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How to make thoughts pure? I think of part 2

Ya, so I exist.

(Descartes R.) .

Happens that in the head as the plate jammed - spins same, causing the most various emotions: from irritation and fear to grief, apathy, full absorption in. It seems, you keep thinking of something as speak - you are loaded and actually you receive empty information noise . You will not call this process thinking - any new ideas, and affairs do not move a little. Result zero, and even negative.

We will imagine the patient who lies and constantly touches all bad in the head that bears with itself an illness: pain, powerlessness, costs of drugs, turns in policlinic. And if analyses are bad? And suddenly complication? It is unlikely all this internal dialogue will bring closer the patient to recovery. Similar thoughts are called the factors strengthening a disease because they slow down work of recovery functions of an organism, do not allow it to cope with the illness normally. Pity to themselves, the despair, fear can hold long time on a hospital bed of the one who could be healthy and full of strength for a long time.

Destructive thoughts if in time not to stop them, can lead to the tragedy. And not only with health. Persuasive suspicions push to revenge, a rupture of the relations, punishment. The humiliation and charge of can bring to a suicide. And the unreasonable self-eminence brought in thoughts newly appeared napoleon in a psychiatric clinic.

Purity of thoughts depends on as far as the person seeks to understand something in general. One person, having tried to control the thoughts coming to mind within a week and to distinguish what they are directed to, later found out that false, destructive ideas practically ceased to visit him. Disappeared information noise and new opportunities began to open.

The purity of thought is higher, the solution is found quicker. The considered business - consider, half made. Speed of thought which nothing stirs is very high. Athletes, firefighters, rescuers make decisions for the tenth and 100-th fractions of a second, execute - in seconds. If at least to approach such speed in everyday life, having kept attentiveness and self-checking, as at the rescuer - same to pull up trees it is possible!

What can prevent to think and express thought clearly?

is a verbosity and emotionality. Still Herzen told: There is no thought which could not be stated simply and clearly. It is clear also without the words .

Mental information is transferred and processed almost instantly. For communication (transfer between people) the thought will be transformed to words, images, symbols. To express thought, verbosity is not necessary. It is possible to remember Dostoyevsky who told: Good thoughts are preferred to a brilliant syllable. The syllable is, so to speak, external clothes; the thought is the body disappearing under " clothes;.

Unfortunately, not all words express thought in our speech - some of them do not bear anything, except emotions which stream in space.

can express Thought it is inexact, with distortion. Also it is possible to lose absolutely it in a flow of empty, empty phrases. There are articles and performances which remind well divorced compote because the essence is dissolved in such quantity " waters; that is very difficult to decant it.

Vanity in actions increases a disorder in thoughts. Happens that we are late, we hurry, and in the head scraps of phrases sound that it is necessary to be in time everything, not to forget, to warn. On the run rushes reminiscence of yesterday`s quarrel, all this mixes up with planning of purchases in shop, concern about not watered beds in a garden and is seasoned with a regret that all the same all not to be in time . Advantage of it " vinaigrette; in the head almost any. Thoughts are confused, happen as if torn off and any does not achieve the objectives.

Laziness. something always begins to do Unwillingness with unwillingness to think. In the head - marsh fog which envelops, sucks in, lulls. This fog is worth disseminating it, having understood that needs to be done, why, for whom - at once from where - that both the desire, and forces appear.


It appears b, it is necessary to be responsible not only for acts and words, but also for thoughts. Only already before by itself, the conscience, nobody else does not learn. Promised himself, did not execute - nobody will condemn, and experience of weak will and uncertainty will remain, and at a difficult moment can bring.

Egoism - a sure sign of limitation. If not to be beyond the personal needs what they would not seem important - the intelligence withers, as in a dungeon. The egoist lives inefficiently - in the conditions of limited information moreover and continuous fight on to pulling of a blanket on instead of normal mutual aid.

is necessary to Ideas the purpose to which they can be directed. Otherwise they just will not be born. And if appear, then it is very easy to lose them.

Whether it is always possible to learn to think clearly? Yes. the Person was given various opportunities. A way to these opportunities - not indifference to the acts, words and thoughts. To make this choice on forces to everyone, and then not only in thoughts, but also in life there will be an order.

There is a wish to finish with Karleyl`s words: Thought - mother of activity, it is her live soul. The thought therefore forms the basis, the beginning and the most intimate essence of all human life on the earth .

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