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How it is correct to choose a gift by New year?

So were moved that for New year all each other make gifts, but not everyone knows what to present! For two - three weeks, and at some for two - three days before a holiday, come holiday hysteria. From nowhere - friends, relatives, acquaintances, and all want to meet in New year, and here also at work a corporate holiday What to do? How to be? How to choose gifts that they were pleasant to be received, and the purse did not become empty after purchases?

For fellow workers and acquaintances

In - the first, it is not necessary to make too expensive gifts to fellow workers, the administration and unfamiliar people. They can feel ill at ease from yours gifts it will want to answer the same, but will not be able. Not to get into such situation, we recommend to buy a gift not more expensively than 10% of your salary. Today, on counters of shops it is possible to see nice suvenirchik with mice, and for hostesses: tacks, podstavochka, cups and other nice to a thing eye. All this can be taken and given safely.

It is the best of all for chief to give a gift from all collective - it will not seem too persuasive and will not put the head in an awkward situation. The chief can prepare entertainment program, the banquet or a buffet reception is the best gift in New year. On such banquet and in the address you will hear many thanksgiving words, and subordinated will feel care of the head.

For the family

the Gift for dear and close people should not be limited to a financial framework because who how not to you, know that parents do not have new curtains or the electric kettle long ago, and to darling, more than ever, need a new jacket or boots?

Children`s gifts

the Gift for children is separate and very serious subject. Very often parents do not know that their children really want to receive from Father Frost? So why not to ask them? If the small child, then he, for certain, continually repeats that he wants the same railroad, as at Kolka, or the gun, as at Slava from the next entrance. But! Any children are

I if your child is silent and does not show willingness to share with you the thoughts concerning a gift, then it is possible to suggest to write the letter to Father Frost. Expectation of a miracle what can be finer? Any child with pleasure will write to Father Frost and will ask some present, and on the course of writing of the letter and will share with you what he dreams all the small life of.

You learned that your kid wants to receive, and now there are two options of receiving a treasured gift by him: 1) you buy a gift and put under a fir-tree; 2) the Russian Post takes orders for gifts and letters from Father Frost. It is rather simple to come into any post office.

Main thing! Do not postpone purchase of a gift for the last day because the tenth doll bought by you or the fifteenth machine can be not estimated by the child as you would like that. The gift price for the child has no special value because children do not understand the concepts " yet; expensively or cheap .

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