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Whether everyone has a talent?

were heard For certain more than once - he was kissed by God . So speak about people whose talent brought popularity and remained in centuries. Their names live also after their death. They are remembered. Admire them.

Whether everything people are talented? Talent At Dahl we read: TALENT of m - the weight and a coin at ancient Greeks and at Romans; || natural gift, talents of the person and ability to what . Now by talent call also the person who has such gift.

It was lucky? Or behind each of them there is a huge work? The remarkable project presented us Channel One - Minute of fame . The project stereotyped - at it is American father - America`s got talent ( America is full of talents ) . But it is not important. Organizers of show adapted it to the Russian mentality. As a result all won: participants had an opportunity to declare the talent to the world, the audience - huge pleasure. The earth talents is full!

Why I write all this? I am absolutely sure that each person came to Earth with the mission, so, and talent. Not everyone, maybe, revealed him. And even doubts that it has it. Is by all means! Someone lacks self-confidence, someone hesitates - and it is uncertainty too. Someone does not want to risk. Someone just does not realize presence of talent at it.

Each of us heard since the childhood that to something there is a predisposition, something it is done better than others. Something very well turns out. Became it something to be engaged, develop. At the same time to take great pleasure. It is pleasant! And if it also brings success, glory and money are our way! Say that there are no absolute untalented persons. Just these people go about not the own business.

How to understand, in what your talent? In - the first to realize it. What are you able to do well? What you already reached? What you are successful in? Think. You do not hurry to deny everything. Quite recently I was told one story in a subject. The kid lagged behind in all objects in elementary school. Apathetic. Nothing is interesting. Boringly. Absolutely incidentally (or it is not casual?) his uncle took on firing competitions. The child changed cardinally. He showed such interest the events that parents sent him to sports school. Since then there passed years. Now he is the Master of Sports in shooting sport. Successful and happy person. Itself prepares sports change. Such stories millions.

If you still look for yourself, for a start think, than you would like to be engaged. That it is pleasant to you most of all. You can list in a row all kinds of activity and listen to the intuition. She - that precisely knows for what you came to this life. Intuition - the same process as breath, as other physiological requirements. It to us is given, put by the nature at the birth. Try to present yourself the person who already reached tops in the path chosen by you. It is pleasant? Then begin to act. Begin with the first steps. Register in a circle or section. Read literature on a subject. Get acquainted with people who understand the chosen business. Begin to comprehend skill secrets.

The way to success is long and thorny. Even if you are recognized at once - you will have envious persons. Be ready to it. Old kind truth - the talent needs to be helped, untalented persons will break through. They are not untalented persons - go about just not the own business.

The technician on disclosure of talent a set. Understanding own I and its acceptance is the cornerstone of them. With it we will be helped perfectly by intuition and our creative intelligence. Many psychologists are engaged in disclosure of talent. I think, it is necessary to address them as a last resort when we doubt ourselves.

You remember at Richard Bach: Each of us at the birth is given a block of marble and tools to turn it into a statue. Some and drag this block with themselves all life, having never concerned it. Some quickly enough break it into small splinters. And some manage to create from it a great masterpiece!

You are a unique person! Each of us is unique. Everyone is talented. Everyone can independently open this talent. At each of us unique vital mission. Think of it right now. Also declare the talent openly. At first to the friends and family, and then and to the world. Be happy.]