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Why to ask questions? For the aid to the sales manager.

In heading the circle of people is accurately designated - to whom this article is intended. And everyone needs to know these technicians. As often there is a misunderstanding between close people from - for elementary not pronunciations of a problem! And the sales manager it needs to know and be able as to nobody else. Whether you noticed that the professional manager - the sales manager is more successful in private life? Competently owning technicians of hearing and presentation, and out of work it is easy for such person to guide bridges. He is a diplomat. Actor. Doctor. Speaker. Strategist. Hundreds more of persons at this person. Such here interesting profession.

So why to ask questions to the client and when? After you find the potential client and come into contact with him, it is a high time to understand why and why he addressed you. What disturbs him? How you can help to solve this problem? When you come to reception to the doctor - it begins to ask you questions. To understand how it can help you. And you at a stage of investigation of needs of the client - that doctor. The more you will understand about the client and his requirements and opportunities, the more competently will be able to present the offer and to satisfy its inquiries.

Professional managers have house preparation. Crib. Five - eight standard questions and further house impromptu proceeds situationally. The most important - not to ask questions as the investigator on interrogation, to try to let know to the client that it not idle curiosity, but dialogue necessary to both of you. Be trained in front of the mirror. Read the crib colleagues. Together make the plan of competent and forward poll of the client. On any training on sales you at choice will be offered by several technician of determination of questions and active hearing. Any skill is fulfilled in practice.

One of great rules - the person who asks questions controls a situation and conversation. Monitors advance on stages of sales. When you ask questions, do not assume that you were understood correctly. Or what you correctly understood. Therefore the best question - clearing up - What do you mean?

Once read about one couple. They divorced in a year after a wedding. Though loved each other. She is a girl from the mountain settlement, he is a Muscovite. It has a chronic gastritis. It is a fine kulinarka, very much loves hot dishes. Prepared much, plentifully strewing every portion with seasonings. At it in a month the aggravation began. He began to refuse breakfasts - house dinners. But never told it about it as very much hesitated of the illness. She guessed. Quarrels began. As a result - divorce. It because of nerves was hospitalized with an aggravation. And only - navsy it was necessary to speak a situation. To place everything in places and to find consensus. It is an example from life.

The hundred examples can be given also from practice of sales. If to you something is not clear - ask questions. Reveal requirements completely. Competently. It is clear, that client to the client discord. It is possible and to run into it: You do not interrogate me - you give show what there you have. I have not enough time . Here - that yours will also be useful sincerity and diplomacy. You are simply obliged to convince the client that answers to several your questions will be able to make communication much more constructive. It is part of your profession.

The specifying questions a set - Whether Correctly I understood you You mean that Why? . Do not conjecture for the client. Do not finish for it the answer. Having asked a question, do not interrupt - he will tell everything.

It is especially important to ask questions when to you heads set tasks. There was such case in my practice. The boss - the young man. It is impossible to understand it: defect of the speech, stutter and splashing by saliva. Addressed me for consultation. The first meeting lasted three hours. It is difficult to understand that he actually wants. Offered it internal audit of the company in general. It was necessary to understand sales level falling. I begin to talk to his subordinates and it becomes clear that they elementary do not understand it. Tasks are performed as conjectured that, naturally, does not coincide with the point of view of the head. Are afraid to ask again as it begins to be nervous and offend. I stated it own vision of a situation, recommended to delegate part of the powers in respect of statement and control of tasks to the first deputy. And most to study treatment and training in rhetoric. Process is long. But as a result the firm was diversified, on a new field his first deputy began to join in process of sales actively. The share of the market considerably increased.

Having learned to ask competently questions, learn to listen to answers to them. It is not worth a pin for such skill if there is no feedback. The client will always tell about the problems and tasks. Listen and analyze AS you can help it with it. For a start do such exercise - attentively listen to the colleagues or house on any question. And then repeat them what you understood. Feel a difference.

Thus you will just secure yourself and competently carry out the task. Besides, understanding that it was heard will be pleasant to the client. Ask questions! Be not afraid to pass for the why-asker. It is much better, than to get as a result of incorrectly taken order into an uncomfortable position. Successful to you sales!]