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How to make thoughts pure? If you have no part 1

of evil thoughts, there will be no bad acts also.


Purity and an order love all. If in the house a disorder, it is necessary to work and tide up, then in it and is pleasantly. The order in thoughts - a thing pleasant and to bring there order, is necessary work.

And in general what happens at us in the heads? What means expression the thought " came;? Someone can ask

: Unless thought - not a product of activity of a brain ? Process of thinking still remains a subject of researches. If to assume that thoughts are born in a brain how then to explain emergence of information which the person did not know and could not output logically?

are the Example not only inspirations scientists. Too happen to ordinary people microinspirations - in life and usual professional work.

Did not know, did not even guess, and suddenly reached just at the most necessary moment.

the Whole world around us is filled with information which people perceive, realize and open for themselves. whether

Can reach that all our life was full of such opening?

It is obvious that certain conditions are for this purpose necessary.

the Main thing - ability to hear what occurs at you in the head. In other words, it is attentiveness - to what comes to mind, and to what occurs around you.

Is difficult?

You had to be at least once in such situation: the thought (for example, to call , to descend , to talk , to make ) comes, but you do not start action at once, and postpone it, doubting and justifying oneself: I Will be in time , is not necessary , and suddenly etc. But there passes time, and you are convinced that the thought was true.

Example: to the woman who did household chores the thought came to put keys from a cellar in a bag. What for? - she thought. - Only in two days to go to a cellar, still I will be in time, and now I will not distract . There passed two days full of different events, and, having appeared at a cellar, the hostess found out that there are no keys in a bag

The matter is that thoughts - hints come then when they are necessary. If to understand: Why again broke, it did not turn out, did not cope? it is easy to find out that the answer, we had a decision, the hint. Passing

by a table on which there was a vase, the person thought that well to move away her, and that will fall. But passed by, without having undertaken anything. After a while the cat jumped on a table and dumped a vase.

Control that it happens at us in the heads to distinguish where thoughts which help us and where experiences and as speak, garbage is necessary.

Attentiveness is an ability not to be lazy to reflect and draw conclusions. In some situations the thought which is in due time put in action can save life.

By many people it is noticed that it is the best of all to reflect in a quiet, balanced state. The thought should not cause any feelings but only readiness to work, and without harm to someone.

Thought is the main ability of the person; to express it - one of the main requirements, to extend it - its most expensive freedom.
(P.`s Buast).

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