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What is in Odessa?

you did not happen in Odessa? Is not present?! Very much even in vain. We have everything! First, on which Supply, as well as 100 years ago dealers shout: Bichki, fresh bichka! also it is possible to buy everything that the soul will wish, even smuggling which is done on Small Arnautskaya.

There is an Opera theater. Which at last that was already repaired, and it is possible to see, listen to it and even to touch. And nearby, as did not oppose OUNOVTSY, there is CATHERINE THE GREAT in all the beauty! There is Deribasovskaya Street which unfortunately turned into big trade tent selling drinks including alkogolny. Tents stand one to one and are called the loud word " CAFE; or BAR and in everyone music so you will not understand who to the full extent plays and that sings.

On Deribasovskaya there are the well-known CHAIR and a phone booth in which it is possible to listen UTESOVA and to sit with it nearby on a small bench. Nearby a flower market where you will find flowers from around the world and remarkable flowerpots what would be where them to deliver. The gardens with the fountain from spirits, the most real franzuzsky. And at Sobornaya Square artists of all directions in 10 - 15 minutes will represent you in that look in what want.

And having gone down from the Potemkinsky ladder you will see marina and hotel where there are numbers on 1000 dollars a day, and speak even A. Pugacheva rested there.

In Odessa it is possible to learn about the UFO made in the USSR and the spaceship which was wrecked in Siberia. To get acquainted with a cool dog and to learn about her tastes. Karanin Anatoly in a flash will bring you to the Solovetsky Islands where he found monastic bells and it is possible to listen to their ring.

Well and of course, in Odessa is what to eat! You tasted meat on Greek prunes and cinnamon? And meatballs from a sardela or anchovies, pilaf from mussels? And you know what is TSIMMES? Purely Odessa kitchen, we have remarkable recipes. Right there you will be acquainted with recipes of Uzbek cuisine! All this can be prepared for New year!

Will report to you about weather in Odessa, hotels, transport, will show a zoo, churches, will hold virtual round on sights of the city. Gipsies will tell about your name and covering to its secret. You learn about Bube Kastorsk and the museum of a chanson, history of origin of jokes. You will get acquainted with Mikhail Yakovlevich Vinnitsky - Benya Krik (he is Mishka Yaponchik), who was born on the famous Moldavian and grew, as well as all children, of course in Odessa.

You will be acquainted with fighters of the Panfilovsky division who about the silly woman uphill poperl. Also reached! Besides, dragged there a shell which was established at peak top the Komsomol member as a memorable sign, in honor of the 100th anniversary since birth Most Great Lenin.

In Odessa it is possible to hear a retro a myzyka of 60 - 70 years and bell-ringings of the Arkhangelsk school of masters well-known for the whole world - bell ringers.

You love fishing? Please on the best fishing places in the suburb of Odessa. Autotourists will always find in Odessa spare parts on any car, and water tourists will be able to buy the boat motor from Japan.

Dirt of the Kuyalnitsky estuary and recipes of the foreteller and healer Vangi on the website narod. ru/will cure you from any illness. Right there, having read the well-known Odessa joke you will tell: Yes! I already in Odessa!

All with coming New 2008!!! Happiness and health!!! And as wish in Odessa: That money attacked you!!!

On December 24, 2007]