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Who the first noticed: Uchenye light, and uneducated - darkness?

on December 26, 1892, 115 years ago, in a family of the famous Odessa lawyer Yakov Hermann the son who was given a florid and florid name was born: Emmanuil. Then, in cold winter day, daddy is a lawyer and could not present that the son is expected by difficult and severe destiny. Though on talent degree very few people of the beginning of the XX century will be able to compete with young Emmanuil.

But before it was still very far. For now the boy grew, went to school, on Saturdays visited a synagogue. And still already then, in the early childhood, he loved to otmachivat crusts or, if to translate into normal language, to so pripechatat the person who was not pleasant to it that even adults, not to mention peers, tried not to come across a uvula to venomous Emil. And only his mother always treated complaints to the son bewildered: You confuse something, Emil at me mild .

So from an easy hand of mother the teenager chose to himself a literary pseudonym. He began to subscribe as mother spoke: Emil Krotky. And very much early invented for himself such formula: he signed sharp satirical verses and aphorisms with the pseudonym, and lyrical verses - the real name.

In Odessa, apparently, it is impossible to remain serious. Or reticent. Emil Krotky did not carry himself neither to those, nor to others. And if at the beginning talked a nonsense, bore it in " magazines; reminding the literary garrulity the woman who swallowed a parrot .

According to different data the first literary work of Emil was published in Odessa in the spring of 1911, and in May of the same year the first feuilleton 18 - the summer beginning writer was published in the all-Russian magazine Crocodile . I want to notice at once that the Soviet satirical magazine with this name in some measure was a successor of traditions, but it was created only in 1922.

The promising poet and the satirist were noticed not only in Moscow, but also directly in Odessa, and invited to work in the " newspaper; Southern thought . There also the talent of future author of numerous aphorisms was perfected.

In the hometown Emil worked about five years, did not decide to move to St. Petersburg yet. Perhaps, its choice was influenced by World War I, in the capital there was everything - more safely. And maybe, he just assured himself that margin of safety will be enough for it for that declaring oneself at the top of the voice. Perhaps, flattered it that he is called to the capital by Maxim Gorky, in the " magazine; New life . And, most likely, Emil`s spouse, the Odessa poetess Lika Styrskaya who was younger than the husband for 6 years became the main engine of moving to the capital, and tried to enter into elite of the Russian poetry the erotic collection Muddy " wine;.

Running forward, one may say, that hopes 18 - the summer poetess came true only partly. The collection consisting only of 11 poems in the capital appeared, but from someone`s giving only 300 copies, and " were let out; revolutions in the Russian poetry he did not make. But Lika guessed only in one: on poetic salons hearing about to a courageous sensuality rustled, and held in hand the book only only a few units. But echoes of former glory allowed Styrskaya, and at the same time and to Krotky to be among the elected friends of Sergey Yesenin.

Thanks to it we can imagine clearly spouses Mild. Here is how one of close girlfriends spoke of Styrskaya: Such sphere on tiptoe. There is neither waist, nor a neck. Turned all over . And here one more reminiscence, so to speak, man`s look: Rostochka both of them were the most insignificant. Identical. Rovnenkiye! Only it - in what sticks to a shower, and it - tolstenky. It is possible to describe them words diminutive which I do not love. But there`s nothing to be done

By the way, Yesenin called them that Bears Mild though, I will repeat, Anjelica had a surname the...

But Emil Krotky did not want to be in the wife`s shadow. He wrote much, and, above all - found himself in epigrams. I will bring only two of them.

The first:

It, uboyas consequences harmful,

Changed on prose a verse

Voltaire for silly, Frans for poor

I Ehrenburg for the others

Second demands small background. Once in the literary wall newspaper Krotky wrote a friendly cartoon on trust Inber, and it defender by the name of Chaika grabbed the handle and wrote on the epigram:

of the Bank of Emil - your

Can tell

that it blasphemy occurred in the face of Krotky. As soon as Chaika departed from the wall newspaper, Emil approached to written creatively, having instantly attributed below:

Typically ladies` manner -

I he is not clever, and not sharply. This

was written by Inber Vera,

From Chaika having pulled out a feather.

Though, by and large, any big work Krotky did not win national fame. Neither in youth, nor in old age. Satirical verses ( The Tale of how the tsar of the place lost The Story about Ivan the Fool (The Russian history in verses) poem Conversation with Wilson turned out, if I may say so, backward were known only to a narrow circle.

And here for feuilletons and fables Emil Krotky had to learn justice of a saying soon: Do not renounce a bag and prison . He was repressed by one of the first, in 1933 it was arrested and sent to the city the Stone - on - Ob which is almost on identical removal from Novosibirsk and Barnaul. Here the disgraced poet spent three years. And in 1936 to it did not allow to return to the capital, having ordered to lodge in Mozhaisk where it stayed till 1941.

Further Krotky was the constant author of the " magazine; Crocodile . In 1956, 1959 and 1964 in To " Library; Crocodile left big circulations of the book of Emil Krotky Portrait and mirror The Satirist in space In a discussion disorder . And the most famous book of Krotky appeared after his death, in 1964. It was called Fragments from unwritten . It is the whole Olympus of flashing aphorisms including the most known Uchenye light, and uneducated - darkness!

It is necessary to add that date of death of Emil Krotky is definitely not determined. One say that on February 10, others - on November 10, 1963.

But give about pleasant. Considering that a picture is worth a thousand words, I will please readers with several aphorisms of Emil Krotky.

The eskimo without stick, than a stick without eskimo is better.

Be simple, but not too! The elementary - an amoeba.

It very much went to the tie.

Life is similar to department store: you find everything in it except that you look for.

We kill time, and time kills us.

Do not lose courage - you will hurt.

Life is a school, but it is not necessary to hurry with its termination.

In the burning house do not change curtains.

In the spring even the boot whispers to a boot on an ear something gentle.

There are people, it is more pleasant to them to think of what bees sting, than that they give to medical

the Soap bubble always is iridescent is ready.

The nightingale takes quality, and a sparrow quantity.

And donkeys play a role in music: their skin is put on the drum.

Marriage is a peaceful co-existence of two nervous systems.

The forgotten thought always seems considerable.

It had a good memory on bad and bad - on good.

The cat dreamed of wings: she wanted to try bats.

He was considered as the famous writer for a long time, but nobody knew about it. ]