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It does not do you the offer? We do!

Why it does not do you the offer? Why is silent? Abides time? Or still deliberates? And maybe, he does not want? Anyway, you, as always, should act independently.

Eventually, you lose nothing. If you begin this conversation and it will tell is not present then it is worth reflecting and whether it is necessary to you? And it is better to get accustomed to it. It is a pity, of course, lived together 6 years... Oh! And what is it on a nape? Lysinka? Well to whom now such it is necessary?

But there is also other category grooms . They it is simple - naprosto are afraid to take the first step. Here it is also necessary to help them.

Several " options; How to make the proposal of a hand and heart to your darling .

Restaurant, candles, a gentle music - all as is necessary.

Darling, I thought much earlier of the person with whom I would like to carry out all the life, and just now understood that it you. We know each other for a long time, and I am already sure of the choice, and you? Well of course, he is sure too, so much time at your legs is not for nothing wiped. You press further: I would like to have a cozy nest in which would exist only you and I though is not present, we will have children. You want children? And I madly want the girl and the boy. And that the boy was very similar to you. If you are sure by

that he madly loves you, without you does not represent life, but proves that the stamp in the passport does not play any role - it is necessary to work resolutely.

One fine day, after magnificent sex, you start conversation on marriage. He, of course, will start over again telling that he and so well is to you, well why to follow some unclear traditions, and so on. Then you slowly turn to it and by a low sexual voice speak: Well, as you wish, and I want in marriage . You rise and begin slowly to put on. And then you speak to it Good-bye also you leave for good. If it does not stop you already at an exit, then we give it at most three days on reflection. Will come, will come as pretty, and will beg and to apologize, and marries, and for favor will consider of you.

A stamp? And what stamp? If it does not play any role, then of what they it so are afraid?

And with some the suddenness method well will approach:

What wonderful day, happy Christmas! Oh, you have a magnificent tie, you marry me? I love you .

It is not recommended to use drunk nonsense of the man who under steam alcohol says that he is ready for the sake of you for everything. And the more so I do not advise

to make it a claim to already sober. He, most likely, remembers nothing, and the deposit from your tediousness will remain.

And, of course, it is absolutely silly to use experience of the Mexican series. Pedro, you will become a father soon, and we urgently should get married . Too there are a lot of news to one day. Most likely, you are hit a wrench on the head, and it will forever go to live to garage to the swallow darkly - cherry color.

But its parents can give you help provided that you in good relations with his mother and that your elect is more than 22 years old.

of Grandsons - that wants... Here let it to it on brains - that will also dig.

And in general think. Perhaps well them?]