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What is psychological protection? When we tell

about protection of an organism, we mean skin, immunity, some reflexes (blinking, sneezing). And what is psychological protection?

Skin outside, immunity keep integrity of physical health of the person from within. And mentality, nervous system - what protects their integrity? Of course, the person has some congenital mechanisms of protection - shout, laughter, crying. But whether there are always enough these means to protect themselves from psychological attacks?

A manipulation, influence, pressure upon mentality - such psychological attacks trap us in society. At the same time most often the person loses the mental balance, the mood falls, the health can worsen.

What there can be our reaction to roughness, impudence, causticities? Either to answer the same, or to ignore, make the person brick and all the same the hurricane will storm inside: Ooh, here I would answer, but I cultural, will keep silent. Here hamlo, well nothing, let thinks that it touched me . Here in what the main danger of ignoring! It destroys us from within, it is not a way of protection. Not to express the emotions on a face - does not mean to protect itself. We answer with the body: a pier, I ignore you, and we turn away. At this time the person who created this situation is satisfied with the fact that he all - affected your state.

To protect itself is to remain in a harmonious state , not to fall by level below even if touched you. To answer so that the forward understood who is he and where he is.

For a start we will sort what specifically there are attacks. Let`s take the level of social interaction - it is our family, neighbors, friends, the fellow workers surrounding us people. Our aspiration at this level is directed to receiving love and mutual respect. Having pressed these levers, it is possible to enrage, overset easily plans and to force to work as it is necessary for the manipulator.

For example, Darling, if you strongly love me, buy me a " fur coat; The Friend, you respect me, bitterns with me The Sun, you know, water strongly dries skin of hands, wash the dishes itself Mummy, I so strongly love you, give me money on (next, the 100-th) CD - the disk Where you prt as the tank, pushed around, to the subway here, but not a taxi Oh, the neigbour, and you have no matches (salt, bulbs, couple morkovochek on soup)? . Generally, Let`s drink, and that so is hunting that there is no place to spend the night .

Notice, I do not speak about isolated cases when inevitably it is necessary to act this way, I speak about continuous impact on our brain and nervous system. When you see the neigbour in a door peephole and you think under what a pretext not to open for her a door. When you see how your offspring approaches, purring, and you begin to invent quickly the answer - type, there is no money, here when there is a salary, I spent everything etc. today. When the aggressive-minded person in transport abuses everyone and everything, and you quickly turn away that he on you did not fly. When phrase of the chief Come to me into an office forces you to take five medicines of a valerian in advance though to abuse you there is nothing at all.

Not to get under influence of other people, not to carry out someone`s desires, not to follow someone`s programs, it is necessary to work on itself. First of all, you remember, at everyone the life . Each of people has the right for the opinion, for a mistake. If you from anybody took nothing, then you have nothing to give. You have the right something not to know, not to understand.

For effective protection of the mentality learn to react through respect . Respect others mistakes, it is others experience. Respect others requests, everyone has the right to express the requirements. Respect ignorance of other person, it is his life.

Do not limit yourself, the opportunities, requirements. Be not afraid to answer not as your interlocutor expects. Your answer has to be, first of all, your answer, but not a stereotypic excuse. It is worth answering the rough relation: You have the right to react as it is necessary for you, I do not give in on such tricks . On requests: Sorry, I do not have what you ask . Or: The Sonny (daughter) we cannot buy to you everything that you want, there are still other needs . And all this with self-respect, yours faithfully to and to desires of the opponent.

Competent psychological protection is in that to love and respect itself and not to give in on someone`s pressure, influence. If someone shouts at you, this manifestation of its weakness, but not force, this recognition in inability to solve the problems. Respect its emotional disclosure. Even if your chief caused and lectured you for anything, respect his choice, it should dump tension, and he chose you because your force in acceptance . In acceptance of those people and those situations which occur in life.

Accept yourself it what you are, recognize your right not only for existence, but also for own opinion, and for own eccentricity. It is your vital core, you look directly at life which is so transient. To spend it for aggression, offense and rage it is extremely unreasonable.]