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How to protect itself and the computer?

In today`s restless time of the word information security gain the increasing value and weight . A global computerization of all countries of the world, with pleasure there is a wish to note, as Russia too, cannot but influence development of systems of protection for the personal computer. If to track development of the Internet, of a year of emergence of the ARPAnet network till present time, the first that you will notice, there will be an amazing difference of number of hacker attacks to computers and servers about 10 years ago and now, and writing of a computer virus does not cause big problems as earlier any more: you will find a huge amount of materials and articles in the Internet network: How to write the " virus; How to hack the " network; and great number of others. Huge losses of the leading producers of the personal computer, software, the companies which do not have a direct bearing on a computer subject are result of all this.

Therefore now even the ordinary PC user thinks of the safety. But how to be if yesterday you bought the computer, and today you establish game from a piracy disk. Naturally at you as the beginner, will have doubts: and whether costs, it is safe or not? For you this article is also written, it will help you to understand what ON to choose. So, went.

For a start you should decide what money you want to spend for the safety. What this money will be more, it is better for that to solve, however, to you. Of course, you object me why to spend big money for a license product when I have near the house a piracy market where the same can be bought for a scanty payment. Besides I will notice, to solve to you, but you remember, having bought a counterfeit product, you have no guarantees, nobody is insured that in the same antivirus do not cost the Trojan program which for you will imperceptibly send your logins and passwords for an entrance to the Internet, from mailboxes and from something else (to the author not one such case when " is known; avaricious paid twice ) .

After much debate with the family, abuse and a fight, you fight managed to convince them - that the antivirus is necessary for you. So, the financial issue is resolved. Acquisition of a product will be the following step. There are two ways: or you go to service - the center of the anti-virus company and buy it there, or buy on the Internet, and then download to yourself on the computer.

So, the main issues are resolved, remained most important - to choose what antivirus? Odes is absent - the noznachny answer and cannot be because there is no perfect product and never bu - is put. But it does not mean that you will not be able to protect the personal computer and the information. For beginners, obviously, it will be difficult to master an English-speaking product, and it is difficult for experienced users to pick up the program satisfying to all inquiries. Therefore properly consider everything and only then make the decision.

It would be desirable to raise the question of the cost of products - the majority of similar programs cost expensive, but it is necessary to pay for quality. But what to do if there is no necessary sum? Fortunately is - it is free antiviruses. But quality will satisfy them not everyone. If you do not want to pay, prepare for not expeditious updating of bases, bad online - support. In a word, to solve to you.