recipe it is necessary to squeeze out juice of them and to add it to yogurt. But in our case we will just rub them on a small grater and we will add gruel to sour cream as if we add only juice, without pulp, weight can turn out watery.

Further it is necessary to grate garlic on a small grater. It is too very important component which adds a special savor and forms special, specific taste of a dzadzyka.

It is also possible to pour in mix of a little olive oil, several drops of lemon juice, to add some salt to taste and it is very good to mix.


cucumbers of average size - 2 - 3 pieces;

sour cream - 200 g;

cottage cheese - 100 g;

garlic - 5 cloves;

olive oil - 1 - 2 tablespoon;

lemon juice, salt - to taste.

Dzadzyki is given on a table in deep capacities, it is possible to use a deep and wide salad bowl. The dish can be decorated with olives and olives to recreate at home the atmosphere of the Greek tavern. Well and of course, it is necessary to serve fresh white loaf or an unleavened wheat cake properly to estimate this magnificence.

Bon appetit and kind health!]