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Jews are called back? Do not worry!

Israel were published Recently materials that created in Tel - to Avivah the Russian cultural center in fact is the center of recruitment of highly qualified specialists. Even a story that the employee of this center (naturally, the surname and a name are not called) offered someone in Russia highly paid work and so forth was given and so forth

I allegedly all this keeps within a " program framework; Compatriots (it is given in the website of Embassy of Russia in Israel, everyone can get acquainted with it). Very curious document, but I want to stop attention of the reader not on it, and on Kirill Novikov`s article in the Internet - the " magazine; Businessman .

I cannot quote it completely, but which - that cannot just be ignored.

I will begin, perhaps, with a preamble: 90 years ago, in December, 1917, the Council of People`s Commissars considered a question of transfer of all enterprises of Russia to hands of the American conscious proletarians, however nothing left this project .

K. Novikov gives the curious facts concerning attraction history to Russia of foreign labor (reemigrant not absolutely get under the category foreign labor but have with it much in common).

It appears, delivery of foreigners took place at Ivan the Terrible, and the army knew the device of foreigners (it were mainly captured Germans).

Peter I was the following in series of the governors attracting foreigners to the solution of economic tasks. Then it was Ekaterina the Second at whom immigrants (mainly the Germans) occupied who are empty the State of Volga region. Obligations for an enticement of Germans to Russia laid down on shoulders of diplomatic representatives who, in turn, employed recruiters that those persuaded the German inhabitants to replace the residence .

At Pavle the First foreigners ceased to be called - saw in them revolutionaries.

After cancellation of a serfdom of attempt to import labor renewed and though work enlisted was not absolutely favorable, the kind of activity developed - recruiting offices were profitable in the Far East.

Use of the Chinese labor was favorable: cheaper than the Russian, persons interested more than it is enough. The only lack of mass inflow - education China - towns with all defects: prostitution, gangsterism and other delights.

I though recruiters carried Chinese and as if registered them, the exact number of immigrants was known by none of officials. According to statistical data in 1917 in Russia about half a million Chinese worked. Still for many years in many cities of the USSR there were Chinese markets supplying the unpampered Soviet population with simple hand-made articles: kites for children, paper umbrellas with multi-colored pagodas, colourful fans which were fashionable to be beaten on a wall, cloths with a fringe and the embroidered dragons etc.

After revolution different projects on attraction of labor from - for a boundary were under construction. The political and economic basis for this purpose was: crisis. Quite often on solidarity meetings workers declared the desire to go to the Country of Councils and to build new life. Most often, however, such resolutions were adopted during strikes once again to intimidate employers radicalism. So, in 1920 in the English Sheffield declared desire to move to Russia strikers in number of 23 thousand people.

Among persons interested to return to Russia were not only those who looked for the solution of the economic problems, but also those who are they just wanted to return home. The last had also money in noticeable quantity. The Russian Americans did not wait too when they are called, and just got on the steamship and went to the historical homeland. In the report addressed to Lenin, in particular, it was told: Reemigranta arrive groups to 100 - 150 people, women, children - insignificant percent. All are excellently dressed, supplied with warm things... Some bring with themselves tools and technical grants. The majority is brought with themselves by sums of money of hundreds and thousands of dollars

Being afraid of the return outflow of visitors (it was to equivalently ideological crash), the authorities demanded from visitors of the receipt of the following contents: I, the undersigned, quite understand all difficulties which are experienced by the Soviet Russia thanks to seven years` war, blockade and hunger, and I declare present that I at entry into Russia will go in for the craft... that I carry with myself enough means (money, tools, cars, the food and clothes) to provide the existence (and the family) not less than for a year .

Bureaucrats fought for the right to dispose of both labor, and its providing (the food and other). Fight was vain because eventually this qualified labor was necessary to nobody: any enterprise did not submit the application.

In the second half of the thirtieth years of foreign experts already considered as spies with all that it implies.

After the Great Patriotic War the situation with catching of spies changed a little, and recruitment naturally stopped. At the end of 70 - x years in the USSR a large number of the enlisted Vietnamese appeared. The Vietnamese workers appeared at many large Soviet enterprises, in particular on ZIL, and administration of the enterprises could not rejoice on them: guests from the East not only well worked and drank a little, but also with pleasure swept away from counters goods by which the Soviet citizens it is proud passed, for example huge aluminum pans by means of which the Vietnamese companions organized then public catering points in the homeland. It was the USSR`s last attempt to entice foreign labor to the country, and first of all Vietnamese were happy. After crash of the USSR they were caught over the country for a long time and tried to be sent back home.

Such here history with geography. Heavy heredity - at first invite, then catch.

Of course, someone from emigrants is weighed upon the new country, a situation, customs, at last, the attitude towards himself both from natives, and from public servants. Such people come back. Whether they are sorry about a reemigration? Even if yes, that hardly they confess to it.

Natural process which just should not prevent - all will benefit from it: both people, and state. At all times there were movements due to various reasons - and the mankind from it did not die.

And the relation to reemigrant is derivative of a state policy. Very much can be that the climate will become warmer also concerning reemigrant not only at the official level, but also on household.

As for the " program; Compatriots - there is no reason to worry, it will not cause a noticeable reemigration. And if offer someone favorable terms - we will wish it good luck on new (or old?) residence and works!

P O L O Zh E of N of I E about the organization of work with the compatriots living abroad and wishing to move voluntarily to the Russian Federation]