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What to the country such - Koryazhma?

at the end of 1950 - x years in the south of the Arkhangelsk region began stopped from - for wars construction Kotlas tsellyulozno - paper combine (28 km from the city of Kotlas). And already on August 14, 1961 at combine the first cellulose was received. The working settlement consisting generally of barracks of builders merged with villages around the temple located nearby and continued to grow.

History of this temple ascends by 1535 when the monk Longin founded monastery on the bank of the river of Vychegda. Having stopped near the mouth of the small river of Koryazhemki in search of the place for silent monastery, he constructed a cell, then a chapel.

Longin built the temple for the sake of Nikolay Mirlinkiysky and became the first abbot Koryazhemsky. The monastery built here began to be called Nicolo - Koryazhemsky. Koryazhemka was one of the first villages about the temple. After revolution of 1917 in the former monastery villages collective farms were formed.

One of novices of the temple in the 16th century avoided wordly vanity and in 20 - ti the km founded monastery. Since then the place is called on his name of Hristoforova Pustynyyu. They say that from a local sacred source even tsars used water. To this day Hristoforova of deserts is the place of pilgrimage.

Since March, 1957 the settlement officially began to be called the settlement of Koryazhm. The settlement grew together with combine. Still the shop which opened in 1964 functions. However, now it is detached because after barrack-type period houses began to build further and further from combine. And at last, on August 15, 1985 the working settlement of Koryazhm was referred to category of the cities of regional submission.

Two oldest city streets - Northern and Kombinatsky - were renamed over time into honor of the famous people of the city. Kombinatskaya Street became Dybtsyn Street to 40 - to the anniversary of pulp and paper mill (in 2001). Alexander Aleksandrovich Dybtsyn is the first director of pulp and paper mill. And Mardukh Haimovich Safyan whom all called Mikhail Efremovich was the head of the construction organization Kotlasbumstroy . He directed the trust of 10 years created by it. Severnaya Street became Safyan Street already in 80 - x years.

On Safyan Street in one of wooden houses there was the first club. And Sofya Anatolyevna Peskova - mother of the famous parodist Alexander Peskov was the director of club. Yes, he is from here - from this Koryazhma.

In Koryazhm three main streets, they are located in parallel: Ostrovsky Embankment St., Lenin Avenue and Arkhangelskaya St. Eshchyo odin Avenue - Lomonosov - initially was Mayakovsky Street. But when instead of the ordered monument to Mayakovsky the monument to Lomonosov came, the street had to be renamed.

The small part of the city is over mineral lakes (dispensaries are located there). From - for underground lakes and weak soil in the city are under construction only 5 - floor houses. Though there are also three 9 - storey buildings. And it was even built 12 - the floor building from which roof it is possible to consider all city. Further construction of buildings is higher 5 - floor was recognized as dangerous.

Approaching Koryazhma, it is often possible to feel characteristic aromas - waste of activity of pulp and paper Mill . The city is located so that harmful atmospheric emissions go by the city to a taiga. Though sometimes the wind rose also gives surprises, and inhabitants of neighboring places speak: Today smells of Koryazhma . Koryazhemets in such cases say what smells of combine.

Koryazhma is young as the city and cannot brag of valuable architectural monuments, but we just made walk on small streets of this compact town. I am familiar with many people who moved here or come from time to time to have a rest in Koryazhm from vanity of big cities. And this city - in attempt to avoid wordly vanity began.]