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How to lighten itself mood when all around badly ? For

Mood on zero, there is a wish for nothing - relatives irritate, the loneliness - oppresses... Everything seems in gray tones - both weather, and passersby, and yesterday`s plans. Got up on the wrong side of the bed since morning, pink glasses were filled up somewhere, long ago them something is not visible Fatigue, small troubles (as mosquitoes - small, importunate also take quantity). The bad mood has different roots, but that is offensive - often happens to us without the reason seen on that, from scratch.

And it is good if this minute - made to himself a cup of coffee or communicated ten minutes by phone to the friend, and released. And if long? Life - that proceeds, and for you - stands still, because everything around badly and tomorrow will be in the same way . Or perhaps it is time for you to wait for visit of the prenepriyatny lady whose name - a depression? Nevertheless, there is a mass of ways - available, easy performed by that the level of your mood promptly went up. As in treatment - the main thing it is correct to pick up it. Some of ways - on pickup, at any time, and some can enter a habitual day regimen and considerably enrich your stock of positive energy.

Well, in - the first, for a start a question. And you slept? The sleep debt creates terrible things with people. What here mood when like Napoleon you sleep three - four hours a day. Familiar young mother who loaded with household obligations for education, cleaning and cooking, went as a gift from the family to travel to Karlovy Vary, but not is remembered to enjoy contemplation of architectural monuments or to get drunk from local curative sources much. Two weeks in hotel to sleep off - here where happiness!

Woke up? For the 100-th time, but - do not forget about the main thing about physical activity, simply charging. First laziness, and at the end you feel such inflow of cheerfulness and energy what you reflect - to repeat or perhaps tomorrow? Yes on health! And here if the lost mood and apathy poured out in invincible laziness, and you at all not to charging - will be helped by acupressure. A forefinger slightly press on area of the third eye, massage a flute near by, lobes of ears and the center of a chin, the first phalanx of a big and middle finger of each hand - clockwise and against, on nine times.

Very many people, especially women like to be friends with antidepressants. However, tablets they are also tablets. It is better to resort to such measures when other ways are tried and the situation approaches a critical mark. Minute bad mood at all not an occasion to resort to medicines. And if to choose, then to look narrowly at homeopathic, vegetable medicines - and to do it only after consultation with the doctor, but not to give in to advertizing from lips of the girlfriend - that she drinks, and what at it life in " now; one-time - it is green - blue ...

And here much more successful tablet there can be music. Only competently select medicine . So the person is arranged if it is ready melancholically and closed on the adversities, and washes away him to listen to something abstruse and the exhausted heart pressing without that. Problems rastravlivatsya, under music begin to feel sorry for yourself even more, and lonely feel as such unfortunate, there are no forces - what good mood here. So, in peak to the present state - load to yourself the whole cocktail of major chords, more vigorously, more vigorously Under such music to sit and mourn somehow inconveniently absolutely. And why to bad mood to create comfortable conditions?

Following tablet - diary of joyful events. You are not lazy, get to yourself such - write down life fragments which pleasantly surprised you, made laugh, delivered the mass of pleasure. Describe the feelings, experiences, peredaytekrask! Let it will be extreme flight on a bungee in fight against fear of height or raunchy rest on the occasion of thesis defense, or the surprising gift handed to you on birthday which you will never forget. And can... some ridiculous and funny act of your best friend to insanity over which you laughed loudly not one more week. You remember, in days, heavy for you, this book will become the real lifebuoy. Just open it and smile.

By the way, you did not try to smile at the hardest moments - just like that even if for this purpose at all there are no occasions? In vain. These muscles instinctively stretch at us thanks to certain positive information. Means if you (try to present upside-down) force yourselves to stretch a smile - involuntarily will begin to attract this positive information, memory will make the business. It is checked - works!

And still, try to pour out the negative mood on paper - compose the poem or draw a self-portrait, or the future what would like to see it - yes anything! The bad mood simply does not take out creative concentration on something. At first, to you it is necessary to force itself, and then you will be involved and already in half an hour in a different way you will look at the world - it - that appears not so one-color! By the way, here and pink glasses were found, here they are darlings! And as they were filled up there - perhaps, next time it is necessary to be more attentive...]