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As it is correct to construct interview at employment, or the good legend - the success of employment

Is continued our formidable hunting for the employer. Besides the short summary and the cover letter about which writing we already spoke and still as - nibud we will talk, we to be necessary to compose legend . We mean the certain short story answering standard questions of the employer by this espionage term.

The matter is that, despite personal addictions work giving the subjects interesting them usually do not differ in a special variety. Therefore it is possible to be prepared and it is necessary.

So, we will start and we will announce a question number one: Why you left the previous place of work? the employer, with obvious implication " asks us; If you such clever, then why you sit without work? There is no need to explain that it is necessary to answer it so that it characterized you from the best party.

It, however, does not mean at all that it is necessary to lie. At all even not because your potential head or his security service right there will start checking reliability of your words. Most likely, no. But, as it is banal, all secret has very good chances to become obvious. And your reputation is much more expensive, than can seem at first sight.

But if it is impossible to lie, then modestly it is possible to hold back something. Well, and at last, it is never necessary to tell about the chief - the fool understanding nothing in the " equipment; - consider that most of chiefs can subconsciously carry it into the account.

It is necessary to tell rather convincingly - why you were left without work. Here it is necessary to know that in jobless it is possible to get in two ways: you left and dismissed you. All the rest (the company was ruined and so forth) - it is the third way.

For you the third way is optimum (if, of course, you do not look for work of the head), that it is called a swagger - a major . In the first two cases it is necessary to work and stock up with rather reasonable and convincing answers.

Quite worthy reason can be here - if the employer did not fulfill the obligations for some time, for example, did not pay a salary or paid less, than promised.

Continuation of a subject in the following release.