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How it is correct to formulate desires?

Any desire if we very much want it, can be executed. And here is how and in what form, depends only on us. If we at the subconscious level constantly envy neighbors, we complain about life and about children, then thereby we send to own Life signals that we do not have something and we are pursued by failures. And Life accepts these signals and realizes our negative installations. To change this situation, it is necessary to change the relation to life.

In - the first, we have to think positively and send Lives signals not with minus and with plus . She will take them into consideration and to execute.

In - the second, it is necessary to learn to enjoy life what it would not be. And, if you appeared in a situation, not absolutely clear, so Life to you gave you the chance to have a rest, compare, test and to accept this situation such what it is. Yes, by the way, this situation arose not just like that, and from your consciousness or subconsciousness.

In - the third, all our desires, and they arise in subconsciousness, it is necessary to formulate correctly that our Life worked and executed them as we want it, but not as the card will lay down.

Several councils.

1. Get rid of the blocking factors in Life, feel successful and smile more often. Life it is possible to live sadly, and it is possible joyfully, even at collision with small difficulties.

2. Make the list of your desires, and only in an assertive form: I buy the new " car; I become the director of " firm; I meet the interesting person .

3. Do not order N at once - Nov amount of desires. At first choose one, most important, then another, already less significant - and so on, sharing desires on the importance. Order Lives the fact that it is really necessary for you.

4. The best formulations of desires are 6 - 10 words without negative particles not or is not present . Choose 5 main from the list and work with them within half a year.

5. Order desires only for yourself, do not include other people in the purposes. Life will execute what you ask and what you will use, with pleasure.

6. Desires should not be ambiguous. Formulate them correctly and specifically. For example: I begin joint life with darling and the man loving me .

7. Formulating desires, surely specify the end result, but not a way of its achievement. If you want the yacht, then write: I receive the " yacht;. As Life will dispose, nobody knows - can, you on the yacht will earn, or perhaps to you it will be presented, maybe, you will win in a lottery or with participation in an action. You should not formulate desires of type: I earn a lot of money for purchase of the " yacht;.

8. Repeat more often the desire that Life executed it precisely.

I wish you success in a formulation of desires.